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  • I bought a similar adapter to the one you mention. The brand is Pixco, I think the price was 20€ and it came from China. I searched again in ebay but couldn't find it. I think the Fotga adaptrer...
  • I have a Panasonic G1 with the 20mm and the EOS M with the 22mm. Before Canon updated the firmware of the M both lenses focused about the same speed. Now the Canon 22mm is slightly faster, with the...
  • I like it, but I think cutting her eye off the frame distracts too much.
  • DP2 sensor is 1,7 crop, 4,6 megapixels. The lens is 41mm equivalent, The camera has a small pop up flash. DP2M is 1,5 crop, APS-C size, 14,7 megapixels. The lens is 45mm equivalent. No flash, no...
  • Well, that's a pity. I always thought Pentax could make a much better FF camera than a Sony FF NEX  The MILC idea IS better! :D  Don't know, I wished I was wrong (again), but I think a FF Pentax...
  • Not gladly :D but I think they would buy them anyway. If Pentax released a mirrorless full frame camera, Pentax users could buy a 100-150$ adapter to be able to use their existing K mount lenses....
  • They could be used, legacy and K mount lenses with and adapter, so that wouldn't be a huge problem
  • Perhaps you are right, but Olympus did something similar to what I proposed. Their DSLRs couldn't compete in sales with Canon and Nikon, despite being great products. They abandoned the 4/3 mount...
  • DSLR market is a duopoly. It doesn't matter the quality of the product, is all about the brand. K-5 and K-30 are better than their Canikon counterparts, but they are not selling. In my opinion, the...
  • I would like Pentax to release a full frame or APS-C mirrorless camera, with a new mount and a new set of LTD lenses. Weather sealed, magnesium alloy bodies, high quality EVF, and great ergonomy.
  • Sigma has just revived APS-C market. I am sure there is a grat party going on right now in Pentax headquarters.

  • Me too. Give me the Q toy anytime over the other "serious" cameras.

  • You can magnify the view in the screen. Pressing a button in the touch screen toggles between 1x, 5x and 10x view. Very useful for macro and tripod work, not so much for anything else.
  • The EM5 sensor is excellent, and a great improvement over the Panasonic sensor in previous m4/3 models ( I have an E-P3). I don't know if the EOS-M sensor is exactly the same as the one in the...

  • To all people making fun of the EOS-M...do you have one? or are you repeating what some photography gurus are saying in the internets.
    It is an excellent camera, much better that what 90% of...

  • Very nice pictures Marco. A great example of the great IQ a skilled photographer can get with the camera.  Not related to the topic... but could you tell me what kind of table tripod are you using?...
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