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On Getting off the ground: Cheap drones for photography article (150 comments in total)
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Adrian Harris: SAFETY (or lack of it) is the one word that springs to mind. I would like drones only to be legal if they have propeller guards fitted.

Spinning props make a nasty mess of the face. I can not believe that companies sell drones without them. I hope the manufacturers of 'guardless' ones do get sued.

PS. I am all for drones, they are a great idea, but choose safety, else all sorts of stupid laws will be forced on us (as if we haven't got enough restrictive laws as it is.).

There is another aspect to safety that needs to be considered. Last week someone who didn't know any better used a drone to take a video of a passenger jet landing at the airport in Vancouver. I think we can all appreciate the consequences if a drone got sucked into an engine. The RCMP are planning to lay charges if they can identify the person.

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On DPReview Reader Showcase: The beautiful game article (47 comments in total)
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paulski66: Wait...under way in Brazil right now? Is the U.S. in it? Crap! Does anyone know if it's televised or anything?!?

If you're close enough to the Canadian border almost all the games are carried live on the CBC. The problem with soccer from the point of view of the American networks is probably that the play goes uninterrupted during each 45 minute half, so there is no opportunity to stick in a billion commercials.

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On In to the bubble photo in Fabiola Viviano's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

You are really an excellent and an imaginative photographer and I am almost glad that you assigned the label "landscape" to this photograph because had you not done so I never would have stumbled on your work. I really love what you do. But that being said I hope you won't be offended by this suggestion: for the benefit of everyone who looks at the online galleries do you think you could try to be more accurate when you assign labels to your images? This one has 14 labels such as "landscape", "house", dog", etc. etc. and almost none of them apply to this truly amazing image.

Most sincerely and respectfully yours,

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On Award-winning wildlife photos capture candid moments article (46 comments in total)
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Omexis: I never knew monkeys could fly on a mat in a snow storm

That's not a snow storm, that's the Orion Nebula!

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I know I'm going to get some negative feedback for pointing this out, but contrary to all the B.S. that every business spouts about the happiness of its customers being its first objective, the first objective of any company is to maximize profit. Photoshop is a very mature product and more and more people are skipping one or two generations because there just aren't enough new useful features being added to warrant the upgrade. At some point in the not too distant future, people may not upgrade at all because feature bloat adds very little in terms of value. So the box sales are a dead end for Adobe; it needs a guaranteed source of income to pay its expenses, which are probably enormous. This is also why Microsoft is moving in that direction with its Office product line. We may not like it, but having Adobe go belly-up in 5 or 10 years isn't desirable either. Adobe is responsible to its shareholders first and to its customers second. This is how capitalism works, end of story.

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here 2 infinity: Just went on the website. It's not there under membership plans. the cheapest is still 19.95 that I could see.

It's not yet available. As mentioned, this is to be launched on Sept. 17, along with Lightroom 5.2.

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On 10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren't Photoshop) article (351 comments in total)

Good helpful article. In following the link to the page comparing Photoshop CS6 to Elements I discovered that Elements really has limited support for 16-bit editing; that's a deal breaker for me. It's not possible to tell from this article which packages are strong in this area and which aren't, so more careful research to be done when the time comes.... which it will, because I WILL NOT get locked into any kind of subscription for my photo editing software.

Another package that MIGHT be worth looking at is Picture Window Pro. I used it years ago before going to Photoshop. It has evolved a lot since then and I will definitely look at it again when I start considering alternatives.

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The poll doesn't address my main concern: losing control over when updates to my software are made.

1. I can't imagine anything worse than being under pressure to get something done and suddenly discovering my software's interface has changed.

2. I don't like the idea of software bloat forcing me to upgrade my hardware when I'd rather put it off.

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It's too bad the new Blackberry wasn't included in this review; it's TimeShift camera setting looks very interesting and no other smartphone has a similar function. I would have been interested to know how the Blackberry's camera compares to these others.

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On 20101012-171851-IMG_3199And2more_tonemapped copy photo in ppage's photo gallery (2 comments in total)
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GregT4Eye: I Really like it! It is a little bit to contrasty for me but killer comp! Gallery material!

Thanks. I agree about the contrast, but whenever I draw it down the image seems a bit dull. I've processed this set of shots at least 10 ways now and I know I'm not done with it yet.

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On PA110681-1 photo in mcabato's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Wonderful shot.

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It seems like the mere announcement of any celestial event pretty well guarantees a few days of rain here in Montreal... sigh....

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On Efood photo in Jainendra Kumar's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Very clever composition; I like this a lot.

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On Photoshop CS6 Beta: New Features for Photographers article (154 comments in total)
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World Peace: How much is this upgrade?

"I don't see a reason why hobbyist should pay for image manipulation tools. ;)
Professionals are other story."

I don't see a reason why I should pay for a car, I only drive it on weekends. ;)

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On Lightroom 4 Review article (469 comments in total)

Does anyone know of a page anywhere that compares the features of Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS5 Extended? I've been looking for such a page on the Adobe site and it might be there, but I'll be darned if I can find it.


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On Happy Holidays from dpreview article (97 comments in total)
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gpandel: How about Merry Christmas when you make your announcements ON CHRISTMAS day or otherwise use another day and call it happy holiday.

You may not realize it, but this site is NOT an American site. It WAS Christmas Day in Europe before it was Christmas Day where you live.

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On Happy Holidays from dpreview article (97 comments in total)

Merry Christmas to everyone at dpReview and to all the contributors to the forums who generously share their knowledge and experience with those of us who struggle to occasionally produce a decent image.

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