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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)
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Homam: can't believe there is so much negativity about this Canon already. It seems you have all forgotten how the old 5d mii revolutionized the market with an only 9-point AF system and until the introduction of nikon d800 according to dpreview it stood as the highest image quality dslr in the market.

What many amateurs seem to ignore is that huge differences exist between a camera's specs on paper and how it handles in real life. When d800 and 5dmiii were out in the market, i shot both for around a month and i had many more keepers from my 5dmiii in terms of color rendition, contrast, and focus accuracy. I found miii much more fun to shoot with and much more photographer friendly. d800's menu is way to complicated to handle.

I suppose a multi-billion dollar company like Canon knows what it's doing. Let's wait till 6d is in the market then we can actually compare the cameras better.

I am a bit disappointed over the 6D, but it's quite funny to see all this rage. When 5D Mark II was announced, there was SO much rage over it. "ONLY 3.9FPS?!?! ONLY 9 AF POINTS?!?" Even the months AFTER launch were filled with rage. "WHY ARE THERE BLACK DOTS!?!?!?"

It was only a year or two later that people started praising the 5D MKII.

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Edmond Leung: Still using pentamirror, too bad!

still larger than the viewfinder magnification of the Nikons.

However, it is disappointing it's actually smaller than the viewfinder of some previous Rebels. I still have my EOS 450D which has a larger viewfinder than the 650D, 0.87x magnification. Some tests claim even higher like 0.95, I doubt it but still the viewfinder on that camera is pretty good for a pentamirror.

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On Panasonic makes DMC-TS20 semi-rugged compact camera article (14 comments in total)

how does a 16 megapixel sensor LIMIT it to only 720p?!?!? 720p is only 0.7MP and 1080p is only 2.1MP!

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