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On Sony Alpha a7 II Review preview (837 comments in total)
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jkokich: Forgive what may sound like a stupid question (there are those), but why is there shutter sound, at all? (Serious question, even if stupid).

because of the shuttersound

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MPA1: Useless high ISO in RAW.

take a IBIS-camera and keep ISO low

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Beat Traveller: Meh. I've tried to use MIT's MOOC stuff before, from the neuroscience courses, and I found it to be massively over-hyped. It's basically just the slides, lecture notes and references from each course: material that costs them nothing extra to produce because they put it up for the students anyway.

Without more detailed explanations it's useless as a learning tool. You might as well borrow a textbook from a public library.

also good


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On Nikon Coolpix P340 real-world samples gallery article (37 comments in total)
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naththo: My Canon Powershot Pro1 can do a lot better colours than that!

try Nikon A

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On Olympus Stylus SH-1 real-world samples gallery article (61 comments in total)
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alexisgreat: Why dont manufacturers make these cameras with 1/1.8" sensors? The camera would be only slightly larger and it would have much less noise. If Fuji can make a 1000mm camera with a 1/2" sensor, surely Olympus can make a 600mm camera with a 1/1.8" sensor or even a 1/1.7" sensor. Heck, Fuji also makes a 630mm camera with a 2/3" sensor!

take a look at Stylus 1

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On Olympus Stylus SH-1 real-world samples gallery article (61 comments in total)
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alexisgreat: The Image Quality would be a lot better if the sensor was 2/3" and resolution was around 8 MP

take a look at XZ 2

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On Olympus Stylus SH-1 real-world samples gallery article (61 comments in total)
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alexisgreat: Basically give this camera the Olympus C-8080 sensor (2/3" 8 MP) or C-7070 (1/1.8" 7 MP), both CCD, I hate CMOS....... and a lens to fit either of those sensors, and we're good to go ;-) wouldn't mind the feature set of those cameras either- it's sad that cameras from 10 years ago are a lot more advanced than the ones today.

compare a photo with ISO800, this camera has 600mm!

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Handling the Sensorreadout selectiv in one single shot is already implemented in HDR-Bulb in E-M10 (first time). This Technology was used even in Shaddow-Compensation bevor and will be used for more functions in the future (describt in the Patent). Even ISO-Bracketing already exist.

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dark goob: WANT!!

The slow, loud focusing speed of the existing 20 is its only real drawback. I'll probably keep it and use the other one on dual GH3's to do 3D video.


Where have You red "AF is unchanged"?
AF has changed! Cause of new "in lens" instead "frontfocus" design.

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On Olympus m.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 first impressions and samples article (255 comments in total)
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Infared: The thing I just can't figure out is WHY the champagne color of the Olympus 17mm lens perfectly compliments my Austin-Martin Silver Panasonic GX1 camera body...but matches nothing Olympus??? :-)

have a look at P3 or PL5 in silver ;)

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On Updated: DSLR and Lens Buying Guides article (44 comments in total)
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Airless: Consumer level DSLRs don't have any advantage over mirrorless at the same price point, they have some differences sure like optical finders but to call that an "advantage" is fanboyish to the extreme, there are just as many disadvantages with an optical finder and generally the only people who prefer optical are some of those who were already used to it before trying EVF.

NEX, EOS M, and Nikon 1 have PDAF, and they all let you use DSLR lenses with autofocus via an adapter, M4/3 has a pretty deep native lens selection too, and referring to "the option of full-frame" is irrelevant because that is a totally different price level and different type of buyer. Nobody's debating between a NEX-6 or a D800.

your post is complete inaccurate as EOS-M dont match NEX6 speed nor do D3100, D3200 or 1100D with Kit-Lens:
they are blown away by Lumix, PEN or NEX esp. while useing the display or video
for sport etc. just use burst mode with 8 pics/second
and.. nearly all good DSLR prime-lenses are made for FF actually using only 1/2diameter if you print 4:3

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Chaitanya S: Pen lite looks more like Pen(non lite) series cameras from previous generation.

As Oly-Manager stated in a interview: there will be a PEN with Viewfinder integrated (it`s not exclusive for OM): I think they will save (tradationally) the Best for the JapanTradeShow.

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On Samsung releases 12MP EX2F 'Smart Camera' article (370 comments in total)
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Knight Palm: Great feature set of this new Samsung camera. If I remember correctly, Samsung recently started with compressed RAW, previously raw was uncompressed and made the camera slow in buffering/handling.

Good to see the progress with BSI-CMOS, this time reaching 1/1.7" size. Previous record was held by Fujifilm at 1/2" size. But how much better will BSI-CMOS in Samsung EX2F be compared to Canon's traditional FSI-CMOS in S100?

Interesting test comparison ahead to watch the sensor technology progress!

X10 has 2/3" means 1/1,5" Sensor means bigger than EX2

but size isn`t all...

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On Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 review article (577 comments in total)
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The Silver Fox: I'm sold on the OM-D and will buy one next month. While I plan to invest in several of the primes, I will also get an Oly zoom lens for general purpose shooting. But I'm unsure which kit lens to go with. Any suggestions?

I understand that the 12-50mm 1:3.5-6.3 is weather-sealed, which is a great thing to have for travel. However, both the 14-150mm 1:4-5.6 and the 40-150mm 1:4-5.6 R are equally compact, with 3 times the zoom capability. Coming from SLR's, I'm new to m4/3, so I'm free to invest as needed. Though I've been taking pictures since a wee lad, I'm a relative newcomer to serious photography, and an out-and-out newcomer when it comes to m4/3. So, any help would be appreciated.

or just wait for pany f2,8er zooms

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On Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 review article (577 comments in total)
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Ace Disgrace: I want to invest and get the NEX-7 but this review have made me think again. In controlled lighting the Olympus wins. How does this MFT OMD EM5 compare with APSC NEX-7 in real world shooting?
Thanks in advance. Congratulations to OLY for a job well done.

very good idea: steve huff photo will help you

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On The Mirrorless Camera article (2 comments in total)

New ILC-M are full of ADVANTAGES! because:

most important for taking a picture is: have a cam with you (hwo wants to carry a ugly+bulky DSLR 24/7 at holiday)

ILC-M uses the same sensor with now thaster AND more exactly focus you get (more) better pictures

latest (Touch-)Displays working fine even in brightness and EVF have a BIGGER view AND you can do control/judge picturesettings BEVOR the shot (fiddely with DSLR)

nice Pancake-Lenses and with 4/3 very compact Prime-Lenses and lightweight Tele-Lenses (with SensorShift)

ILC-M there introduced by 4/3 as a further-devellopment from DSLR making high-quality-cams smaller and lighter and easier as 60ty years ago analog PEN and later OM does, as you need new Lenses optimized for LiveView (introduced by Oly) Nikon/Canon decided to melking theire CashCows instead being innovative...

Every serious Photographer hwo has try this new evil-cams wont buy a DSLR for privat use, DSLR only with FullFrame for professional-use still making sence.

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On Reviewed: Sony NEX-5N 16MP mirrorless camera article (195 comments in total)
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msusic: I think one MAJOR negative point should be that Nex simply lacks lenses and upcoming lenses (which haven't been released yet) are quite big an unbecoming of a such small camera.

Nex currently only has a bad kit lens, bad pancake and a huge super zoom.

24mm Zeiss is going to be very big and awfully expensive, 50mm might be ok but it's still relatively big and focal lenght is not interesting at all while 30mm macro is too slow for a prime lens and quite short for a macro lens.

Too bad system cameras rely on lenses ;)

for lens quality just browse i.e. digitalkamera.de

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On Reviewed: Sony NEX-5N 16MP mirrorless camera article (195 comments in total)

Mean the Gold Award Sony has solve the Flangedistance-Problem of the NEX-System:

since this problem is not new and, as formerly discussed, belongs as a construction fault to the body.

Even if You have tested only the Body, You had to use Lenses for testing and at least give a statement about the resulting Problems for the Lenses and what the costumer can expect if buying a Kit (as pictured).

May be the Software do a brilliant job?

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