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Nice, we definitely need more competition, for my use the recent Lightroom versions haven't added much desired features meaning mostly Develop module.

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TN Args: Canon vs Epson. Can anyone help me here? Are they just roughly equal competitors like Canon and Nikon with a bit of leap-frogging of top-dog status with each new model? Or is one actually well superior to the other?

I'm assuming the PRO1000 goes head-to-head with the P800?

There is one big difference - with Epson, you must waste some ink and time to change black ink between matte and glossy paper.
I'm very glad there is a relatively small footprint competition showing up.

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On article Adobe Camera Raw 9.2 adds local dehaze (60 comments in total)
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gwenhael appere: I'm really not happy with Adobe. All their photo editing software get the dehaze tool, except LR 6 customers (i'm one of them) !

It was made quite clear by Adobe so you knew that beforehand.

That said, I feel the first CC feature update followed little too quick after the perpetual release.

All in all I'm happy with the perpetual model. The CC version gives nice hints as far as the development focus. This far looks to me little has happened on the essential side, I'll be checking thoroughly whether the LR7 is a go.

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aftab: Since the age of 6D and D800 it has become a norm to compare Sony sensors with Canon to see the difference in shadow lifting. Its all good and dandy. But no one, including DPR, showed any comparison (or put proper importance to it) between a properly exposed shadow area at ISO100 vs having the area dark and then shadow lifted. If someone do this comparison it would be clear that lifting shadow is a compromise no matter how little you lift. It is always better not to lift shadows. It is science and physics. It is always better to use exposure bracketing, fill flash, filter etc than lifting shadows.
Choose any Sony sensor camera from DPR tests, look at properly exposed ISO100 scene, then compare it with same scene with shadow lifting. If you do, you will come to the same conclusion as I did using an Exmor sensor FF camera for last two years: it is better not to lift shadows if you can.
All these DPR tests should have a disclaimer: Do not lift shadows unless you must.

ideally, the exposure should be ETTR (expose to the right) without clipping the highlights. Pushing shadows has got a lot better but it is still hard to beat the colors and details from a proper exposure.

I personally find it not so rare to utilize more DR without any HDR intention in mind. When travelling, anything inside with windows during daytime (churches, castels). Midday contrasty scenes outside. Evening scenes - not to blow out the city lights yet retain all the shadow details.

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luchs: > Too bad Affinity Photo is for Mac only.
> Almost twice cheaper than Elements and rather in the Photoshop league.

Good that there is also PhotoLine (www.pl32.com). It works natively on Windows and also natively on Mac. You can use it on Linux with Wine.

It implements non-destructive photo editing completely, unlike Affinity even for the liquify tool and the RAW import. Unlike Affinity it also supports non destructive perspective correction, smart objects (linked images) and multi page documents. It's PDF export is perfect and supports Pantone / HKS colors, too.

Affinity is a very good system and I prefer it for GUI symbol editing, but it is Mac only and there are also some areas which needs improvement, such as the masks built from multiple layers and working in different color spaces.

With Photoline you can make any tool or work layer (i.e. unsharp) work on one dedicated channel only, such as "luminosity".

Thanks, will check it out!

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Too bad Affinity Photo is for Mac only.
Almost twice cheaper than Elements and rather in the Photoshop league.

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On article What difference does it make? Sony uncompressed Raw (618 comments in total)
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M Jesper: Since Sony apparently won't be offering a lossless compression option themselves for a while, you can save a lot of space on your HDD's by doing the Lossless compression yourself using Adobe's DNG Converter (or during import in Lightroom). The size difference compared to uncompressed is huge. While not as much as Lossy compression, it's close! Though it won't help save card space on the road.

*And no you don't lose anything or limit compatibility, it's actually more like the opposite. The data does not change, it is simply packed in a different container. Currently using it for my Fuji RAF files that are also uncompressed, never had any problem with the DNG's anywhere. Probably saving about 40% with it.

One caveat though - the Adobe DNG is only readable by a limited number of software, mostly Adobe itself.
For example, those dng-ed files cannot be processed anymore by the Capture One Pro.

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Is that the first SureColor-P printer which doesn't require time and money consuming black matte/glossy ink switch?

I wonder what is the print quality with 7 inks compared to 8 (+1 replacement black) ink SC printers.

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Turn everything into money.

I think it would be fair if one wants desperately "protect" a genius architectural achievement from viewing, be so kind and build it in a far land.

In public places, one has already agreed to share.

Though I can understand if it is strictly commercial interest. Then again the rules must be utterly clear and when public interested is overrun then just abandon the idea of the law. No messing around.

The world seems to be over-regulated these days.

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rrccad: I'm starting to think that it's either dpreview or that photographers on the whole are turning into crotchety old geezers that bitch whine and moan about everything. heck half of them can't seem to carry anything over 1lb, and I'm sure soon that will be subbed with a cane the way some are going on.

all of which makes me scared :/

a cool tool - and now we'll be swamped with overdone simulated fog images ;)

(however I have to admit, I can think of a few photos i want to try adding haze to just to see how they look).

My sub for LR/PS is around 9.95 per month. LR is a rather useless for me (can't handle IR RAW's and can't handle Sigma), but 10/month for PS with continual upgrades? did you ever see the sticker price of PS before?

if you can't afford it, really, leave your sniffling somewhere else.

it's getting pretty nauseating.

"but 10/month for PS with continual upgrades?"

That seems to be point of miscommunication - why insist/assume everybody needs PS?

I for one am completely the opposite, not interested in a single bit in PS and in that context the price is definitely not reasonable by seeing the opportunity cost (i.e. upgrade price for LR only spread over the periods).

It is important to stay in the context - standalone users knew there might be regular upgrades coming to CC which by itself is not an issue. However, introduced that shortly after the full release gives impression of forced choices.

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ihv: The problem is that LR6 didn't get much new features for 2 years development (the develop module had exactly (!) one new feature, brushing gradients).

Suddenly, shortly after the release of the perpetual version the CC gets a feature update. I find this utterly nasty business practice.

No. Because the feature set was rather short for such a long development period and yet sholrtly after the release new features appeared - too quickly to be developed after the full release.

I completely understand the different licencing policies, but this seems to be rather cheating.

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Trk: Even though Adobe declared perpetual license as "snapshot" of features of CC version at the given time, they should put these new features into LR6 this time too as some sort of customer protection, otherwise it look very convenient for Adobe to release new features so shortly after version release, where I do not remember such a update in previous versions.
Also current companies practice is to support perpetual software licenses 18 months including minor feature upgrades which at least de-haze tool is.
I will probably wait for LR7 and keep now LR5.7 and I wanted to upgrade to LR6, but current Adobe practices are too aggressive. To those who think subscription is cheap, maybe in US in $, in Eur it is very expensive for me, if they offered subscription in my country's currency, maybe ...

Not less important - the subscription is just plain expensive for LR only. I don't need PS.

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The problem is that LR6 didn't get much new features for 2 years development (the develop module had exactly (!) one new feature, brushing gradients).

Suddenly, shortly after the release of the perpetual version the CC gets a feature update. I find this utterly nasty business practice.

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ihv: Weird, CCD for aerials? Aren't shutter speeds more critical i.e. higher ISOs are more desired? CCD goes barely ISO400-800.

Hum, looks to me like a software add-on (with P1 price(!)) because a software license is needed.

Doesn't the Photoshop CC have this technology for compensating motion blur?

The P1 effect of this is yet to be seen.

NB! All that FMC claims is to compensate for movements because higher ISOs are impossible on CCD, not because CMOS wouldn't allow something.

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Weird, CCD for aerials? Aren't shutter speeds more critical i.e. higher ISOs are more desired? CCD goes barely ISO400-800.

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That's a great news. GoPro has became quite slow in recent 2 years - no rectilinear option, no raw photo, battery life has remained the same.
DJI could start to create much better platform for video & stills focusing on mft.

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I'm pretty happy about the announcement.

The switching from the 5D2 to Nikon when the 5D3 came out feels still like a good move.
Recognizing the good old Canon here, giving with one hand taking with the other. And no shy about the pricing.

Some points:
- DR the same as the 5D3 (interview with C.W.)
- ISO should have been at least the 7DII level?
- exp comp is +-3
- video max 30p

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ManuelVilardeMacedo: I tried Lightroom 5.7 last week. Adobe's website would only make the trial version available as part of CC, so I doubt new version 6 will be sold as a standalone application.
Apparently Adobe succeded in dragging every Lr user to CC, despite it being outrageously expensive. You paid less for the standalone programme even if you updated it every year. I knew this would happen.
As for the 5.7v I tried, it is exactly the same as Lr4, which I tried some three years ago, save for some presentation details. Lr6 will undoubtedly have some fancy features added, but I have no reason to believe it will bring any real improvement over previous versions.

It IS expensive for LR only, I think this is what Manuel meant.
Not everybody needs PS.

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On article ACDSee Ultimate 8 introduces layer-based editing (67 comments in total)

As an Adobe Lightroom user I wish ACDSee great success.

With the Aperture gone Adobe most certainly have slowed down a lot, not to mention the threat of subscription only.

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On article Medium well done: Two takes on the Pentax 645Z (250 comments in total)

Interesting camera.

Don't know what might happen next in photography industry but I might be getting the 645X model in two (?) years when the FF happens to come out (well that's a call for Sony but seems feasible).

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