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On DSC00649 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (5 comments in total)

Same comment as the previous photo...

I am very disappointed!

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On DSC00605 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (7 comments in total)
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Mikee: I wish they would have knocked down the shutter speed. That's what this camera is for with IBIS. Could have taken this probably at 1/8th of a second on that 35mm with steady hands, which would have dropped the ISO to something more useable.

Operator Error: there is no reason whatever to shoot at that ISO; or f-stop for that matter either– the BG is quite far away.

The f-stop (shooting wide-open) can be put to what I personally feel is a bad habit that ruins many photos.

Not the cameras fault...

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On Air Stylus turns your iPad into a graphics tablet post (61 comments in total)
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VividExposures: I played around with the new Surface Pro 3 today, and I was very impressed with the experience. I tried to imagine using the "pen" in Photoshop and Lightroom. I am assuming these devices all just give up the pressure sensitivity levels of a dedicated Wacom tablet.

The Surface Pro 3's Pen features 256 levels of pressure sensitivity, that's because it has a Wacom Tablet/Display or those 'Wacom' features are built-in to its Display.
For comparison: the Wacom Tablet (Intuos 4 Medium) I use with my Desktop PC has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.
I couldn't find any mention of pressure sensitivity level on Avaton's Web site when they discussed different pens to use with it? (http://www.avatron.com/our-favorite-pens)
I think this is another last gasp, money-maker that will get some more mileage out of the iPads, but it's like lipstick on a pig.
People haven't fully grasped the fact, that almost any Graphics application will be quite at home on a Surface Pro 3: 12" high-res Display that's fully compatible with a Mouse, Stylus, and Touch.

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Shamael: I would like them to find an anti fungus coating, that issue is a real problem in tropical regions where every lens is for the trashcan within 3 years due to humidity. No dry cabinet stories please, that is not where the lens is when you take pictures.

Would it be possible to have your Lenses [Camera?] Irradiated at: 1) A Food-processing Plant, or
2) A Medical Equipment Plant
that sterilizes with Gamma-rays?

S/wouldn't that stop any Fungus growth in a Lens just like it does with Bacteria in Food or Medical Products?

You'd need to repeat the process every 6 Months or so to be effective.

I just now thought of this– I hope it's a good idea.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2081 comments in total)
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Artistico: I see this has the proper hand grip I have been missing on my too retro-styled E-M5. I might upgrade just for the ergonomics of the grip, even if there are no image quality benefits, CA is easily sorted when shooting raw, I don't use legacy 4/3 lenses, and I wouldn't need 1/8000s very often - though the latter is something I also miss since moving from an old Canon 5D to micro four thirds. As I do like shooting wide open with my 45mm f/1.8, 1/8000s is useful.

I like how Olympus, unlike many other manufacturers, have kept the same battery type, making it cheaper to upgrade rather than having to invest in a new set, though I notice that the DPreview team flags it as something negative as they think they should have used the bigger hand grip for a bigger battery. If there was a new battery, I'd consider upgrading even less.

They have a new Power Battery Holder HLD-7 for E-M1
(http://www.getolympus.com/us/en/accessories/camera/power-battery-holder-hld-7-for-e-m1.html) that adds another battery and a 'proper' portrait grip with "two control dials and two function buttons for the same easy controls as when shooting from a horizontal position".
Its $199 on Olympus' and Adorama's sites.

This would be money well spent...

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dinoSnake: I clicked on choice #1, "Having to repeatedly pay to retain access", but in actuality I am concerned about all of the first four topics. Conveniently, they are even listed in the priority order of my concern - #1 down to #4 topics are #1down to #4 of my priority of concerns.

Please add "All of the above" to the poll and restart; I'm sure the statistics will skew to "All" pretty quickly.

The poll should really have a choice for 'All of the above', otherwise its just biased towards helping Adobe find the most objectionable aspect of the CC. Then they could eliminate *it* as their bargaining point to try and keep CC!
Please put the 'All of the above' choice in, if you want a 'fair' poll.

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I'm not worried about Wacom's 'Tablet' functionality, I am worried about the very same issue that Microsoft has so far seemed to overlook: a lack of memory to support an OS and Graphic applications.

I currently run LR 4.4 R1, PS CS6E, and Win Vista Ultra x64 with 12 GB of memory– and it is not quite enough!

It seems like a Tablet would have to have at least 8GB of memory and prefferably an option for 12GB – 18GB to really perform well when running an OS, Graphics, and [Productiviry applications]. (Less I/O to Storage will definitely *prolong Battery life* and *greatly increase performance*!)

With just a single SSD for storage supplimented by Memory Cards (SD/µSD), and External Drives (USB2/3 or Firewire)– it seems to me that the Microsoft Surface and Wacom device won't sell unless they have enough memory.

I'm watching the Notebook/Ultrabook/Tablet market closely, I have $1,000 to make a purchase, I like the Microsoft Surface, but it lacks memory and has a small SSD!

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Another: 'Solution In Search of a Problem' [SSP or SiSoaP] (sic).

"Nothing new here, move along, these aren't the cameras you need".

Seriously, why are you trying to invent a catchy marketing name for this class/category of SSP or SiSoaP, are they paying you?

(Oh, that's right, Trivial Pursuit (the hardware version) is your occupation...)

Respectfully Yours

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I beleive that CS6's Adaptive Wide Angle feature does al/most everything that this product does-- I find it very powerful and easy to use.

However, the cooresponding feature in LR (4.2 RC 6 [844780] is latest version) Develop/Lens Corrections/Manual although quite handy, is of
limited use since each control acts globally in a single plane.
For minor corrections, it works okay...

'You cannot select individual objects/lines for alignment'

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On Just Posted: Sigma SD1 preview Raw and JPEG samples article (88 comments in total)

It appears to me that quite a few of these images are under-exposed and look pretty bad because of it.
Not using exposure compensation and getting bad photos is the sign of a careless/hurried/ridged photographer-- using default/basic settings at-all-costs for the review [big mistake], is not the camera's fault when shooting in the 100-1600 ISO range. I certainly speak from experience-- I shoot with E-30 and E-510 Olympus cameras.
(I've seen this same problem with many other DPR review images and it causes unecessary 'pseudo-noise' in the dark areas.)
These images don't look they came from a camera worth what Sigma is asking for it!
That, together with a rather slim selection of high-enough, quality lenses for this camera's sensor probably won't generate enough sales to recoup their investment!
Its a shame, if it had a low enough price and better selection of lens I could be interested in the SD1.

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