Barry Pearson

Barry Pearson

Lives in United Kingdom Stockport, United Kingdom
Works as a Retired computer systems engineer
Joined on Sep 24, 2005
About me:

Photographic qualifications: LRPS, CPAGB

My websites require no registration, are non-commercial, and free of paid-for advertising.

I have no commercial or contractual relationship with digital photography companies, other than paying for the use of their products.

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  • I have a Panasonic LX100 as my carry-around camera. It has a manual cropping mode. It is convenient to be able to see the chosen crop in the EVF.
  • Here is a page that links to tests that I have performed, and also links to tests that a number of other people have performed:
  • Same here. Having the option really is customer-friendly, isn't it? A lesson to others.
  • Replied in libraw > DNG
    DNG SDK is nearly all source code and is free to use. Adobe want people to use and support DNG!
  • HowaboutRAW: "Elements has a much more limited Camera Raw than PhotoShop or LightRoom."

    I know. But how does it compare with other cheap or free raw converters? The options are less, but the basic...

  • By default it uses lossless compression. Pretty much the same compression that Canon used for CR2 .
  • Lots of 3rd party software can handle DNGs for cameras for which they don't support the raw files! That software is then able to support converted DNGs from when the DNG Converter itself becomes ...
  • I've probably published more on this topic than anyone else in the world outside Adobe. I started soon after it was launched, although I haven't published much in the last year or two. (As my ...
  • Replied in I bet...
    The DNG Converter can be used with other software too. Lots of raw converters accept DNGs.
  • There is also Photoshop Elements which is far cheaper and not-subscription and has a raw converter.

    Or am I missing something?

  • @Stanchung: "Think about students and hobbyists & retirees who really don't want to pay into it for a lifetime."

    I'm a retiree and hobbyist who subscribes to the full CC. (Not just the Photography...

  • This whole thread is really about micro-economics and business models for software, but applied to software that just happens in this case to be about photography. Clearly, if things are a lot more ...
  • Why does Adobe prefer people to subscribe to CC? If it is because subscribing customers end up paying more , that is equivalent to saying that buying customers on average pay less . In which case, ...
  • If Adobe is getting more revenue per customer from the leasing version, why should those paying less revenue as a result of the buying version expect equal treatment? Surely the expectation would ...
  • I know the name of the law: Sarbanes-Oxley Act . What I don't know is whether it really has the claimed effect or is an excuse or something else.
  • How about: Instead of thinking of the CC version as expensive, just to get unpredictable updates, think of the standalone version as cheaper, for people who don't care about unpredictable updates. ...
  • BitsPerSample might be (say) 14. But that will be stored in a 16-bit unsigned integer if SampleFormat =1. (Or a larger integer if there are more than 16 bits). The reason for not carrying through ...
  • Camera makers' raw file formats are typically (not always) based on TIFF or TIFF/EP. TIFF/EP, and I think TIFF, pack their image data into multiples of bytes. Below are the valid formats for ...
  • Chapter 3 of the DNG specification: BitsPerSample Supported values are from 8 to 32 bits/sample. The depth must be the same for each sample if SamplesPerPixel is not equal to 1. If BitsPerSample is ...
  • Whether or not it theoretically has to be, in the case of DNG for typical cameras it is 16-bit. (There are exceptions). Then the results is typically losslessly compressed. I suspect that ...
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