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On article Sony warns against use of unauthorized third-party apps (175 comments in total)

Maybe I'm old school but general quality of "app store" software is very very low, and also riddled with ads and privacy issues. I want my cameras to be lean and mean capture devices free of 3rd-party junk. If I need 3rd party junk, that's what my PC is for.

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Gediminas 8: For me, the dealbreaker is the poor colour of jpegs. After Fuji I don't want a camera where you have to waste precious time on RAW.

Funny. I disliked Fuji colours when I had one, too candy-like all the time.

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On photo furry boots in the Cat challenge II challenge (1 comment in total)

Awesome! :)

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Nice way to lock you into paying MSRP

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On article Small but mighty: hands on with the Panasonic GX85/GX80 (315 comments in total)
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Robert Garcia NYC: Please let Rishi shoot the samples. :)

Rishi is alergic to non-FF

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Appreciate your guts to go against the grain, really do.
However, would you agree your pursuit goes more in line with fun and casual than with "timeless" portraiture? I do enjoy your style, but it doesn't have that more timeless fell of other focal lenses.

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tg9413: funny all these ppl criticizing this camera for missing all these feature that you find on a GX series. Dude this is a entry level / fun camera. Too bad the US folks take it all too seriously and expecting every camera should come with loaded belts and whistles. That's maybe why they dont even bother releasing it here. For ones that say this may not have a market, you have no idea about asian female selfie crowd :x
And on side note, if you think it is ridiculous to make a selfie centric cheap little camera, olympus is in the same boat for making the suppose to be glorious PEN-F into some sort of JPG centric camera with a premium price tag.

Yeah. The keyword is FUN. Just the other day I went to my local camera shop and witnessed a young UK couple buying a pink GF7 dual lens kit for their holiday down here. Why not? :)

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Archiver: While the sentiment of a forever lens is wonderful, and the design technology seems to be groundbreaking, a true 'forever lens' is manual focus, and can be serviced by technicians without needing access to parts that will eventually no longer exist.

They wouldn't have to be manual per se: think Pentax Ltds. Also, the Sony A mount still has the screw doesn't it, so they could do it too. Maybe the Sony 135mm f/1.8 could be thought of as a forever lens?

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If I want a lens to last forever I'll just buy Voigtlander, Zeiss manuals (made by Cosina most likely), Pentax Ltds (which autofocus btw) or Leica M. Done.

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (617 comments in total)

#brute-force-landscapes #machine-gun-portraiture #take-no-prisoners-weddings #gorillas-in-flight #boardroom-candids #oomph-bling-bang

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Yes, only available in XXL, one size fits all

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On article Kodak revives Super 8 with part-digital cine camera (367 comments in total)

Glad I kept my old man's Super 8 projector :)

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On article Kodak revives Super 8 with part-digital cine camera (367 comments in total)
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lylejk: Here's the better idea. Take someone's digicam output and convert it into Super-8 format. That service would get you much more film business I bet. :)

Film shutters are rolling not global

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On article Merry Christmas II you: RX1R II sample gallery updated (138 comments in total)

Dunno, the original RX1/R had a nice simplicity about it, a bit of soul perhaps. This one feels like another Sony gadget on steroids.

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On article Inching forward? Canon PowerShot G5 X review posted (425 comments in total)

Buying Canon is like visiting your grandparents house. You are greated with joy and enthusiasm, but once you get inside you notice how nothing's changed. Not that it's a bad thing :)

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GoPro is the biggest marketing scam ever. Action cameras with massive rolling shutter? WTF? If you are going to sell specialised gear, then at least do it properly? The whole of the last decade is now tainted with defective videos and there is no end in sight, as it gave other manufacturers the excuse to sell crappy gear too. How fitting they've picked the name Karma, really hope it does its job.

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Pandimonium: The X-M1 is now for sale for Only €199.

A year ago I bought the X-M1 with kit zoom plus the 27mm for the equivalent of USD$470, new with 3 year wty from my local dealer. Sold the zoom straight away, which made it even cheaper. Despite the awesome image quality, I never really connected with the camera, no pleasure nor fun to shoot with. Also the 27mm had mind boggling focus breathing, like real crazy zooming during focus, making it awkward to compose - coming from a video background that was a real shocker.

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Pentax should make what the Nikon Df should have been.

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Don't like to stereotype but Korean upper management types are extremely hard headed and very often heavy/binge drinkers due to massive stress, and it's quite likely they don't care about photography or really understand what it means to provide and maintain a system. I am sure that there are many people working for Samsung that do understand those things, but must be very tough to get the message across.
The Japanese on the other hand have a long standing love of photography that is very much part of their culture, so they will care less about profit and take a lot of pride in being in that business.

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nerd2: 99.9% of kickstarter funded products = clueless junks

busted. i should stop drinking and dpreviewing :)

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