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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1422 comments in total)

If I were to buy a new nikon FF I would wait for the focus area to be full frame as well.....

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review preview (1042 comments in total)

JPEG Tone Curves / Dynamic Range
The D600 vs. D610 same everything why would the D600 have a wider Dynamic Range?

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On Nikon D610 preview (627 comments in total)

I love my D600, even with the oil spots every 2,000 images. I learned to clean them off. With one week remaining on my Warrantee I have sent the camera back in for them to swap out the shutter because while the oil was annoying there were also shavings that kept appearing. If parts are rubbing then they will eventually fail and that would no doubt happen after the Warrantee period.

Nikon better do the right thing.....

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I think the dust issue is from their new manufacturing process. The camera internal parts are all soldered together. This may also be an issue when they come up with a fix. Since the parts will have to be de-soldered then re-soldered.

I cleaned my fourth D600, yes forth before it's initial use. I have not (knock on wood) had a (major) dust issue so far. Oil is my issue, I have wet cleaned the sensor after 500 frames and at 1300 the oil is starting to reappear albeit fainter. I will clean the sensor again at 2000. and re-evaluate at 3000 shots with fingers crossed.

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Again I wonder if after 3 or4,000 shots and lets just say 3 or 4 wet cleanings the problem will go away? The issue then becomes will Nikon fix the issue on cameras under Warrantee?

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Joes Raw Talk: I find the pictures to be underwhelming and overexposed in some instances. A high end APS-C looks to be about as good or better...especially for these sort of shots. Which brings me to the observation that full-frame may be important for some applications but certainly it is a premium price to pay when you can get an excellent output from the best of the APS-C, for a lot less dollars.

Nikon exposes for the shadows, because the dynamic range of the D600 is so good, you can pull in the highlights.

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