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  • It is what's got me excited about it. Personally I'd take a few major operational improvements over a major improvement to IQ in one specific area (DR at base ISO). To be fair that doesn't effect ...
  • Dual pixels is a pretty major advancement. Now live view is much more useful, video is easy and eliminates the need for micro lens adjustments.
  • Replied in Skin Tones
    Is the skin tones a sensor thing? A friend of mine has a D750 and had a D600 before that. I always found the look of skin in the 600 to be really unappealing. It is better in the 750 and other ...
  • Replied in Dual Pixels
    They could pretty much release a 5DIII with dual pixels to get me but I'm still on a 5DII. 18 MP video and 28 MP still is an interesting rumour. Easy choice for me if they have the same quality for ...
  • I'd just take the RX100 perhaps buy a second quality compact with a long zoom. Don't think I'd be comfortable walking round with 4+ grand of equipment there. :/
  • Well professional might necessitate the full frame look and if you are taking pictures of fast moving objects in dim light 6D. Travel, street and pretty much everything else I’d lean to the X-T1. ...
  • Replied in Dream Killer ;)
    We know it's not for reals but with Canon ever tight lipped can we just pretend?
  • arrrgh just announce it already
  • I have the 5DII skipped the III and now am hanging out for IV so shhhhh.
  • Replied in Very Expensive
    This is the one thing that has confused me about this camera - I don't think it's overpriced for what you are getting but unless you are one of the few that have use for that 40MP bleeding edge ...
  • I was photographing a gig a couple of nights ago and someone was asking me about my equipment asked so you think Canon is the way to go. I told him what I would tell anyone - at the moment in terms ...
  • Replied in My wishes
    20ish mp not that fussed they prob go up a bit to keep the punters happy Better AF than the 5DIII although I have a 5DII so the AF 5DIII will make me very happy Dual Pixel autofocus - this is the ...
  • Replied in 4K video
    Depends on the screen and how you watch it I imagine. I barely notice and only if i think about it HD vs SD on the lounge looking at the telli but can see a big difference on my computer monitor ...
  • That does make sense - either or for me. Release a full frame with dual pixels and take my money already!!
  • Replied in Me three
    I'm in the same boat my 5DII is doing well and the 5DIII wasn't not enough of a jump. Put dual pixels in it and that's get me on board.
  • Oh man the dual pix AF was my main want - might be getting a 5DIII then when it brings prices down. Wait why would that make it more competition to 1Dc surely high frames per second and 4K video ...
  • Replied in Get the 6D
    Unless you are doing sport or dance photography I'd go the 6D. The 5DIII offers a more complete focusing system (although the 6D is good) and a better body (although the 6D is good). The 6D has a ...
  • Yes if you are going to do a photography course you're going to want a prime... or two. Yes they let in more light so a 1.4 lens will suck in 3.5x - 8x of the light of you current lenses. The also ...
  • Replied in Teenager?
    No not a teenager but work with them, quite like them. Wouldn’t use or take a comparison to them as an insult. I stand by amazing. I am amazed by what modern cameras do perhaps because I’m not a ...
  • Replied in oh wa wa wa
    I don’t understand the point of posts like this. At the moment pretty much every SLR and mirrorless available is awesome. They all have their benefits but you are pretty much comparing really ...
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