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  • The problem was not really Canon, but their eBay agents. There seems to be no replacement unfortunately. Where do Canon UK refurbs go now? In the US, they have their own refurb shop ...
  • @50mm - f/4
    @85mm - f/5
    @200m and above - f/5.6

  • It is straightforward to buy from by using an 'agent'' such as Tenso. See for experiences of people buying the Canon M3 this way

  • Glad to be of help :-) Annoying that Canon's sales outside of Japan don't follow suit.
  • Replied in see the review
    Page 12 of the review gives a pretty good demo of continuous AF capability of the RX100mk4
  • It's currently $899 on Amazon US. 105000 yen - $865 on Amazon JP

  • Once again, as with the M3, Canon are virtually giving away the EVF with the G3X. On the camera+evf kit is only $16 more than the camera alone. Even after adding VAT, I could import a G3X ...
  • Yep - price on for the G3X kit including EVF is only 2,000 Yen ($16) more than the camera alone.

  • You should read the first line of this Looking forward to seeing the G3 X and RX10 II reviews
  • Here's the studio comparison ...
  • The II looks a little better at 1600.  Less artifacts. That's funny, she asked me not to tell you she bought a new handbag...
  • But the price is relevant to anyone buying it now The G3X may well fall to FZ1000 prices in a year, or less.  But right now the G3X looks expensive compared to the FZ1000 - if you want one today. M ...
  • And for some, the 'winning feature' will be a constant F2.8 lens For others, 4K and video capability Unfortunately there is no perfect camera yet. We want F2.8 and 600mm and 4K  :-)
  • Thanks for that. I am sure I looked at that before, but clearly just didn't spot it. Not that many. Be interesting to see how it performs AF wise in conditions where a decent number of AF points ...
  • Well the average DSLR + a lens covering a similar 25-400 range (e.g. Sigma 18-250) is still a bigger beast than a FZ1000 But the SL2 will be interesting if and when it appears. ...
  • of course - but the poster's point was justifying the EVF cost on the basis it would be used on subsequent bodies. But its even worse if having bought the DC1 you feel compelled to buy a DC2 to ...
  • Except that in the not too distant future, by the time you buy a replacement for the G3X, EVFs will likely double again in resolution and/or in refresh rates, and the Canon EVF will be looking ...
  • Perhaps I haven't looked far enough, but I can't find any mention of how many focus points the RX10 II has. Most camera specs mention this.  But I can't find it anywhere for the RX10 II Anyone know?
  • Its weird isn't it. What reason do Canon have for suddenly doing this? Its not like they don't know how to deliver a higher FPS. And not when the competition give you 14fps RAW with a similar 1" ...
  • The prices Canon tries to charge for them, their lens hoods should come with a free camera...

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