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The Lotus Eater: Canon chickened out putting an EVF into this camera. The obvious reason is that they would have upset a lot of people, and that's fair enough, but how much more can they improve their APS-C OVFs? EVFs are getting better and better, and many EVFs already surpass APS-C OVFs in terms of both view and functionality.

How good is Canon's on-sensor PDAF? If it is as fast as the off-sensor PDAF module, then Canon should have removed the OVF, mirror and PDAF module. Does the fact that they haven't indicate that it isn't as fast, or is it purely for the reason of avoiding alienation? If the latter, then one could argue that it is a compromised design.

EVF is either for girls or for those who takes an SLR for the first time. Real men use Optical VF.

Posted on Jul 6, 2013 at 02:05 UTC
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DPReview is a site for Nikon users. There is no more objective comparisons.
Here it is:

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It looks like Canon's...

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Hassel is sinking to the Sony level.

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