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Stephen Scharf: Hasselblad, along with Kodak, is a classic example of a dominant incumbent taken apart by a disruptive innovation, acc. the Innovators Dilemma as described by Clayton Christensen of HBS. Their most recent fiasco with the re-badged Sonys was a clear example of chasing dollars and making executives wealthy rather than truly meeting customer needs.

They learned for a second time that it can take generations to build a brand and brand equity, but you can lose it overnight.

Yup, badly damaged reputation

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40daystogo: There was nothing wrong with partnering with Sony - it's what Hasselblad with with it that was stupid.

Firstly, the designs were grossly ugly.

Second, it's obscene that they foisted off-the-charts prices simply because of their brand. Even Leica-branded Panasonics aren't as much over-priced - as a ratio of Leica:Lumix - compared to Hasselblad:Sony.

In sum, there was nothing wrong with partnering with Sony. The big mistake was the stuff that came out of the Italian design firm.

It.did plenty damage to their reputation. They will have to try extra hard to recover from being a joke

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Just a Photographer: All they need to do is break the price barrier by making a affordable MF system.

Come up with a 3000 to 3500 dollar MF body, that has the looks of the 500c and a few affordable lenses and sales will soar through the roof.

I think Hasselblad lost all connection with the photography world.
The money in this market is not to be made with the rich, but with the people that have a true heart for photography.

I don't think they can afford to build any cameras by themselves anymore

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Please continue rebadging cameras so we can have a laugh. We need a joke in the photography industry

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Rotatable huh? so this is the best selfie camera(phone) in the world

I can see it selling very well in europe and even japan

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On Ricoh GR II: What's new and what does it mean? article (192 comments in total)

Adding evf or popup evf is too difficult i guess?

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On Sony RX100 IV compact shoots 4k, uses a stacked sensor article (303 comments in total)

Guess which older camera has 60fps raw burst rate?

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On Fujifilm X-T10 First Impressions Review preview (391 comments in total)

one good thing about this camera that it might push XE2's prices down

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On App roundup: Capture apps for Android post (6 comments in total)

so only camera fv5 has shutter priority mode? what bout aperture priority ?

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On LG G4 puts focus on the camera post (78 comments in total)
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JordanAT: First, as a G3 owner, I'm pleased that LG did not follow Samsung and HTC in putting bra straps on the back of their phone so they could look like Apple.

This is a nice upgrade and I hope it does well. The G3s camera was enough to allow me to leave the iOS world. (That's not why I left, but I delayed switching until I could get a phone with a decent camera)

If they would add a biometric sensor for security and figure out how to curb the device's lust for energy that would easily make it the best large-format device. (Well, that and factory root capability) Those two hardware quirks are probably the only two drawbacks/missing items on the G3 imho.

yes, those bra straps are horrid. wished they'd make a "flagship mini" like the sony Z compacts. flagship specs, just lower screen resolution (because of screen size).

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On Massive $33,500 2450mm f/8 NASA lens surfaces on eBay article (235 comments in total)

great for olympus and sony bodies with 5/6 axis stabilization

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On Nikon 1 V1 / J1 Review preview (5 comments in total)
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BobFoster: This is the most thorough in depth review of the Nikon 1 system . Wish I had seen it before I bought the V1...but it doesn't matter...I use my V1 for 2 purposes...for street photography I use the V1 with the 10mm 2.8 and I set the shutter to silent mode turn off the autofocus assist lamp...and I can be 2 feet from a subject and they are totally unaware that I am photographing them...it is a very unobtrusive setup ...and I also like to shoot rugby...the v1 with the 30-110 on it is amazing in freezing the action...I bought this when the price really dropped...I feel very fortunate that I was able to get one...I have another mirrorless camera...the E-PM2...which I use to shoot indoor ice hockey...it is another phenominal camera...I did have a nex 6 but sent it back...I just did not like the softness of the images...better lenses are coming which is what the nex system needs...but I am happy with the V1...and my Olympus Pen -mini2

what mode & settings do u shoot with ?

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business wise, I would think they'd want to release something that will entice stylus 1 owners to "upgrade" hmmmm. like 4K video or something

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On Pentax MX-1 preview (18 comments in total)
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miuan: This is the first camera I want to return as soon as I got it, and I really wanted to like it despite its strange form factor. The operation is frustratingly slow. Most of the controls are well laid out and the buttons have good feel to them, but their response is sluggish most of the time, taking away the fun from the photography. The AF is desperate in all but casual static shooting, even in macro mode with enough light it struggles at times. The funky chroma NR artifacts at ISO 1000-1600 and the lack of NR / image parameter settings finishes the bitter feeling. I'm going back to my X10, sorry Pentax.

X10 is way better ?

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On Pentax MX-1 preview (18 comments in total)

how does MX-1 compare to XF-1, X-30 & XZ2 ?
and can you do auto ISO in Manual Mode ?

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On Nikon D5500 Review preview (358 comments in total)
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Lightweight003: Another half-baked/half-hearted upgrade being toted as a new model from Nikon. SAdvice to Nikon: wait a bit longer before launching a "new" model - and WHEN you do launch a new model make it worth YOUR while AND ours, thank you.
More's the pity some people are getting excited about this "new" DSLR.
Nikon's approach is really starting to irk me now. (Don't they WANT to sell cameras? Don't they want to increase their share of the market? Don't they want a good reputation for producing reliable, great quality products that show REAL innovative flair???
They've made the D5500 smaller, why? - (Are they targeting kids or "small people" with this model)??? - so small that they had to leave out the GPS, what a bummer!!! They also brought out the D810 - WITHOUT installing DUAL Digic 4 Processors, - ditto the D4s, - whuch, theoretically would have seen an increase in FPS, hi ISO quality, etc on these 2 models.

there'll be plenty of people who wants to buy "DSLR" thinking that it will give them "Better" image quality (despite them only shooting auto & using cheap kit lens)

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On Nikon 1 J5 offers 20.8MP BSI sensor and revamped look article (152 comments in total)
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ogl: Such system with 1" sensors needs faster lenses. 3.5-5.6 is no good at all.

that's what preventing me from buying most systems with kit lens

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I thought i read the old X-S1 heh

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jkrumm: I think I'll get one for my ski helmet. What's the video like?

It will take nice video of you being scanned for neck sprain in the hospital

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Photoman: Can I photograph Area51 with this???

Electronic Turtle ?

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