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Just out of curiosity, what does this cost? I cannot afford one but would like to know.

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JEROME NOLAS: Why do they still make them?

LOL, I live in Asia and travel extensively. I have never seen one in the stores here. Never been to Singapore, or Japan, but I think they have a Pentax following there. And I go to allot of the high end shops to browse. Not only that but Pentax is now disappearing from the sales shelves. This year i have seen it slip even farther. I used to see some K-r's in stores like Big Camera in Thailand.
But they are now stocking a good supply of Nikon Canon Olympus. I did see a Ricoh for the first time the other day.

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I have a K-5 and it is a POS. I am actually using a K-x now. It outlasted the K-7 which was a POS and the K-5 which was a horror story.
LOL, what a muster cluck.

Although I will buy one. Which makes me an idiot also. Good glass though.

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LOL, I am glad I bought a Sigma 500mm f-4.5 two years ago for Pentax mount. I have been looking at the Pentax board and they were saying 2500-4500 dollars.... I bought a used Canon 500mm f-4 L IS for 5,600 dollars, two years old and used a dozen times. Get the vaseline and Bend over Pentxians.

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Gkpm: Stupidest idea I've heard all year. We carry phones already, just need cameras that communicate with them.

Absolutely no need for cameras to become phones, just more time wasted with an extra platform to setup, keeping up to date and worry about security.

You know I am 60 and just getting into this kind of stuff. I think it is kinda cool. I love the idea. Don't think it is quite there yet, but in 5 years I think this and more will be the norm.
I just got the Nexus 7 and really like it. My first tablet. And I love Jellybean OS.

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alexeyga: Hey Pentax boys, why don't you enlighten the public what's the point in WR if all the best Pentax lenses (like 31LTD, 43LTD, 77LTD) are not WR-ed?

And why would anybody want to invest into Pentax DA* lenses that are actually WR-ed, but come with the SDM AF mechanism that is prone to failure?

This guy is nuttier than my mom's fruitcake. One of the guys that brings a knife to a baking cook off. Unfortunately uninformed as he is. It is a cult mentality. Kinda scary.

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CameraLabTester: Pentax used to be running with Champions in the film era.

I wonder what happened...


Pentax users please don't get upset and blow your top. Truth hurts.

It used to be a very very good brand of a camera.


Heie2, this guy is a joke. The only camera that is not a POS is the K-x and Maybe the K-30. or the K10d. I did not own them. The others were horrible against the competition.
Fanboys like this is what gets new consumers in trouble and makes them choose the wrong brand. Fanboyism is not a good thing in my opinion. It is a physiological disorder of some kind. Stupidity is ramp-id here this guy is a prime example.
Back to the K-30. If the AF is FIXED which I doubt. And reports have pretty much confirmed it is pretty bad against the competition. Then it is a winner. That will come out in a short time. With testing.

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Revenant: I find it rather amazing, that the announcement of this Pentax superzoom has generated more comments than the Nikon Android compact, and more than ten times as many comments as the simultaneously announced Olympus superzoom. We've seen so many of this kind of camera, from Fujifilm, Panasonic, Canon and others. What is it about this one that got people talking?

Sadly, Pentax kinda reminds me of the now defunct Kodak. It is headed down the same road IMO. A giant that has now fallen and never to return to its previous glory.

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johnmcpherson: I cut my teeth on Kodak film. Ektacrome, Tri-X 400, Kodachrome, Kodak paper, Kodak IR film. Developing my own; color and black & white, film and paper. "It was magic."

Nothing in the digital world compares, or even comes close to the magic of those days. And I mean nothing. For those of you who have never watched a print "come up" under red light you have no idea...

There is something about film and paper. It's intangible yet it's there. They just look more real, better, or surreal if that's what you were after. I can't describe it but the artist in me knows and knows when it's missing. And, it's always missing from digital. Maybe it's the analog vs digital phenomenon; I don't know but it is real and; I miss it.

And I will miss you Kodak.

This is not the last of your problems Kodak; you are heading down a slippery slope. I doubt if you will even exists at the end of this decade.

What a shame.


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I was hoping Ricoh would take Pentax into a more quality camera. Wait until the replacement for the k-5 comes out. But it does not look good. Ricoh is in financial trouble. I know that, but was hoping buying Pentax would help Pentax. I am not so sure now.

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On Editing on the road article (114 comments in total)

I live an photograph in Asia most of the time now. I have seen tours like this come in. I am not a tour operator. But I know all the wildlife local tour operators.

An incredible wast of money, but people pay for organized tours. Amazing.
As for the equipment. Just buy a cheap laptop with USB 3. Only if you need a new one. And a cheap backup drive. There is nothing in this article that even remotely touches on the way to travel to get and save the best photos. Except go on the tour?

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Wow, what is the name of that martian bird in the first pic.

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On Roger Cicala investigates Canon's AF marketing claims article (89 comments in total)

Wow, the 7D is behind the new rebel...

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Nmphoto: A good photographer can take a good photo with anything. All you people who think you need the best gear, get ready to hang your heads in shame.

What nonsense. I started with the cheap glass. And never was satisfied. Professional glass works. It is truly amazing. I wouldn't buy that lens for birding on a bet. I bet on a heavy crop it would be a muster cluck. And that is being kind.

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Pentax is dead. For the next 5 years at least.

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On Concert Footage from Nokia 808 Pureview article (266 comments in total)

You know I have an old Motorola phone I have had for 10 years now. I retired and don't even carry one with me anymore. But this is the first thing I think I will buy that is a phone also. Hummmmm I swore I would never have another phone after 30 years carrying one daily for work.
So I am in... :)

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I have two Sigma lenses one is good the other is good? But it took 6 months and 4 trips to the service center to fix AF problems. For me. It would be easier to buy and spend more and not have to worry about it. Sorry Sigma it might be the best thing since sliced bread but you burned the bridges for me.

There press release should read:

For more than 50 years, Sigma Corporation’s expertise and innovation has driven the company’s core philosophy of “knowledge, plus experience, plus imagination,” with an emphasis on producing sorry-quality, crummy-performance photographic technology at moderate prices.

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kodachromeguy: So will we now see thousands of these Rebels equipped with the low-cost high-f-stop zoom at resorts in Mexico, kid' softball games, the high school musical, JoeJoe's birthday party, and Buffy's wedding?

That damn JoeJoe didn't invite me again... ?

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On Canon issues product advisory for PowerShot S100 article (49 comments in total)

I just looked at the reviews on Amazon. What a dog. Glad they did the right thing.

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On Canon significantly improves EOS 7D with firmware v2 article (296 comments in total)
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Zafar Kazmi: Ha ha ha. Canon does not have a new sensor ready, so it is buying time with firmware refresh!

Nevertheless it is a commendable move. Instead of slapping a new camera on users with meaningless changes, this firmware while extending 7D life, does not leave existing 7D owners in cold.

I hope that they follow this trend on other cameras too.


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