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At last. A true portrait length for my NEX. Bravo, Sigma.

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On Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1 Hands-on Preview preview (355 comments in total)

Why is this a mirrorless competitor? The price point is the same as the D3200 and it trades resolution and a lower specced focus system for an inconsequentially smaller body.

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Deja vu, all over again.

Ex OM4T owner.

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Hmm. A conceptual artist who is unclear on the concept? The form of the camera is the result of its function just like a hammer. The fora on this site are filled with discussions of function, not how lovely the little machines are, or what is the proper prayer to the little fetish. This exhibit seems to me to be an expression of contempt for photographers. No doubt the art world will clutch Arsham to their breast as a genius as they did Susan Sontag.

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On Accessory Review: Kata Digital Rucksack 467-DL article (48 comments in total)

It seems to me that many of these pack bags sort of miss the point. I suppose there is a certain amount of esthetic pleasure to be had for all your stuff in one container, but few of their designers really think about what it is like to use them doing travel photography or on a trail for scenics or animals. One needs space to stow a jacket, cap, water, maybe a lunch, sun screen or insect repellent that will be positioned and hardened against spillage that will leak on camera or computer. If you do not need those things then you probably are not going to be out long enough to need a backpack other than as a storage device in the trunk of the car.

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On Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Photographers article (54 comments in total)
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abdalim: Is the book suitable for the beginners?

Probably not. I bought an Evening book for an earlier version of Photoshop and it was exhausting and I did not learn very much. The approach Scott Kelby takes with his books by showing how to do the tasks that a photographer wants to do and giving you the steps to do to be much better for a beginner.

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roy5051: That's a bit quick for an update, isn't it? It's only been a few months since iPad3.

It seems clear to me that they plan to revise all the iPads at the same time in the future. So it would not make sense to introduce a Mini version of an iPad that does not exist. And how unhappy would those owners of the third version be if some of the features of the bargain basement version were better than their 6 month old iPad?

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This is wonderful. Thanks. A lot of us with NEX-7 models have been looking forward to a new lens or two for some time. Considering how cranky the 24 MP sensor is with some lenses do you think it would be possible to also make some samples with these lenses and the NEX 7? Many of us have lusting after a 16-50 which will fulfill the compact promise of the NEX.

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dpreviewblog: Next strange Adobe's decision around DNG... BTW... Why I never shoot in DNG-format and d't use this format as archival for images -

re: 2 ways to nowhere
Never trust any article outside of a theoretical physics text that uses the term entropy, or "armature" when amateur is meant. The first is used to put you in your place and the second just shows sloppiness. Seriously, there is nothing to be learned from someone who uses "put down" rather than explanations when questions are asked.

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On Petanque in the Sports played on Courts challenge (3 comments in total)

Love the shot. Also love the bunion trees.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 19, 2012 at 23:40 UTC as 1st comment

They look to me like a big ego taking revenge against a client who has already deposited the money. "I am so good, they will think they are art and I will be laughing. Ef the Olympics." Hopefully he will regret it in his old age.

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On Sony DSC-RX100 preview (544 comments in total)

Almost perfect. If it had an EVF I would have sold my NEX7. I never understand why companies don't learn. All the people trading in their 5s and 5Ns for 7s are not just after a few more megapixels. It is the built-in viewfinder. A small fraction of an inch wider to accommodate one would not have made it less pocketable.

Thanks for another great preview.

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On L1013612 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (6 comments in total)

Looks sepia to me. Not many browsers are capable of rendering sRGB correctly. Safari can. You might also have a cool toned display.

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On Leica M-Monochrom preview (449 comments in total)

Brilliant. Something many photographers have wanted for a long time, but something the market dominating makers which spew out copies of each others equipment have been unwilling to offer. Nice to see a manufacturer thinking about their customers and not just a consumer after more features.

Direct link | Posted on May 10, 2012 at 20:21 UTC as 169th comment
On User Guide: Getting the most out of the Olympus E-M5 article (262 comments in total)

Wow. What a good idea. You guys develop all that experience with the cameras and sharing it is awesome. There was a little of that in the NEX-7 review with the settings. Maybe more?

Direct link | Posted on May 7, 2012 at 21:55 UTC as 127th comment

Interesting. It looks as though Nikon has decided to separate itself from the pack of mirrorless cameras nipping at its heels by increasing resolution to a point they cannot match and still be useable. It does make one wonder where they will go from 24 MP in DX. Is this the end of the line for DX?

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On Nikon D800 preview (1110 comments in total)

Except the Pentax is limited to 1600 ISO.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 20, 2012 at 03:43 UTC as 89th comment

Kudos for this alert and the link to dcresource so we can see it. Thank you dpreview. Looking forward to your article.

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On Scuba in the Over & Under challenge (11 comments in total)

I normally love this type of water shot which shows details below the surface as well as above. Pretty image, but I am disturbed by enlarged scale below the surface. The diver and ladder are much to large in comparison to the man and ladder on the boat. I am disturbed by backlit and cloudy above the surface and sun bright and from another direction below the surface. I am disturbed that the ladder above and below the water are at severely different angles. Seems to me if you are going to Photoshop something like this, it should at least look real.

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After switching to Nikon because there was no Oly digital product two years after its announcement, I had occasion to go back and use my beloved OM4T again and could not believe how flimsy and crude it felt after using the D100 for a while. As for a new camera lines from Olympus, well, been there, done that. It is just a parade of discontinued equipment with no respect for customers shown by providing a transition. OM gone with no development for years except raising the price and the company saying the lenses will not work with digital. E series gone. PEN development lagging way behind Panasonic. Corrupt corporate officers looting millions from the company and treating the whistle blower badly. Want to bet it will have a new mount and none of your lenses will work?

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