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PhilTate: I know very little about optics, but it seems that eventually the image will wind up on a flat surface, either as a print or on a computer screen. Won’t it take some doing to get the curved image flattened?

The curved sensor allows you to capture the image better. The lens itself is already curving the light in a way that prevents it from working when using a flat sensor. Bending the sensor corrects for the curve induced by the lens. Its easier to make a lens that can project an image onto a curved or hemispherical surface. You don't need any correction in post at all for printing or for a display. Its simply going to be a better image.

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (693 comments in total)
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Paul Kersey Photography: I suppose Canon has a target customer in mind, I just don't think of that person being an advanced shooter.

Its puzzling to me because an amateur needs more zoom range and a pro probably does too. What travel camera can a pro have, well, none. You have to go way down to a tiny sensor if you want zoom over 120mm???? I mean in a non slr. There is a massive gap in the market just waiting.

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Dylthedog: Interesting selection - the perception of photos is definitely changing. I'm struggling with #7 as the winner for landscapes though.

Seriously. #7 is not interesting on any level I know of, least of all landscape.

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2251 comments in total)

As soon as it doesn't fit in your pocket, just go FF.

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (451 comments in total)

If this shot 60fps at 1080p, I would be more interested as a solid backup to an SLR for still and video. Sony does it on many models.

It would be nice to see a 1inch sensor that has a better zoom range. I would love a camera that can cover 24-300mm AND shoot raw with a big sensor and pocketable. That should easily be doable given a 1 inch sensor is much smaller than this camera. Its like it forces you into a narrow zoom range AND no movie mode. So if you need tele or video, you need 1 or 2 other cameras. That just makes no sense to me. It seems hard to own this as your only camera due to those missing features. My father just got back from a trip around the world with the rx100 and his big complaint was predictable, not enough zoom range on either end. I think 24mm is enough on the wide side, but 120mm just isn't much for long zoom.

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On Ricoh announces medium-format Pentax 645Z article (161 comments in total)
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saralecaire: This is so strange, video on a medium format camera... and 60i in 2014, wonder who made that decision.

Seriously. Its amazing that anything is shooting interlaced these days. When a $300 camera can do 1080p 60, its hard to accept, but if you need it for stills I guess it wont matter. Just too bad it cant do both.

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Sean Nelson: STILL no 1080p60 video from Canon. Get with the program, guys!

No, Francis, people actually do want 60fps AND a good still camera. I have two different cameras to pull this off. If they can just get cameras like this to shoot at 60fps then I don't have to have two different cameras. Wouldn't that be easier Francis?

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Dangit, wanted 60fps video. Looks like a great stills camera though.

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On Nikon Df Review preview (1625 comments in total)
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Gesture: It's not elegant like the retro cameras we remember fondly. Take a look at a Pentax K1000, Minolta X-11 or XE-7, Contax 139, Nikkormat FTN, etc. Far too many bells, whistles, knows, buttons, etc. Can't anyone simplify the DSLR experience. That would be welcome.

Nothing is simpler than the Canon SLR main wheel. You just program what you want into each notch of that main wheel and that's it. Having to change every control when you need to takes forever. If you switch between tripod and handheld stuff frequently, then you go through everything. Its too difficult. It depends on your shooting style, but I think canon pretty much got it right. Maybe adding more notches to that wheel would improve it. Having everything broken out into its own knob makes it harder it seems. Some people may like it though.

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On Enthusiast compact camera 2013 roundup article (236 comments in total)

There is no excuse for leaving the Canon G1X out of this bunch. Its possibly the best fixed lens still image camera out there and its priced right at the sony rx. It can crush just about every other fixed lens camera due to the massive sensor it has. That camera and the Sony RX are the only ones I really think about leaving the SLR behind for and its not even on the list??? This list would make more sense without the sony rx in there due to its price.

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On GoPro updates with Hero3+ post (34 comments in total)

I think there are a lot of hero3 cams that fail, but I got one that works well thank god. I wonder if the new hero3+ battery will work in the hero3. The new battery is better, thats how they got longer durations in the 3+, so I am not interested in any of the incremental improvements, but getting that battery may be a nice improvement.

Also, who cares if they make small improvements. You dont have to go buy every release. Its a production camera. When they can improve things, they do and it goes into the latest model. Every camera maker does this. Its just constant improvements being added to the line, even if they are small ones. Their claims are a bit questionable, but you can see what is improving at least.

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Why cant canon include options like this from the start??? They have to know it will draw even more interest. I already have my S95 hacked with chdk, why not hack the 5d now.

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makofoto: And it only does up to 30 fps. It needs 1080/60 in order to minimize jello. So it's not a replacement for an action cam like the GoPro

No, jello is related to global shutter or not. So, its not sensor read speed either. A global shutter will never give you jello no matter how slow of a frame rate you are at, its will just blur. The global shutter will read all the pixels at the same time vs something like gopro which does not have a global shutter, it has a rolling shutter, which pretty much is horrible. That got to be the next thing to change on the hero cameras as the hero 3 still has a rolling shutter.

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Now I just need a 4k display that I can afford. Hopefully, with gopro and others making releases, we will see that happen soon.

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Canon finally gets up to 60fps at 1080. Hope that bleeds into all other models.

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Roland Karlsson: Can someone tell me whats so special with GoPro? What kind of properties does it possess that makes it possible to take photos that normal cameras cant take?

Gopro is great if you need waterproof and wide angle. Not sure why this guy even used gopro 3 models since any cheap little cam that shoots video can do this. Some videos needed the wide angle, but most didnt appear to need it at all.

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On Cine System Tripod Dolly and Mount Review article (70 comments in total)

I like the $19.99 skate you can buy that at least does all the rolling stuff the same way. Add a ball head and voila

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Jane79: It would be cool if the pics were real.

I agree, the lighting looks different, the outlines around the person are not normal looking.

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On Buying a digital SLR article (149 comments in total)
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Paul Storm: The world is still buying and lugging around bricks designed 50+ years ago. Amazing!

Not sure what you mean. Are you saying mirrorless is better than SLR?

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On The Lightroom catalog article (304 comments in total)
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Neodp: Nope, sorry. ...not going back to LR catalog hell.

Yeah, I cannot see the value of doing it the Lightroom way. Just from a performance viewpoint, it is constantly grinding in the backround. They need the option of not importing files. I change names and locations of files to manage them best and I dont care if Lightroom is all lost when I have done this. I just want to mass edit files. I dont want to manage the tags at all. They need a simpler option. Its a mess of an app. The day you dont want to use that app is the day everything they tried to do is worthless.l

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