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On Sony A3000 preview (678 comments in total)

I think the relative "bulk" size would kill the sale. So many times people would prefer a more compact size like NEX or RX100 precisely because of not wanting to carry something big.

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On Nikon launches budget-friendly Coolpix L620 ultra zoom news story (40 comments in total)

What is different of L620 from L610? Too many superzooms, L620, L820, L520, etc.

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On 2013 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced news story (50 comments in total)

Why winning photography has to do with human brutality and suffering?

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Dinosaur! Even it is a brand new lens, I felt it like a dinosaur for yesteryears.. Let me explain.

A short years ago when the mirrorless and compact superzoom digicams were not available, the 18-300mm would have made ome sense for people with DSLRs. I would not argue the potential IQ for a DSLR/18-300mm combo, when compared to such compact superzooms such as the Nikon P510 or Sony HX20V, would be better. But the compact superzooms are much more likely to be used because of their sizes, and let's be honest, more practical to be used for all occasions.

I seriously doubt the user of 18-300mm would have many successful shots at 300mm; and for those who know how to shoot, probably would be disappointed at its soft IQ at the long end. So basically, one is to carry an extra dead weight for the "reach" of, say 150-300mm.

It's kind of like thinking of our presidentail candidates: one one hand, we wish for a person who is more than a superman.

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I have an Asus Transformer Prime which has a full-sized USB port and an SD port through its docking keyboard, a mini USB port and a micro SD port on the tablet itself. I can copy files back and forth between its internal memory and all the memory cards or harddrive connected to the tablet via the USB ports. I believe all the 10"-ish tablets except iPad have USB ports.

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Actually, I really like the "ugly" style of V2, a throwback to the old-time design (function over look). The ONLY one thing I don't like for now is the package of the 10-30mm kit lens. I would really like the choice of picking my own combo, 10-100mm, 32mm, etc.

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Has anyone tried to share or upload pictures through Android/WiFi? So far, Android is not designed (nor useful apps) to upload lots of pictures (especially original sizes) easily through the net. I hope eventually the user interface would be flexible enough such that I could hook up something like S800c directly to a portable external harddrive (need to solve the power issue first), bluetooth capability(?), and seamless upload (in the background) to the "cloud storage" whenever WiFi is available. Imagine a day when you could program something like S800c to automatically upload/save the pictures to your clouds (whether home-based or by commercial vendors)?!

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On Just Posted: Nikon Coolpix P310 review news story (156 comments in total)

I have the P300 since last fall, and got it at a bargain price then for $229 from Amazon (still couldn't believe my luck!). I was mainly looking for the portability and its bright and super-wide lens. I used it mainly for family, trip, spontaneous pictures and couldn't be happier. Believe me, we all like to have super sharp, best IQ at high ISOs, but time and again P300 ended up the one I grabbed without thinking (or no time to think). P300/P310 should be judged by their intended purposes, and not to DSLRs.

I do hope Nikon would come up with something with a System 1's sensor, with fixed lens (same range as P300/P310), with instant ON and super-fast AF. I know, I know, Sony just came up with one, but I want a competition to decide myself.

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On Just Posted: Nikon D3200 preview samples gallery news story (495 comments in total)
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Geopaf: I dont think that anyone has noticed that the noise reduction and active d-lighting has been on in all the images. The only way to really know how this sensor performs is when we see a raw image at ISO 12800 and I'm telling you based on the jpgs on this site we will be dissapointed! So dont make up your minds yet until a full review comes along.

It'd be a matter of time that D7000 would get a 24MP sensor as well, so be patient. As much as I'd like the DSLR image quality (I do have a DSLR), nowadays I shot mostly with my P300 or P7000 for convenience. Hopefully a P7100 successor would have a APS size sensor with a fixed zoom, then I'd be set.

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OK, my verdict. The IQ is not there (not competitive with APS-C or m4/3). I'd rather invest my $$ on something else, or not at all. Granted that Nikon 1 just started, and would surely catch up in the coming years. Also, the Nikon 1 is spec'ed to have revolutionary AF and processing speeds. I would be TOTALLY shocked if Nikon wouldn't put these new technologies in their DSLRs in the future, or even for the like of P7100. If they don't, other brands would surely do so in the coming years.

Now is like the tablets era, the competition just heated up with new technologies and cheaper models rolling out constantly. Whatever system one buys will make one feel obsolete quickly with another new system/model announcement.

Yeah, some people would argue just pick one and take pictures. But for many (you know who you are), playing new gadgets is as much game as taking pictures.

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On Nikon V1 comparison shots added to dpreview database news story (228 comments in total)
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cgarrard: Shooting raw the V1 does markedly better than I anticipated. Frankly though, the way the camera looks on the exterior handling wise raises serious doubts about it's ability to please any enthusiasts.

Bet another model is coming soon that will attempt to do so. I'd bet lots of clams on that.

Absolutely. Just like the Sony NEX-7. I actually would prefer Fujifilm's retro-design for X-10/X-100.

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On Preview:canons100 (323 comments in total)

S95 cannot do optical zoom during video, only digital zoom. Does S100 fix that? How about AF in video zoom?

Posted on Sep 15, 2011 at 12:46 UTC as 132nd comment | 1 reply

All things considered, I think HX100 produces good still images and excellent videos. Like many others, I would really like to pick the brain out of Sony's designer/engineer/marketing people why in the world they needed to use a 16mp sensor? For most uses, it's a waste of memory. For people really like to enlarge, crop, on "clean" images, etc., please go get a DSLR.

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On Pentax unveils Optio RZ18 compact superzoom news story (33 comments in total)

DPReview lists it with a 16mp CCD sensor, kind of odd, because all other brands with this size of sensor have BSI-CMOS sensors. Where does Pentax get its sensor from for this one? Just curious.

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On Samsung releases WB750 18x compact superzoom news story (18 comments in total)

It's interesting that nobody has commented on the new WB750. Based on the specs alone, it would be competitive with Nikon's S9100 which was recently named the top travel superzoom by DPReview. Not sure if DPReview would append its review with the new WB750 entry, but hopefully at least give us studio comparison images and let us see the difference.

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