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On Rainy day - Black and White challenge (22 comments in total)

It's a really interesting topic. Such a shame it is restricted to film only.

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I would love such an adapter from Canon EF to Fuji X - even if it were manual but allowed adjustment of aperture somehow...

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On Fujifilm announces 1.4x teleconverter for X100/X100S article (130 comments in total)

The press release mentions that it is "offering a 5.5" macro shooting distance". Anyone got any idea what the magnification ratio will be?

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On 5 things iPhone photographers want from WWDC post (26 comments in total)
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fyngyrz: 1) The ability to nest folders

2) The ability to have unlimited items in a folder

3) Removal of the barriers between apps sharing data

4) A "finder-like" application that allows file management

Without all of these things, no app can benefit from synergy with another app; meaning, every benefit and feature has to be re-invented by every app developer. If the iPad is to become more than a one-trick-at-a-time-per-pony, the original idea of a sandboxed, childproof toy needs to die in favor of a more robust, general computing-friendly platform.

The bad news: Apple shows no signs of realizing this.

The good news: Someone eventually will, and Apple will be left supplying tablets to the clueless until they catch up.

Items 3 and 4 were the main reasons I moved to Android......

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On Actual Pixels - the pixel peeping app for iOS post (33 comments in total)

Gallery on my Samsung Note 10.1 does show a 100% view, and the image dimensions are correct - 4896 * 3264 for my Fuji X-Pro1 files. What I found disappointing is Photoshop Touch and its limitations on the same device...given that Snapseed can also work with the full resolution file as well.


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