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Adrian Van: Google the following - Mythbusters Episode 104 to show why all these photos can actually be all True. They examine all the critics with tests. Including reflectors left on moon by astronauts proven true in a laser test. Interesting read. Video of microgravity test also true and not high frame rate film slowed down for moonwalk, as the motion is different than high speed film slowed down. Love watching the Mythbusters show.

Looks like we made it! or at least a few select astronauts did!

Mythbusters, hahahahaha, you made my day, man.

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On article iFixit tears down Sony's new a7R II to find its secrets (290 comments in total)

20 parts for 175$ each, a lot of money for that few parts.

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DVT80111: >$3000 by Christmas for sure.
Black Friday, $2500 possible?

to make it sell, that is one good reason to drop the price.

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Today, the Terrabyte disk is at prices just anyone can afford. A 2 TB external drive cost you 120$, so why the heck would anyone load his pictures to a cloud drive where the owner of the cloud drive can do with them what ever he wants? Beware of Google, it's selling your soul to the devil.

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On article New samples from the Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens (232 comments in total)

$899, almost the double price as the 30mm. What makes that 6mm so expensive?

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Hugo808: 1st prize a Lunar. 2nd prize two Lunars..

If you find a Jerk who buys it, but I doubt that you will find one who will pay much more than a Nex-7.

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chrisfromalaska: It would be nice if the prize was more specific than a Hassleblad camera. Not interested in the Hassy RX100, if that's the "prize" then I'll pass.

If they lend you a Hassy Pro gear for 4 month, that means that the one you get to keep is a wood grip RX100. Why should they lend you a Pro gear if their intents where to give you one for free as a prize? Think first? Beyond the Pro gear, there is only the RX100 or the NEX-7, they had and have nothing else.

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Kodachrome200: The prize is not a camera the prize is you are loaned a camera and you produce images for hasselblad that i am sure the fine print says they can do as they please with. So the prize is you work for free for hasselbald.

maybe, but certainly not the 50000$ toy.

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mikeber: Isn't the prize one of those Italian designed wood cameras (lunar, or luna?)

they are announced, not the model, but what you get, read it. To enter the book the shots need to be taken with a Hasselblad camera, and the first 10 will get a Hasselblad camera loaned for 4 month. That is what you can win, Hahahahahahaha. Keep that for April 1st.

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ecube: Too bad the contest is limited to Professional Photographer only. Otherwise, I might make a fool of myself.

I can't join the Project//21 either because I am 71, almost 72. I have an excuse for not joining.

That is the "clou". There is no camera you get for prize that will be your's. They lend you a camera for 4 month only. I call that simply scam.

Then what is the "Professional" only game for. Give all people of this world a chance, many amateurs can outperform "Pro's" in just a fraction of a second. The practice has shown that you do not need a 27500$ body and a 10000$ lens to shoot an outstanding picture.

Well, maybe I should buy a Hassy branded RX100 for the fire sale price and make a gooood performance, but just ask myself what I will win, something that will belong to me, like 30000$ for example ..............sic

Hasselblad, stop playing with my Christmas tree.

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princecody: Canon just released this Amazing 5DS R & no rotating screen? Have they lost their mind?

ps: The sensor is made by Sony. Sony also makes the sensor in the Nikon D810 :)

I do not believe that Sony does this one, from what I heard about the results, it is hard to believe that Sony is involved here, for that this sensor is somewhat to "bad".

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"but it's no high ISO champ", what a joke, none of us could ever have imagined that.

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Nikon's collection brick repainted and plated, so all those who have this object in their collection have now one good reason to buy a second one. Second year edition will than get a rosewood grip cover and diamonds on the small buttons I presume.

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On article Price released for Brikk's 24k gold Nikon Df (389 comments in total)
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ljclark: If this was around the first of April instead of around the first of November...

Considering how ugly the Df is anyway, this has got to be one of the best illustrations of "lipstick on a pig".

there are at least 3 billion of humans on this planet who will not agree with you and I can bet on that.

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On article Price released for Brikk's 24k gold Nikon Df (389 comments in total)
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miles green: "Brikk claims to donate a proportion of its profits to 'populations around the world which are suffering', and that 'For each product sold, a specific amount of aid is allocated and distributed to those in need through select NGOs'."

If companies like brikk don't want to avoid all the flaming, it might be interesting for them to elaborate on the sentance above. State that 80% of the price is going to a specific, named charity, then and all is pardoned.

Of course if the aid you're donating is 2%, it's better to keep things as vague as possible...

So what should we assume with a statement as vague as the above?

btw, i'm trying to figure out how many Nikon Dfs my wedding ring could gold plate, at the stated 4 to 5 micron thickness... Probably a dozen? That's quite a markup...

NGO's, that says it all.

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On article Price released for Brikk's 24k gold Nikon Df (389 comments in total)

One more show off item made for those geeks that fly to London in Summer with their golden Ferraris. But I doubt it will take a better picture of their highest building ever built. All it needs now is a rosewood grip and then it sells 100 000.

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On article Canon EOS 7D Mark II: A professional's opinion (502 comments in total)

Voice recording, my Nikon F5 had no voice recording, my Mamiya C330 did not have voice recording, my Hasselblad 500 had no voice recording and my Bronica GS had no voice recording, and all we did with it was shooting pictures. This digital age has brought us many problems as it seems, voice recording....sick, only a few top end cameras in high price range have that. So, blaming an aps-c camera for having no voice recording sounds somewhat stupid.

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On article Canon EOS 7D Mark II: A professional's opinion (502 comments in total)
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JimBob0: Ok, I'm lost. Why is someone who can afford 1DX even bothering to have an opinion on the original 7D? Do we read car reviews about people who own Porsche 911s comparing it to a Ford pickup? "whilst you can put more in a pickup, the Porsche just has that crisper handling that I prefer". Blah blah blah.

Well, try to carry 20 sacs of cement in a 911s, you'll see.

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On article Nikon D750 real-world samples gallery posted (348 comments in total)
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buybuybuy: Some Do's and Don'ts:

Do remember that the samples:
(1) are just for eye-candy.
(2) contain no important discriminatory/distinguishing attributes that may be used as indicators of the performance of a given camera/sensor format.
(3) come with more caveats, asterisks, and footnotes than a typical tax document
(4) are for people to say "Wow, how great the horse is," "Wow, how great Puerto Rico is," and "Wow, how great the D750 is."

(1) use your own mind to form opinions about the camera, including but not limited to high ISO performance and performance in different lighting conditions.

(1) remember that when DPR wants you to have an opinion about a camera, they will tell you your opinion (that's the same thing Nikon told them)

Hope that helps!

What a bunch of sh.. I do never listen to what DPR says, i note there objections and finds, then I look the samples, that I often criticize, since some people there have a bad taste and often the shots are of focus. I get a camera, rent one, and then test it myself and make up my mind. I see then if DPR's criticism is justified, and in more than 95% of all critics it is. After that I shoot my galleries, that are then most much more sharp, show the subject that fits me, and I rework Raw my way. After that, I can say if a camera fits me or not, despite all what just any site or magazine can say aboput it. I shoot MF only, that is why I use Sony's mirroless bodies and a Fuji S5 with a split prism matte in it. Some of those pictures are quiet stunning. Rishi has a way to shoot from very unusual angles of view, probably part of his shooting style. But after, all, good work and tks for the excellent rewiew of the D750.

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WHY is a question that will never find a correct answer. We all are just Humans, initally lettered by H. Now where do we come from, follow the ray of creation that way, YHWH. We all are here on the end of the chain, and none of us can go the way back. Look at it, you are H and the way back is this WHY, you can't go that way, so, do never ask that question as well, WHY is impossible and never gets a sactisfactory answer. We all know much of the world, we know how things work, how they act, but there are not many from which we know WHY they work that way, and if we do, it's just a part of the whole, we will never know the whole. So, consider this question as useless. The effect we live is coming from us, call it "will", and the cause of it is our own personality. We "ARE" thus we think, and 7 billions of people think different, they are individuals, indivisible in their opinion, where for each of them the only one that counts is his own. So, ask then once more, WHY should we care ?

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