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  • I don't know what reports you have heard, but OMD cameras have extraordinarily good sensor cleaning mechanisms.  That is one of the things that drew me to 4 3 to begin with.  I didn't want to mess ...
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    I would rather see a revolutionary change than an incremental change. Between the E-M1 and the E-M5 II, the OMD series is as good as it gets short of FF and all the fuss entails. I would rather see ...
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    His photo is not sharp and no one can seem to help him to get it sharp.  My 12-40 lens takes razor sharp photos, as have others I have seen. What else logically could it be?
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    Reading all these comments, it is likely you just have a bad copy of the 12-40 lens. It should not be that soft and it apparently is even using MF. Quality control seems better for Olympus than ...
  • Because they didn't wait for Adobe to come out with full support for E-M5II RAW.
  • He actually uses cameras for photography. If you like his samples, you'll like the camera. If no, you won't.
  • Commented on Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview

    Why no ISO 100 shot?

    I know some people say it's just adjusted ISO 200 on m43 cameras, but most other reviews find that for the E-M 5 II, ISO 100 is where the Image quality is best: highest...

  • According to all the more careful reviews, they compared resolution and DR at ISO 100 and found that to be the best, better than ISO 200.   DPR's review seems a little careless and dismissive.
  • Sorry the E-M1 has slightly worse image quality than the E-M5 II according to all reviews that have compared the 2.  Given that it is not a revolutionary change, I agree a silver award is quite ...
  • Why not?   Why should Olympus PC / MAC software interpolate the RAW files of the E-M1 worse than it does  the E-M5 II files? Since we see a worse performance on all tests so far out o the E-M1 than ...
  • Try it with the Olympus software.  Remember 2 things.  First, the E-M5 II is not exactly the same sensor as the E-M5.  It has slightly more MP and is different in other minor ways.  Maybe it is ...
  • Right now, it's equal resolution and DR to the best of APS-C, the Nikon 5500 according to tests.  That's enough that, with all the other tweaks and improvements, this will be a great photographic ...
  • Yes, as an overall package, including the improved ID, weatherproofing and flexible LCD, high res, small but rugged construction, etc., this should be a hit.
  • but, but, but m43 can't be used for anything over ISO 800.
  • This hasn't been true for 3 or 4 years.  It is just as good as APS-C at high ISOs though it still lags FF. Funny thing is when I have pointed out tests that show this, these same people switch ...
  • Nice, the 3 photos together give a good feel for what the day was like.
  • I agree with the sentiment that you will be fine with the 12-40 f2.8 lens.  Unless you do a lot of interior photography, you won't need wider.  Southern California and Las Vegas is more about ...
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    Smartphones have already taken over the market for point and shoots as a tool for those who just want to snap a shot of the moment or copy something.  By virtue of optics and their size they will ...
  • Exactly.  It seems like this would be great for action photography, something I need to do more of.  The photographer could catch someone catching a football or swinging a baseball bat at just the ...
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