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Looks somewhat similar to the old Kata bags. Kata sold out the line to Manfrotto. Manfrotto now sells a version similar to the old Kata design.

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Battersea: Why is the ISO pull up crown impractical? It seems like an elegant solution to adding an extra physical control. What am I missing about it?

I'm sure the lift up ISO dial will be a PIA when trying to see it in low light. Seems like a throw back to the 60s feature.

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Makes me want to dig out my collection of Pentax Takumars. Been in storage since late 60s. Probably loaded with fungus......
Should make for an interesting forum.

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Jim Cook: "One year of experience equivalent to the GS-11 level in the Federal service. "

Yep and this position is a GS12 top end over 100k + the great benefits like you mentioned. Not to shabby!!

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"One year of experience equivalent to the GS-11 level in the Federal service. "

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amazme1: Can't one of you smart people provide the 6.3 link for non-cc users?

They sure as heck buried the d/l link on that page!

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Guess you can't call this an exciting update.......

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POV ??? Oh boy.. NATO, SEATO, BSA, BMW. Where is this acronym residing so I can look it up πŸ˜€

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five5pho: No Aliens, no buy Nikon :)

Must be getting old. I remember when shooting the moon had nothing to do with a camera........

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Bet their gonna buy an eBay 49mm adapter and put that baby on the ole Pentax Spotmatic.....

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OBI656: CaptureOne is a great application for pro photographers however to install CaptureOne and specifically do an upgrade it is absolute pain.

I have NOT seen application in history of Mac computer being so terribly difficult to install and upgrade.

Why they are doing this so difficult for end user is beyond to comprehend.

I've been using C1 on my Mac for many versions and have never had any problems installing or upgrading to newer versions. The auto check looks for upgrades on start up and you simply click on the upgrade. Your browser goes to C1 and you d/l the new one. I usually close C1 while the new ver is downloading and install the new ver. Finder will ask to replace the old version.

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Excellent. Watched the whole presentation.

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Heck... Maybe you get a date w/ Stephanie. :)

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Torresigner: I bought the D610, after several years using the D90... happy years even with a DX format camera.
In just two months with the D610, I had many troubles, several fights with Nikon, two returns, and ONE switch to Canon.
Nikon is history for me. Now I'm happy again.

I know a guy that had a bad 610 right out of the box. Sent it back and the next one sent had the same problem. Neither would auto focus.

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ryan2007: Interesting idea.

Maybe I'll dig out the ole mimeograph machine and do my own publishing. All profit!

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#10 Out of this world!!!!

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I like The one numbered 12, Megachile fortis, Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Sort of looks like it is wearing aviator glasses. :)

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RanReh: I agree with earlier comments about having to use Facebook to access details concerning the Canon workshop programs. That situation is so dumb ! I do not subscribe to Facebook and will not anytime in the future. Canon should be aware that not every person on earth is a Facebook fan.

I also am getting tired of being directed to respond to something by going to facebook and log in. Don't use it and don't want to.

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