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On Olympus PEN E-P5 Preview preview (380 comments in total)
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Sad Joe: Unless you HAVE to have the viewfinder this latest Pen is an OM-D KILLER - of course we all know this is the OM-D in all but name. Expected to be some 100's of pounds cheaper I know which I would buy - the whole idea of the format is to enable SMALLER camera/ lens forms - and for most users I would say the new Pen fits the bill. Expect to see the OM-D retail price to begin to fall far and fast - something that up until now it hasn't done....oh and within a few months a MK2 OM-D with a higher MP sensor - shall we call it the OM-D 6 ?

In Germany the price of the OMD has decreased by about 20% since launch. I'd still prefer it over the Pen: It has the EVF built-in and is actually 100€ cheaper than the Pen *without* the add-on EVF (899€ vs. 999€)! I also like the layout more, especially the placement of the on/off switch and the dials. In my opinion the E-P5 would be interesting at 599€; at 999€, it's totally overpriced and superfluous next to the (still almighty) OMD.

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On Apple iPhoto - iOS App review article (26 comments in total)

Could you explain how you imported the images from the iPad onto the Mac so that the metadata from iPhoto was preserved? I used iPhoto a lot on my last vacation, doing light editing, but mostly hiding images that weren’t good enough (without deleting them). However, when I synched my iPad with Aperture, it was treated as a simple mass storage media and Aperture ignored iPhoto completely. All of the nondestructive edits were lost and flags and favorites were just reset.

I had hoped that Aperture would somehow assimilate iPhoto’s database upon synchronizing, but unfortunately I was wrong. Apparently it works for you, though?

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