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  • Replied in Standards.
    Always funny how you love to call out people who come back with new IDs.... Unless they are fellow race-card users ;)
  • Replied in Standards.
    He wasn't a boy, and it's racist to use that term.  Nor do you know the circumstances of what happened. As for pride and joy, how much pride and joy did that strong-arm robbery of a convenience ...
  • No, there were some attacks on Muslims after 9/11. There were a lot of claims of attacks after 9/11. When any confrontation a Muslim got in, was claimed to be "because they were Muslim". Just like ...
  • And you must be stupid.  You have no idea why I made my comment, and stop caring. zzz... no one cares about your life.
  • It takes up no space, it is just a reference to cloud-based files. Delete it if it offends you, I guess. Otherwise, if you like the band.... it's free. Apple is always behind Samsung, and in due to ...
  • Because in the third reply, I directed him to the proper place to ask his questions. If you miss him, you can always start a thread about him... like Mamallama always does.
  • Way to celebrate the male dominance over women. These women do this because they are forced to, not because they want to. Sad that you support it. Is it because they're all black ? Racist. And your ...
  • Since they are awarded for doing absolutely nothing.... then it should happen while in office. Of course, they'll have to search the golf courses to find him.
  • And that's all before bodies start get throwing under buses. I heard yesterday Obama has committed more troops to fighting Ebola... than ISIS.
  • Be thankful for that. Worse than no moderation is moderation by people on power trips. Rest assured that Simon is always nearby, and will handle situations when it's called for. I like his approach ...
  • The one I'm most involved in at the mo, is a competition waterskiing forum. No interest to anyone here, as most of those who aren't too senile to remember what a boat is,  just sit online arguing ...
  • I thought they were going after Christians.
  • Getting her to the ground in an atmosphere where anything could happen, was his best choice I guess. I have no problem with it, no matter how bad you wish I did. How can I forget something I never ...
  • "you don'e either know anything about that" Boy, you weren't kidding when you said this is the least of education.
  • Lol... AGW is losing it's traction and people have realized what a farce it is. Add that to Barack's complete lack of credibility and it isn't a very interesting "summit". On the plus side... there ...
  • Bingo. I run a forum and my mods are not allowed to act on any threads they are involved in. That just makes it look personal. That's not the case here though, and when I started disagreeing with a ...
  • The rules are vague, and in some places unenforced. If you stayed here in Off-Topic for any amount of time you would quickly see that the troll in your example is quite tame. He may be worse at ...
  • Because old American news is more interesting than current British news.
  • I see you have found where most of the info that you requested already exists.... but in reference to the above.... "likes" are the dumbest forum invention since the troll. Sometimes people have ...
  • Should post that here But in all fairness, in your example, the troll is correct about Bustard ;)
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