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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review preview (1121 comments in total)

I wonder why when the D800E has a score of 82% and is rated gold. This camera has a score of 84% and is rated silver?

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On A second glance: two takes on the Leica X article (386 comments in total)

An excellent perspective which brings out issues I have not seen mentioned before. This compares Leica with Leica. Interesting and perceptive.

Also very surprised that apparent full manual settings are not so.

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On 'See Impossible': Canon counts down to... something. article (1669 comments in total)

Obviously Canon is grasping at straws and has nothing much to say.

Great website, nice graphics, poor content, but not suitable for the majority of people in the world. Takes faaaar tooo long to load. What a total waste of my time.

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On 'See Impossible': Canon counts down to... something. article (1669 comments in total)

Great teaser, builds anticipation. Lets hope they do something at least as good as Fuji.

Compact pro level exchangeable lens camera, which also takes existing Canon lenses, at a reasonable price.

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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1434 comments in total)
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astigmate: As a D700 owner, I feel...hum kinda betrayed by Nikon. So, this entry level, crippled camera is supposed to be the D700 successor ?! feel like an FF D5300 !! I'm tired of waiting for them. I'll keep my D700 until it dies and will look into fuji or sony stuff now on.

Oh, btw, the Sony Full-Frame A7 (24mpx also) cost HALF the price asked for the D750 and it has 1/8000s shutter, focus peaking, nice EVF etc

There is a great issue being made about 1/4000 as opposed to 1/8000. Can anyone elaborate why having 1/8000 is so very critical?

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On Sony a5100 First Impressions Review preview (614 comments in total)

Sony has excellent engineers and excels in miniaturization and it will be really interesting to see what they eventually make of the camera business. People who buy high end cameras and lenses have a substantial investment in hardware and want to see some permanence and long term lens compatibility. If Sony is able to provide this and give their customers the feeling of long term security about their investment they should be very succssful as they have already significantly shaken up the camera industry with their offerings, especially with the A7r and A7s. I can't wait for this to settle down as I will then seriously consider changing my heavy nikon FX gear for Sony.

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On What is equivalence and why should I care? article (2071 comments in total)

The only people who this is really relevant to are those that used 35mm film when the only interchangeable lens cameras were 35mm and we all knew what a 50mm or other focal length lens was.

Most of the new SLR and other smaller sensor camera users have no idea of the relationship between 35mm lenses and their sensors, and why should they care. A wide angle is a wide andgle and a tele is just that. Most people use zooms anyway.

Yes it is good to refer to a common standard for an apples to apples comparison and for those that want to dig deeper all this info is useful in making better photos. The huge majority however simply want to take snap shots for viewing in electronic media and it should be a fun activity without having to bother about focal lengths etc.

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On Niko announces service advisory for D810 'bright spots' article (379 comments in total)

I have a D300, D700 - purchased 1 year after release and just purchased a D800e at a discounted price. All have no problems. D700 has 50k actuations. Usually doesn't pay to purchase a brand new release camera right away. Early adopters always pay top dollar and have all the teething issues to contend with.

Best to be a little patient and wait a few months.

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On Niko announces service advisory for D810 'bright spots' article (379 comments in total)
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TylerQ: I've noticed that if I hold my D810 upside down, the pictures don't come out right side up. You'd think a company like Nikon could produce a camera to compensate for that.

Use a periscope.

Direct link | Posted on Aug 21, 2014 at 01:38 UTC

Ultimately it will be the software that counts. Spreadsheets and word processors drove the sales of the first PC's. Visicalc, Lotus123, Excel, Word etc. today hardware is becoming a commodity and thus again the sales will go to those with the best software and ecosystem. If all things are then equal it will come down to price and consumer mindshare. Samsung is still lacking on the software side.

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vFunct: The person responsible for the creation owns the copyright. Photography equipment "operators", like this monkey, do not own copyrights.

If that were the case, then the assistants of high-end photographers would own the copyright to the photos, instead of the photographers, who normally act as directors. Most high-end photographers have assistants hold the camera and operate them and take the actual shot, instead of of the photographer themselves.

This is also why the NFL owns the copyright to their work, instead of the cameraman.

The big mistake people make is assuming photography is the art of operating cameras. It actually involves much more than that, including planning, production, styling, lighting, post-processing, etc..

It's very amateurish to consider photography as only taking pictures.

If your friend, wife, husband, child, monkey used your camera to take a picture of anything they would own the copyright and not you. The photographer is the creator of the photograph and not the owner of the camera unless there are clear written contracts to the contrary. An exception would apply in the case of a photographer photographing an original piece of art or a performance or in the case of a fashion shoot of an arrangement of specific items. It could then be argued that these arrangements are original artistic creations and are the copyright of their creator.

In the case of photographers assistants and the NFL, you can be sure that there are clear written agreements regarding copyright in the same way as companies have contracts with their research department staff regarding inventions ect.

The monkey wins this one, it took its own picture of itself.

Direct link | Posted on Aug 6, 2014 at 22:24 UTC

Take nothing but pictures
Leave nothing but footprints
Waste nothing but time.

These people have obviously never heard of this.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 29, 2014 at 12:16 UTC as 29th comment

This photogrher has obviously no regard for preserving nature and must be extremely selfish in their outlook. One dreads to imagine the unsightly splashes of garish colours these thick liquids made when they fell to earth on the rocks, grass or whatever. Presumably there were several attempts at each shot creating even more mess and destruction of pristine and natural places.

I am surprised that DPR would lend credence to such obvious disregard of nature and our environment by publishing and thus tacitly endorsing this.

As someone has mentioned below. This is nothing else but vandalism of nature.

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On Walmart sues photographer's widow over family pictures article (200 comments in total)

If the Walton family offered to pay only what this total legal case will cost them I would imagine that Bob's photo will be very well paid for the photos.

Direct link | Posted on May 20, 2014 at 08:01 UTC as 83rd comment

The issue is that Adobe has a contract with subscribers to provide service without any penalties for non compliance whereas if a subscriber does not pay the penalty is disconnection. A very one sided affair with no incentive for Adobe to create a system of extreme reliability.

Many customers surely lost much money due to the inability to access their documents in Adobe's cloud and yet Adobe does not seem to be accepting any responsibility for this.

Once again Adobe takes a high handed approach to customer service.

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On Little beauty: Nordin Seruyan's macro images article (352 comments in total)

Beautiful artistic images. Not sure if some are real or modified but in anycase very nice. It would be useful to have the photographer clarify this.

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On 1939: England in Color (part 2) article (171 comments in total)

Great images and some really nice compositions. Especially like the sheep.if you want to restore colours try Kodak Digital Roc software if you can find a copy. Runs on 16bit windows 7

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On Get more accurate color with camera calibration article (208 comments in total)

This sounds more like lightroom calibration to match the camera than camera calibration as the calibration is only appliccable when using lightroom and is only appliccable to a specific light colour. Change the location and the light and one needs to recalibrate for the new light situation. This then means that for each photo shoot there needs to be a new calibration. How does one then manage within lightroom as it is not possible to automatically have lightroom change claibration profiles automatically to match each photo shoot. This has to be done manually.

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On Drone films SpaceX rocket launch and landing article (73 comments in total)
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rfclark: One reason this didn't crash and burn like a lot of our early military test rockets is that this rocket is built with private money!
The engineers made sure they knew what they were doing before they lit the fuse!

When a military funded rocket crashes under testing everyone gets to keep their job and gets more money to keep testing. When a privately funded rocket crashes everyone gets fired. The incentives are quite different.

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On Lytro announces Illum light field camera article (348 comments in total)

What is the max size print I can make at 300dpi in native resolution?

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