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On CP+ 2015: Nikon shows off new D810a article (65 comments in total)
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GPW: Who gives a crap except the few that can afford this niche camera. Nikon you idiots

This is a very rude comment. Yes, it is not a mass audience camera, but targets one of the most beautiful application of photography. The joy it will give to many amateur astronomers and the applauds it will create of their admirers, bravo to Nikon it made the effort to create this camera. And, mind you, for the targeted usage it is actually very good price.

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Zvonimir Tosic: This is the 135 format camera that EVERYBODY was waiting for.
Even those folks who had FF before. Why?
Because whenever it comes to a certain market, be it MF with their 645Z, or crop market with their K-5 and K-3, Pentax redefines expectations.
This one will most likely redefine anyone's understanding of what a good FF DSLR should be. Pentax is coming back to the playground Pentax HAS INVENTED, and they will surely punch high.

I've liked your reply because it is just naive. Readiness and experience comes with practice and being "ready . And I mean ready" doesn't come for free. And all of a sudden. It needs iterations, presence on the market, etc. for a while. It is true FF is "a little bit" more than APS and "a little bit" less than MF and Pentax has experience in those, but others haven't been hiding in the caves for all that time. So, when "they are ready" and enter the market of FF it doesn't grant them leading position, they have to win it. And they have highly capable competitors to deal with. Long gone is the time of SMC Takumars, even that one was lost.

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On Entry-Level Mirrorless Camera Roundup (2014) article (143 comments in total)
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gunkan: Nikon 1? really???

Fuji X-A1 is just amazing.

I have both , the Nikon 1 and Fujifilm X-E1. They both can produce excellent images (for Nikon 1 from RAW.) In some occasions equally preferable, in others each with its own strengths. If I have to chose and keep only one of those two, I'll go for the Nikon 1, it is simply unique and very practical.

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On SanDisk unveils 512GB Extreme Pro card article (162 comments in total)
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Photoman: Love that these companies still use weasel bytes. 1MB=1,000,000 bytes. Shold be 1,024,000 for 1MB.

:) Close. The correct number is 1,048,576 (1024 x 1024) 1KB has 1024 bytes and 1MB has 1024 kilobytes, i.e. two to the power of twenty.

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rjx: On a lighter note.

This monkey makes better selfies than 99% of the selfies made by humans.

Therefore, it deserves the copyright over Mr. Slater...

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edu T: Just a little question I believe no one's posed yet... what good would it be for Mr. Stater to have his (or the monkey's) photo deleted?

I'd guess Mr. Slater didn't think about it as well. The Monkey made him famous, keep it out there..

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Raist3d: I am a bit confused about the article take on AA removal note D810- I thought the D800E had exactly that too? OPLF removed and not some weird "canceling" process operation?

Enjoyed the writting style.

Read the original article about D800E at DPreview -- there are even illustrations about it. Having two low pass filters cancelling each other made sense at the time as this was allowing camera construction, internal dimensions and their calibration ( D800 and D800E) be the same.

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On Blood moon eclipse: Night of April 14-15 article (64 comments in total)

"... are gearing up for a rare meteorological event" ...
That's NOT "meteorological" event! It is, and it has always been an ASTRONOMICAL event.

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DPreview didn't bother to fully review D4, finally a chance at least to do it for D4s.

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On Fujifilm X-A1 real-world and test scene samples article (105 comments in total)
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Robert Garcia NYC: they finally got someone that can shoot

+1 as well. Most of their shots in the albums are done by mindlessly pointing the camera in random directions, except some portraiture of models.

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On Nikon Df preview (2792 comments in total)

DPREVIEW, To whoever wrote the specifications:
In "Photographic features" min/max shutter speeds are reversed!
"Maximum shutter speed" should read 1/4000 sec, and "Minimum shutter speed" should be 30 sec.

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On Microsoft to acquire Nokia's smartphone business post (68 comments in total)
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Sonyshine: Since when did two turkeys make an apple?

I feel sorry for Nokia - OK they sitting in a mess of their own making but most of us have fond memoies of our first Nokia smartphone - unlike Microsoft where our early memories are of slow computers constantly crashing and the Blue Screen of Death.

I fear this will end in tears for all concerned.

In addition to EXR and X-Trans don't forget Fuji's Honeycomb Super-CCD Sensor perhaps the most unique and film like (with S+R sites) quality one.

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On Nikon D600 Hands-on Preview preview (712 comments in total)
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JoeR: My opinion based on these raw images, the D600 clearly beats the D800. D600 is marginaly better than 5DMKIII.

However throw in the D4 and it beats them all by a large margin. It makes me wonder about the DXO ratings.

Does any of this have relavence to real world photography?

There is no question D600/800/4 noise wise are considerably better than G1X. Even it is questionable if G1X is better than D7000, my opinion is, it is worse.

That said, G1X has amazing high ISO performance..

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On Sony DSC-RX100 preview (544 comments in total)
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Sephirotic: i'm the only one that over the 10mpx mark doesn´t care anymore for more resolution, but only on actual pixel-dot size? Larger the better?

This camera has a pp of 1.6 microns. Roughly the same of a standard 10mpx P&S.

i'm the only one that finds ridiculous to see how all the companies are dropping the mpx race and rolling back their maximun resolutiom even on prosumer/enthusiast market to the 10~12mpx mark while sony alone keeps running alone increasing their resolution and sacrificing IQ at iso 400+? Look at the noise of this camera at ISO 800, is awfull.

Not alone i find ridiculous this posture of Sony, i see no point at all in this camera at this price point. i can have a larger sensor (4/3), virtually the same body size with much better overall IQ, specially at low light for a LOWER PRICE POINT (either pen, or gf3).

What's the point of this camera again? Another Sony camera im passing. Try decreasing your resolution next time and i may consider buying from you guys again

Your calculation is somewhat wrong - the camera has pixel size of 2.4um (based on pixel density). Anyway, as others have commented it is important the final output size - print or screen. Imaging-resource.com shows a very capable sensor, much much better than 10mp P&S.

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phudson126: Its amazing what mobile phones can do these days with the help of different apps. Its also a bit surprising that people are still interested in investing on professional mobile phones in spite of the features available on mobile cameras today. Cameras on mobile phones are definitely a big time threat to stand alone cameras thanks to apps such as the one mentioned above.

> Name a phone camera with a sensor the size of the sensor in the Canon S95?

Nokia 808 pureview - it has 1.2" sensor! -- Name a P&S camera having such sensor, 41Mpix with the flexibility to bin them for low noise and/or good dynamic range...

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