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On Nikon D810: A sport photographer's impressions article (226 comments in total)

I echo ScottRH below. This write-up, while interesting, reads a bit like an advertisement. Nowhere were the D810's shortcomings mentioned. E.g. why purchase a D4S?

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On DPReview Reader Showcase: The beautiful game article (47 comments in total)

There's a lot of talk about how mirrorless now have autofocus as good as SLR's. But there seems to be lots of big white lens' on the sidelines.
What's state of the art for sports photography these days?

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Dave Luttmann: Too much time is wasted on comparing ridiculously high iso ratings that make up such a minute amount of where photographers normally reside. There must be a small underground movement of people producing 20x30 landscape, street, or portraiture at 100,000 iso that I must be missing.

They were probably saying a similar thing about ISO3200 ten years ago.

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On Rumors hint at pair of new Canon lenses article (54 comments in total)
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macjonny1: Canon, no one cares about these boring lenses. Maybe do something innovative instead of a MK II version of a lens that is just fine the way it is. Spend your resources getting out of the obsolescence that you seem to be heading at light speed.

I was considering the EF-S lens but the sacrifice in aperture does matter.
IS means naught for, e.g, astrophotography.

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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (629 comments in total)

12fps in jpeg. Anyone know what does it does in RAW & buffer size? thx

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Eleson: So , as a fast action shooter, how does it stack up against the alternatives?

It depends how the AF works. No. of points is a small part of the picture

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On Pressy gives your Android phone an extra button post (23 comments in total)
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joe6pack: What took Pressy so long??? This article belongs in 2013!

They got pwned by Xiaomi MiKey, costing just $0.79!

No doubt Xiaomi copied their design. But then, it is hard to say if Pressy's idea is original or not. After all, controls using 3.5mm plug has been around for quite some time.

thanks joe 6 pack for completing the article.

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On Photographing bubbles, one bubble at a time article (76 comments in total)

Great work.
With 4k vid coming out, I guess we'll be seeing all types of stuff like this soon (frame grabs)

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On Nikon D610 Review preview (327 comments in total)
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Lucas_: IMHO it's outrageous to give a Gold Award and an 87% note to this camera and Silver with 80% to the fantastically innovative Sony A7 ( not to mention the A7R, which is clearly at another level and got Gold / 82%! ). It's about time DPR realizes that their reviews "conclusions" have actually become a joke! I can appreciate the level of camera features/controls details and specs they cover ( which IMO is the good value of the review ), but I've learned to just don't care at all about their final conclusions ( sometimes hilarious ) and rating!

Surprising that a camera that is based on a 2012 model is such highly rated. I thought ratings were relative to today's (2014) technology?
I'll be interested to see what the EOS 1200D gets, which is essentially a rebadged EOS 550D.

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (627 comments in total)

This review is not as thorough as we're used to seeing from DPR. For example, no comment about OVF Autofocus tracking performance (is it the same as the 7D minus the two modes?)
How about the movie resolution quality. I heard it's majorly lacking compared to, say, a GH3. No mention from DPR.
Too highly focused on the new DP AF I feel.

(However, it's great how you can click on the IQ commentary and the widgets then display accordingly).

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2143 comments in total)
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IZO100: This review before the Canon 70D ? Why ?

What is the market share of this toy again ??

It would be interesting for DPR to segregate such reviews into performance by photographic subject, e.g. sports/wedding/landscape/macro (etc) performance compared to competition. Comparing MILC v APS-C would be interesting in this format.

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Lovely lights, but perhaps he could have searched for a more pleasing foreground.

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On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1333 comments in total)

Thanks DP Review. This is the first site I've seen with thorough testing of the DPAF system and fast primes. It seems good things take time.

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On Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Review preview (333 comments in total)

Dubious focusing in low light wide open is nothing new.
Canon's older primes provide inaccurate focus in low contrast situations. (From my experience: EF 85 1.8, EF 50 1.4, EF 50 1.8).

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Thanks DPReview. I would never have seen this review if it wasn't posted by you. And well done on a great website.

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On Just Posted: Nikon D4 Studio Test Samples article (330 comments in total)
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marike6: Lest anyone think any of the other cameras expect the D3s can compete with the D4, put the crop square on the girls face on the right and switch to ISO 12800, then 25,6000 and watch the images particularly from the two Canon's fall apart.
No camera can compete with the D4 at high ISO (expect the D3s) and this will not change with the 5D MK III.

Truly impressive.

Side note, am so glad I ordered the 85 1.8G with the D800.

How can you know this will not change with the 5D MK III? As dpreview and others state, forst impressions are extremely positive with the 5D MKIII. Whatever, these noise differences are not going to make or break your photographic career.

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Suggestion to DPReview: would be helpful if the sensor size was indicated in the leading paragraphs, so we can quickly determine the probable IQ and target market of new compacts - Thanks.

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Not to mention the tone, but any letter that uses capitalisation for emphasis is hard to take seriously. Why on earth did the photographer bother to spend, what must have been at least half an hour, to craft up a response?

Having said that, it is completely irrelevant to the customer what the service providers costs are. Does a business' costs or revenue command a certain asking price? No way. Only the end product does (and market forces).

I'd expect the wedding photographers results justify her price though.

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