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As cruddy as this software may be, the makers are brilliant entrepreneurs for recognizing there is a large market of 'guy-or-gal-with-a-camera', the weekend photographers, the old-timer photo hobbyists, who don't have the technical know-how to do this stuff in Photoshop, nor the aesthetic sensibilities to see how crude the effects are, and whose clientele (if they're doing hired gigs) also lack these sensibilities, and only care about having a pretty picture of themselves to hang on the wall or share on social media, and see $80 or $120 as a fair trade for something that promises content-enhancing features, rather than your typical surface adjustments.

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Mister Roboto: That pathetic IQ though. I can't believe some people will invest on a crappy phone to do something it is not intender for.

Yet, there are plenty of people who use their smartphones as their "workhorse" camera for whatever purposes they use them for. Admittedly, these product developers are making a risky bet that could either go really well or crash/burn.

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Mister Roboto: That pathetic IQ though. I can't believe some people will invest on a crappy phone to do something it is not intender for.

So who are you to say what a phone equipped with a good-enough video/still camera is intended for?

From my observation and experience, reporters, photojournalists (except for the older, white-haired guys sporting their photo vests), independent web publishers, all use their phone to capture media while shooting with their SLR. And don't forget YouTube personalities, people and organizations that live Tweet or live-post to Facebook pages, Instagram.

The video IQ from an iphone 6/6s, in most cases, is acceptable for web publishing. The typical media consumer aren't pixel-peeping and no one is claiming phones are appropriate for making feature films.

This and similar products are a validation of the good-enough IQ and wide applicability of phone cameras, and a realization that there is a market of users who want better audio quality and better video lighting.

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I see rotoscope artists losing their jobs once this thing goes mainstream. Price of progress.

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Tamrac spelled backwards is Carmat.

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Sugarsnapphotos: Does it come with a moustache?

No, but I hear it comes with an old, smelly plaid button-up and a pair of suspenders.

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Why didn't Fuji just go all out and put a 36mp sensor in there?

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This was shot on the X-E2: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/146795
Zoom in 100% and see the details

They got it right in this video - the 16mp X-Trans sensor is a great sensor, with enough resolution, and has legendary glass to go with it. Would 24mp be better? Of course. Is it necessary? Not at all.

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keepreal: Load of cobblers. (UK expression.)

I agree with mailman88, but not Michael Ma, both some way below.

Clyde Butcher's work is similar in style, comparable in standard to Ansel Adams and I sent CB a message on his website in case he'd like to know about it.

I doubt it though. Why would one with that kind of ability want to be on another's payroll? Its a bit like Groucho Marx's comment in reverse, where he said he'd like to join a gentleman's club but any worth joining would not have him.

Such a talent is bound to think any post on offer to him is not worth having. Had it been a long term assignment, concurrent with his other work rather than a full time job, that would be another matter.

I am sure Mr Butcher and others of similar ability are happier and more successful without being told what equipment they have to use, etc.

This vacancy will not be filled by anyone who aspires to be the next Ansel Adams, only someone that the US National Park Service, at worst, kid themselves is.

Damn, Santa Claus can take some nice photos!

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Make a fashion statement, while taking crappy photos!

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Animal leather is so overrated.

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Nilangsu: The Fuji system is wonderful. Despite having been a RAW shooter (with both Canon and Nikon APS-C) all my life, I just love their JPEGs. But I am deterred from dipping my toe into this wonderful system because of the prices. Think about this. I can get a classic like the Canon EOS 6D and get into a full-frame system with very high value from most lenses. The 85 1.8 is just £ 200 (with cash-back) at Amazon UK, the 50 1.8 STM around £ 100 and the 28 2.8 IS USM around £ 350. The overall weight is not a lot more.

Fuji is a great system, but the prices make me cringe.

Don Sata, need to call you out on your false (or misinformed) comments about the 6D.

I actually use a 6D professionally, and also own a Fuji X-E2, both of which do well in their own respect. The 6D is known to have excellent DR and noise performance. The RAW noise performance is better than what the X-trans sensor produces. The DR on the 6D is also better than the 5D mkIII. This isn't opinion.

As with most SLRs, the auto focus speed and accuracy has a big advantage over any mirrorless. This is especially true for fast-moving subjects and low light. And, no, shooting long lenses isn't the 'only real advantage' of the camera over a Fuji X. That's just a nonsensical statement.

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How good is it at taking selfies?

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Sdaniella: Fast 24mm, Please! (FF)
Enough of the pedestrian hardly wide longish primes = 35mm (nor longish hardly wide 28mm, no thx)

Agreed. With a 42mp sensor, it makes sense to go wider. There's plenty of resolution to crop and still have a usable photo.

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Paul Farace: So I see these images in the same positive light I see WWII Allied planes, defenders of freedom. And they sadly killed thousands of women and children. But my brain is able to comprehend complexities and nuances that some of your leftist brains cannot. All of the recent drone strikes have not killed more than one WWII bombing mission and at the same time have killed many monsters who would behead the dumazzez commenting below.


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Marty4650: Would you buy a lens from a company that can't get their website to work?

Just sayin'.... this is pretty basic marketing. You issue a press release with a website listed. Then the website doesn't work. This doesn't bode well.

A bit off topic, but note that 'basic' or standard marketing practices aren't prevalent in most developing countries. We expect it in the U.S. (assuming you're American) and other developed countries with large private sectors. The Chinese didn't have much of an advertising industry until around the 80s when they started to shift their economy to more of a capitalist model. The U.S. has had decades to develop a history and traditions in advertising so it follows that U.S. consumers expect certain things and standards from a company that Chinese consumers do not. This is changing though.

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The bokeh makes me dizzy.

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nathantw: I like the way this looks, but I'm sure if I buy it people will think it's a murse (man purse). It just has "that look" of my wife's purse. Leica sell other bags at their store in San Francisco that are probably better for guys (different colors and types) like the Brixton bags. https://www.leicastoresf.com/store/other/cases-bags

Murse to go with your moobs?

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