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Tape5: So much sass and class, and still fall on their ass. I've always felt bad about those incidents, but this is like two supermodels headbutting each other on the catwalk.

But why would you wish to just click a Dislike button when you can have your Dislike liked by others?

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So much sass and class, and still fall on their ass. I've always felt bad about those incidents, but this is like two supermodels headbutting each other on the catwalk.

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On Readers' Showcase: Sheila Murphy article (60 comments in total)

Without learning the context, the mood, the task at hand or the need to communicate, how can anyone pass an opinion about any art form?
A rather futile exercise
Thanks for sharing

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There's a fine line between niche and quiche

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On Red introduces 'Weapon' camera with 8K sensor option article (104 comments in total)

Weapon, shooting, chicks, testosterone... I get it.
Now, honey, why don't you drop that beach towel while I get my weapon ready. The only one I have.

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Sony's tight market research has produced another fantastic camera for a sizable portion of the happy shooters.

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On Editorial: Why I can't stop taking iPhone Panoramas article (300 comments in total)
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Artistico: It's better than the performance of many a compact camera. An iPhone truly eliminates the need for a low-end compact for snapshots, and I do believe that at times, you can get a shot with an iPhone that you simply couldn't with a bigger camera, either because it's always with you, or because it's unintrusive and doesn't cause a change in your subject's behaviour before you get the picture, as particularly large cameras with big lenses do have a tendency to do at times.

It might just be my next phone. I just have to wear out, lose or accidentally break my current one first...

Right on Marty. Boring boring boring boring stuff this mobile malarkey. It's like watching a 2010 episode of X factor.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2081 comments in total)

The total number of comments exceeding 1000?


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Space Aces EYHO.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2081 comments in total)

The mighty Sony RX100 II, with all its limitations ( or strengths ) shows a better resolution at ISO 400 through a fixed lens, than this camera. This is a joke by itself.

And the thing suffers from personality disorder. Here is the DSM V definition:

a personality disorder reflects "adaptive failure" involving: "Impaired sense of self-identity" or "Failure to develop effective interpersonal functioning."

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JEROME NOLAS: NONODY reads DPR in Canon's HQ in Japan, If they would, we'd have exciting new products, not this "meh" another boring camera for your retired(and retarded) uncle Joe.

At least Nonody reads it. If Nonody keeps it up it may encourage others to start reading DPR too.

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It is good to see Canon galloping along like a blind horse.

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Colour is a bit of a nuisance where B&W photography is doing just fine. B&W photography keeps relations simple and focused. Now I am asking myself ''who was the talented tailor in town who did that smart jacket on Mr Lincoln?''

But colour is good to show the youth that history was not in B&W. It is much easier to forget a monochromatic history.

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AbrasiveReducer: Dear DPR, to make up for showing photos that are fun and original, you now have to publish an equal number of photos of Half Dome, shot with a D800 and accompanied by the artist's statement of the importance of his/her work. Hot air balloons with a polarizing filter will also work. If you don't have those, the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower or time exposure of the Hong Kong skyline will do.

Seriously, these pics are adorable.

Forget about the dump that the Sydney Opera House is and the Eiffel tower which is another dump ..let me think....oh here straight from Chris Beetles gallery in London:

''In 2010 one man decided to give away £1,000 every day to strangers with only one catch they had to do something "good" with the cash. What happened next was beyond his wildest dreams. The lucky people accepted the money and responsibility, added their time, ideas and energy and sent the money spinning far and wide, magnifying the impact, generating wonderful stories and making many people smile. He documented it honestly and beautifully on his website.

Chris Beetles gallery have selected some of the best photographs from this fascinating project and are pleased to be sharing them and the amazing stories that go with them, in an exhibition which opens this Monday.''

But hey, the world is such a perfectly wonderful place that we may just be fine looking at kids being photographed by their dads.

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dave_bass5: How did a boring set of snaps get on to the front page of DPP?
I assume the description at the top was written before the author saw the shots. I certainly hope so as i have a lot of respect for DPP, but i see no correlation between what was written and what was shown.
Im sure the father is pleased with them, i would be as well, but really, these are just shots that most parents would take many times, only with a different PP style.


Here by the court order of this great republic I order you to be hung drawn and quartered from the city gates so that other citizens will learn what the consequences are of calling something boring, boring.

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It is so stupid it is funny. But in a stupid type of way if you get my meaning.

I hope someone at DPR is having a laugh so at least it is worth the effort.

Hey guys how about a review of what is going on in various photography galleries in London, Boston, NYC, Paris, Moscow, Kabul, HK, Rio, Ankara,............??

Most would rather read that than this fluffy dross, I hope.

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Waterengineer: If sensor size maters then why is the medium format (MF) camera industry basically dead? Why isn't there a consumer MF camera if sensor size matters?

Is the MF camera industry basically dead?

How did you work that out?

Because your neighbours' kids are not playing with them in their backyards?

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On OMG Life Autographer Quick Review preview (123 comments in total)
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Deleted pending purge: Seems like there is no more sense in discussing usefulness of anything that appears on the market, because as long as there are people ready to buy anything, anything will be sold.

...and the trash commercialism-trash consumerism loop is neatly closed.

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GURL: Only Burma, Liberia and the United States have not adopted the International System of Units units as their official system of weights and measures.

In the United States metric units are not commonly used outside of science, medicine and the government. The United Kingdom has officially adopted a partial metrication policy, with no intention of replacing imperial units entirely. (from Wikipedia)

As a result, since Germany is no more the leading camera manufacturer, we can't relate image sizes (expressed in "video camera tube inverted inches") and lenses (which focal length is expressed in milimeters because German lens manufacturers are still highly praised.)

This helped Japanese manufacturers to sell point and shoot cameras fitted with microscopic sensors but proportionaly very large front lens elements. That this will not help them explain why images from cameraphones are not good enough could be seen as a revenge of said International System of Units...

:-) Yes, I'm French...

Did somebody ask you if your are French?

Or you are just very happy to be one?

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Photography used to be a domain of genuine enthusiasts and artists in the bad old days.

Now it is whatever handed down to the consumers after the engineering nerds have fulfilled their designs under the command of the ad boys and men in suits to maximise profit.

Someone has to harvest the trillion shutter movements a day of the global hunger to take photos.

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