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jesus_freak: Sony is marketing this as having "pro-grade" video capabilities, but the usability regarding focus is anything but.

A fly-by-wire manual focusing ring, CDAF, and no touch screen make it difficult to do ANY follow focus/ focus pulling effects (manual or auto).

Heard about WiFi and remote control through smartphone/tablet Apps? No chance of inducing wobble in the process (at least not in the camera ;-)

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Adobes revolutionary new perspective interface in Lightroom 6.5!!!!

Is it a - huge - bug or just a hint of worse conditions to come?

In Lens Corrections, Manual, Transform, You could "level" deviations in horisontal and/or vertical perspective by moving the rulers - i.e. to compensate "tilting lines" in high buildings etc.

There's no horisontal and/or vertical compensation anymore.

The levers now control size in horisontal and vertical direction respectively. Zero is 1:1 width or height, and minus or plus direction only stretches the width or height of the image (with very little perspective adjustment if any - it looks more like minimal rotation). The effect is, that -100 and +100 looks pretty much the same - only stretched... Not quite, what I have been used to in earlier versions.

Adobe is a master in producing new and quite unexpected bugs in parts, that needed no modifications at all, and again-again they forgot to test the application before release.

Back to version 6.3.

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Friday 13, November I downloaded the Mac version (setup.dmg) from the link supplied.

Today I had time to perform installation with a total crash (Lightroom 6), when starting Lightroom, where everything - suddenly - was missing from the menuline. Had to restore from TimeMachine to get back to a working setup.

When I go to the direct download, I'm only offered version 6.2.1 which I already have. And this works - again - after rolling back from my TimeMachine backup (no thanks to Adobe).

How about updating the download page?

I've now lost the last bit of my waning confidence in Adobe.

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DLGW: I bought one a few months ago, after about a week of experimenting I returned it.
Three main complaints:
- Despite being 'USB 3' - the card reader/drive interface isn't, it's terribly slow.
- Not being sure that it's actually copying - nothing is more maddening? Did you just backup my files or not?
- No option to 'read whole card'. The current set up is fine if you just shoot with *one* camera. What if you shoot with several? I can't run the risk of a duplicate file name (no matter how small).

WD hasn't thought of this as a photographers device- the software on it is essentially 'hard drive backup' software.
Hopefully the next generation of this device will correct the serious flaws in this (and they are easily fixed). With a bit of tweaking this could be a 'must have' accessory.

To: Ed Stark:

Aw... eh... still 10 hours left on my flight from Santiago de Chile to Paris, and WLAN is not allowed on this flight.

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I may be blind, but neither manual nor description on WD web page mentions anything about handling and distinguishing between several SD cards, that one may have in use (i.e. first 32GB for main camera, second 32GB for main camera, first 32GB for secondary camera etc.). Files with identical names on different cards are a distinct possibility.

Verification after transfer seems to be shrouded in clouds also.

It would be nice, if WD would describe the handling of multiple SD's in detail.

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The "loony-line" is obviously not intended to be used for anything practical but as a "show-off" amongst billionaires. They are few and far between, so what will Hasselblad do with their existing line? Are they also to be regarded as show with little real substance?

I guess, that very few Hasselblad pro-users would have "thunk", that a new "loony-line" would solve their future needs.

What will be the next big thing in pro tools? Only a Caterpillar in pink and fake gold lametta could top Hasselblads move, and I do not expect that in the near future...

Since I did not expect Hasselblads latest move, I may be wrong on that "tool" front too...

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Jonathan Reed: ThinkTank makes the best bags out there. Worth every penney.

I agree with Goreyo.

I see the same thing at airports all over the world. People WILL NOT read. Even if they read about the weight restrictions, they try to get around them anyway.

I've seen a (european) lady trying to get 20+ kg hand luggage on a domestic chinese flight with max. 5kg (as is standard on all domestic Chinese flights). The same restriction applies to all domestic flights within Brazil, and in a lot of other countries. It applies to all carriers.

It will not be upheld on all flights, but wait till you hear the moans and screams and protests and...

Why use Thomas Cook, when you - at least officially - are allowed any weight on bord EasyJet (as long as you can lift it yourself), up to 23kg - max 2 units - hand luggage on BA (again you must be able to lift it yourself), and for i.e. KLM/AF you are allowed 12 kg, on Iberia 10 kg and most Star Alliance flights 8 kg, 2 x 7kg with Qantas domestic within Australia etc.

It's not even a case of "pay up or shut up" ;-)

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