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On Canon EOS 5DS / SR First Impressions Review preview (2975 comments in total)
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tony field: The camera sounds interesting. I suspect that the common shooting will be done in APSH 1.3 crop mode giving a 30MP image. Use of 51mp will be used "where appropriate".

I will be curious to see of the R version will deliver better results with current Canon lenses. Of course, all current Canon lenses will produce "sharper images" with the 51MP sensor on the R or S versions.

We won't know the real performance ranking between the 5DS and the D810 until we see a test based on Zeiss Otus glass on both bodies. In the comparison tool at ISO 400, raw mode, subject details are the same; above 400 the D810 pulls a bit ahead. That's a surprise for sure, and possibly attributable in part to using different lenses. Of course what will be most relevant to the target audience is the very definite improvement in details vs the 5D3.
Good job on the catchup features. I've been enjoying Auto ISO, Exposure Delay mode, and AF subject tracking since the D800.

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ncsakany: Hard G. End of story.

"A" in Computer Science.

"D" in Linguistics.

Ultimately, a language is composed of what survives the test of time. It's always worked that way.

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falconeyes: I don't quite get the criticism which is lurking in the article.

I am pretty sure this inofficial repair center rescued an otherwise irrepairable lens. And in quite a creative manner too. Kudos to the guys and to make it public.

This is apparently what comes from Nikon cutting off the parts supply to the independent shops.

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