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  • Not sure if it is a standard or preference, I don't believe video should be any different than photos a person has a style of shooting or preference and either you like it or you don't. If we shot ...
  • Replied in Look to Fuji
    Very nice images.. Thanks for sharing... I did order the X-t1 , will be here in a couple of days !! Thanks
  • Replied in Look to Fuji
    Wow.. Thank you for the info !! and the shots are great !!very well done ...
  • Replied in Look to Fuji
    Those are very nice shots !! 6400 looks good
  • Replied in Look to Fuji
    No Problem !! I will need something to perform better in low light situations, I don't have a problem doing portraits with the GX7 as I have and they look great.. The Panny's main area of lack is ...
  • Replied in Look to Fuji
    A building where people come to do studio controlled shoots, I currently shoot events such as car show for local car clubs (make posters and t shirts for them).. Mirrorless As I stated in my ...
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    Thanks...  I have owned Sony FF and the 5d3 (shot the the 5d3 for about 3 years).. I do prefer mirrorless.. Had the Sony a7 but  limitations (lenses, I did have an adapter for A mount but then you ...
  • Created discussion thread Look to Fuji
    I have plans to open a studio, my main gear right now is Panasonic, But I have had interest in adding specific gear for portraits, I do landscapes and some low light concerts as well. I have not ...
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    The car in the 3rd shot is a 2014 Camaro with door mod. I would agree wit the pad being a bit high (but after a couple of times I got and it seemed ok ) I was shooting all day with it and it took ...
  • I had the k-7 and (k-10), moved to away now shooting the 4/3 system, I do want a FF and waiting to see what Pentax comes with, but in the mean time I have seen some really good deals on the k-3... ...
  • Created discussion thread Question regarding the K-3
    I am thinking of adding a K-3, I plan on doing studio portraits and we as some landscapes. Is this the right choice ? Thanks for your input !!
  • Created discussion thread GX8 samples
    These are from a local car show.. GX8 & 12-35 2.8 this one has a slight hdr. All shots are .jpg
  • No issues at this point, I will however put it to some heavy use on Monday need to shoot a car show, stills and video !!
  • I would agree, I have a major car show coming up on Monday about 1500 cars in which I am in charge of the image / video capture and I am looking forward to shooting with the gx8..
  • I am have fun with my GX8 it is a fun camera to shoot !! In fact it is EXCITING !!

  • This became lively for sure !! All In All this is what I believe anyone of us should use the gear that number one, helps you make the best image for you. If you don't become somewhat of a (loose ...
  • I whole heartily can recommend the GX8 (for stills for sure) I have the GH2 as well and it is relegated to the photo booth camera only !!... Happy Shooting !!
  • Those shots are .Jpg straight out of the camera only cropped to upload !!  I turn off NR and do not let the camera sharpen ( I prefer to do in post).. Thanks
  • Hey Dean... I too have lost images (not that many though) that is a bummer... I wish I could tell you if the Red tail is alive or dead.. But then that would take the mystery out of it !! J/K.. It ...
  • I hope to have a few portraits done very soon... I too want to see the results, actually I have no problem doing portraits (I have sold them) with my GX7. I have made some images with manual focus ...
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