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coolpix A a better buy

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Miki Nemeth: Why the hell Sony doesn't give touch screen to a video-oriented camera? Weird. Sony lacks touch screen and joysctick, Panasonic lacks Auto ISO in M mode and magnification during video recording. I am just expecting that Panasonic will fix this issue in the GH5

Yup I couldn't do Auto ISO in S / A mode in the GF series. Such a slap-forehead omission

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dwill23: looks like the Canon 1DX2 can do twice the shots per second in live view. oh wait, it's 6x the price. hahaha

V1/V2 users smirk

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matthew saville: This, for $1K? I might finally be able to get into wildlife photography. Oh wait, there are no FE "big gun" wildlife lenses... Drat. I wonder how well this AF system works with a Canon super-tele... If the A7R II's adapter EF-FE performance is any indicator, it won't be too shabby...

Thomas Stirr uses V2/V3 for good reasons. Check out his blog

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Don Diafragma: Ok, by watching the video I know enough.
Using this camera is like playing a videogame from the mid- 80's.

Its totally true that Sony camerass feel like operating a computer instead of a camera.

the interface couldn't be worse than olympus, could it ?

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left eye: One of the main dSLR strongholds is not requiring battery power when composing a shot.

Which on a tripod - for me at least - can take 5 - 10 minutes between angles, off a tripod maybe even longer between shots - continually eyeing angles between - i.e requiring seeing through the viewfinder over that period.

EVF encourages rushing the process of taking shots, anyone who disagrees I believe is being disingenuous - or hasn't realised they are being quietly rushed.

To me the mirror - seeing the actual light freely available - not requiring battery power - is the real WOW - it was and always will be - it's the light from the actual subject.

I get that "feel rushed" thing. the Nikon V1 with it's very large battery doesn't give me that feeling. Nikon let us down with the small battery in V2/V3.

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Another winner from sony. The price tells us that this is not a replacement for a6000 though hmmmm. the Nikon V4/5 better blow us away. bring it on nikon

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bwana4swahili: Sony does know how to charge for equipment!

makes fuji primes and bodies sound affordable

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On article Nikon releases D500 4K UHD sample video (203 comments in total)
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pew pew: Deceiving marketing, they made it sound its all great 4k but they don´t tell you its only avaible on a heavy crop, so you basically need to shoot with a wide lens to get a normal view angle and not telephoto

Ah, cropped? That sucks

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still my dream camera. a dream only . i'll probably get another v1 sigh

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On article Sony introduces new XQD and SD cards (57 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: The most important thing is how much do they cost. If they are charging $1000 per card then they might as well not exist at all.

$150 4MB CF Card was sold plenty during late 90s. crazy

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On article Nikon's New D5 and D500 Push the Boundaries of DSLR (733 comments in total)
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Flashback: One day, and who knows when, Nikon will release a pro-level mirrorless camera.

And if it inherits the technical wizardry of the D5, it will be a stonker:-)

i would guess Craig Litten and Thomas Stirr are pros, who uses Nikon 1 cameras and lenses

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On article Here at last: Nikon announces D500 (1173 comments in total)

very good price actually for high iso performance, 4k 30p, large frame buffer

makes me excited with the upcoming V4

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On article Gear of the Year Part 4: Dale's pick - Samsung NX1 (407 comments in total)
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WesternSage: I hope the vague and improbable rumor that Samsung might be talking to Nikon is true. The NX1 would make a fantastic Nikon 1 V4!

An xe2 would make a nice v4

Direct link | Posted on Dec 19, 2015 at 07:18 UTC
On article Inching forward? Canon PowerShot G5 X review posted (387 comments in total)

the cons are really major ones. unimpressive for the price

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printing technology has not advanced as fast as I would hoped for. Printer cost is down, but printing cost has not. *sad*

how I wish I could print on SP1 for 0.10cents per copy, or $1 for A3

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Unprecedented price for such high res camera

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On article Sony finalizes buyout of Toshiba's sensor business (91 comments in total)
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sh10453: I'm just shaking my head at how cheap this deal is, $150 million.
Not just the sensors, fab, etc., but the memory controllers too!!!

Why in the world didn't Nikon buy this business and become in control of their own sensors?

Anyway, one less competitor in the sensor business. Not a good thing for consumers.

did they also buy their debt ? i'm only assuming it's actually more than $150

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On Connect post Lightroom Mobile for Android is now free to use (36 comments in total)

this is cool ! the less we have to rely on pc the better

Direct link | Posted on Dec 8, 2015 at 06:41 UTC as 15th comment

i'm thinking the camera would support 2 memory cards to be able to handle such huge data

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