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On article Studio tests and samples: Leica SL (beta) (729 comments in total)
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Langusta: OOOOPS...another overpriced marketing bubble.
A7 or even E-M5II (especially with pixel shift) perform similar / better.
That is unless red dot is must-have.

Sorry comment was directed at Stu and others that claim no weather sealing

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On article Studio tests and samples: Leica SL (beta) (729 comments in total)
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Langusta: OOOOPS...another overpriced marketing bubble.
A7 or even E-M5II (especially with pixel shift) perform similar / better.
That is unless red dot is must-have.

Look forward to a video of you running your Camera under water

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On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1409 comments in total)
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Carbon111: Nice little "Mini S"...with a price to match. ;)

The *specs are fantastic* and, from all accounts, the body is robust and heavily weather-sealed (as are the lenses). Extremely fast autofocus, possibly faster than anyone at this point.
This is definitely a professional tool, not a consumer camera.
The MTF charts for the native 24-90 look superb.

If this lives up to the specifications, the price seems reasonable to me.
Compare the specs of a EOS-1D C...then compare the price.

Would love to shoot with one.

Few buttons and dials , have to access Via Touch screen ?
How do I do that on the Beach in Florida , with a Hoodman ? but wait I cant see the screen and adjust at the same time Touchscreen screams Consumer. Need a Joystick to adjust with EVF.

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Vafaculo Constosito Di Merdia: typical sony mkIIs are what mkIs should have been in the first place.
what do you get for 3500 euros?
bodies that are not weather resistant, mediocre focus performance, lenses that are in every comparison chart bellow the competition (no wonder why adapters such as metabones etc are sooo widely sold), really bad colour rendering, and disappointment upon firmware upgrades.

the only reason I would consider this model in the high ISO and some distant promise that I can use my a-mount lenses (given I ll use an official adapter).

why do I have to pay the license fees for 4k video which I ll only take accidentally if I press the button in the dark once or twice?

why not a digital back modular design so I can keep the housing and just upgrade the digital back?

its not a pro video model but the price is of one!

I wish those who will buy it, endless fun and get really nice pictures!
Now post us you video of you doing that with your Camera , and that was the first A7,

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sirok: Forget more MegaPixels . Here is Inovation that will make its way to Sony Cameras

Never said Sony bought the license, But if they are collaborating on it I'm sure they plan on using it.

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Forget more MegaPixels . Thats easy, Here is Innovation Sony is working on that will trickle down

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Forget more MegaPixels . Here is Inovation that will make its way to Sony Cameras

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On Sony SLT-A77 II Review (522 comments in total)
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andy1331: I think DPReview is a bit too regaled/pampered/spoiled (*) from the products that Sony came up with during the last years and had very very high expectation. Because if you just review the facts and compare with comparable competition it should have eailiry a gold reward. For example I tested (and finally bought) this a77II and also tested a EOS 70D. The a77II was far better in almost every aspect (or at least similar) but he 70D gets a higher score from dpreview.
I think that the expectation were a bit to high. It's not that ultimate miracle wapon that beats a 4DS or 1DX for 15% of the price but compared to other 1000 € APS-C bodies out there it is very very exicting.
I love it !

So True I to Remember when AutoFocus was introduced and the "Pros" dissed it . it was a gimmick right ?

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On Sony SLT-A77 II Review (522 comments in total)
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Peiasdf: The only thing I like about this review is the cheerleader on the last page. The camera is so meah I don't think it deserve an award.

Back when A77 & A65 was coming out, DSLT sounds exciting with all the advantage of PDAF, EVF and none of the slowness associated with EVIL/mirrorless. 4 years later, the best EVIL/mirrorless camera from each brand can all match DSLT in speed while DSLR extends it lead in IQ. Frankly I don't see a point with DSLT anymore.

DSLR extends its lead in IQ . Really Dude ? have any info/ links to back that up ?

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Well whatever you get from the Interview one thing he Is definitely correct about "However I get the feeling that users in the US don’t really take a liking to small cameras. That’s just my sense. " .Only in the USA ,Big Cars for their Big Butts ,Big Macs ,Big everything Gotta have a big Camera, if you do not have a big Camera hanging around your Neck , your not a Pro. and really? Feeling and Sense , not Market Research ?

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blink667: If Mirrorless could catch up to FF DSLR AF speed, it might happen. But companies like Nikon and Canon and their wealth of excellent lenses at a third of the price of either Sony or Fuji are enough of a reason for many to buy DSLR.

Here you go

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Just a Photographer: I see posts of DSLR lovers that remind me of the days when digital photography was still pretty new.

All those people with analogue SLR's laughed at those people that bought a Digital SLR like the Canon D6 instead of an analogue SLR.

Analogue photography would always rule and would always be better then any digital camera. Was the word back then by all those people that shot with analogue SLRs.

Look at now a mere 10 years later. Only very few people still buy an analogue SLR. Nearly every camera that is sold is a digital camera.

The same will happen again.

MILC will outsell DSLRs in 10 years time.
I am pretty confident about it when I look at the current sales volumes.
We see a growth in sales of MILC cameras (+18%) over a decline of sales in DSLRs (-33%) already over 2014.

So true I remember when Autofocus made its appearance to,
The Pros would say , I don't do autofocus its a gimmick , its for amateurs . The Same attitude went for Zoom Lenses and Auto metering

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kevin_r: Price of Sony A77II is now only $998 with instant $200 rebate at Adorama.
So if anyone is new to DSLRs or wanted to switch anyway, there's an equally appealing camera for the same money. Just doesn't have a touch screen.

wrong Twhip the A77 screen is highly articulating and just does not tilt.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review (1308 comments in total)

Interesting the older verses the newer

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review (1308 comments in total)
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rob asnong: With the latest firmware, the Sony A77 MkII surpasses all competitors:

you'll be waiting a long time as theA77ii Camera was released long ago and still no review or even a mention of the new software update here even though its a Kiss ass Camera the only thing the same as the A77 is the body all the guts are new

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On article Tune in to DPReview Live this Thursday and Friday (238 comments in total)
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Jeff Keller: Just an FYI but we've added Ricoh's John Carlson to the schedule at 11am PDT (2000 GMT).

Nice thanks Jeff after this is over it would be nice if you could segment the interviews so we can listen to them individually since we cant scrub through the timeline to pick out a particular one. Thanks

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On Preview:canon-eos-7d-mark-ii (2696 comments in total)
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sheckwel: I disagree is most comments, I think this camera has vast improvements over the original 7D, I didn't test and put my hands ON on the 7d II but am pretty sure it's speed, responsiveness , handling are going to be terrific, it;s aim to be an APS C size Pro camera (How some folks say why it's not full frame) It's never going to be full frame, it's aim to be for sports, actions, wildlife shooters who need more reach because of it's 1.6 crop sensor, it's AF is going to be outstanding, others folks are complaining about 10 FPS is low (you will not going to get $6799 camera like the 1D X specs on a $1799 camera) Thanks they didn't put smartphone features on the 7d like WIFI/touch, crappy swivel, theses features means less weather sealing and since the 7d II is going to be used for most actions/wildlife shooters, they are going to need a tough metal camera!
If you really need 4K or you want to act like a Pro videographer go get the 1d C with only $15.000 or new 2014 smartphones :-)

Why buy a 1Dc when you can get the SonyFS7 with better specs at 1/3 the price. 4K is the future. jump on board

Posted on Sep 20, 2014 at 22:30 UTC
On Preview:canon-eos-7d-mark-ii (2696 comments in total)
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Scottelly: Wow. Canon finally catches up to the Sony A77 . . . almost. Oh wait . . . this thing doesn't have a fold-out screen, does it?

So True, Try to catch up . and the attitude on this Forum is , If Canon did not put in there its because I you don't need it.

Posted on Sep 20, 2014 at 13:25 UTC
On Preview:nikon-df (2792 comments in total)
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Gentleman Jim: What is wrong with some variety in the world of cameras?
This camera will never appeal to some applications, such as Sports or News Photography, as the essential element in these is high speed accurate reproduction of fact.
This camera, like Leicas and Fuji X-Pros etc, is designed to make you think about the process of taking each frame. Fixed function dials go along with the mind-set of taking pride in adjusting a precision instrument and they are also clear to read or adjust without resorting to pages of soul-less menus and multi-function soft buttons.
Retro looks are something that people either love or loath. If you hate the idea of a camera that harks back to the 60s or 70s then you will never buy the Df, end of story.
But there are many people for whom using this camera should feel rather like ‘coming home’ and that feeling makes a camera a real pleasure to use, which aids the creative process. Some people who think like this are actually pretty good photographers too.

So true ,, My old Minolta 7d (no video)is a joy to use with all the buttons and dials . you can look through the viewfinder and feel your way around the buttons/dial and change parameters without having to take you eye away and try to dig through LCD menus in the bright sun with a hoodman. If you did not grow up with film you wont get it . What would all these" PROS" wannabees do today without IBIS/AF.etc.
Go ahead ,I dare you ,Tape up your LCD and go shoot a wedding or sports or whatever ,see what you get. See what your success rate is. Got the stomach for it ?
This is a nice Cam , not for me but I like it.

Posted on Nov 6, 2013 at 01:52 UTC

Sony's moving forward while others are still stuck in the last century with their flapping mirrors. Its a digital future ..The Mirror is gone and the mechanical shutter will go next. Just a matter of time before the processing power is available, affordable.This tech is already used on small compacts.(electronic shutter). And why are these posters jealous that Zeiss has aligned themselves with Sony. Cause Zeiss can see the future too.

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