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prossi: I'd flip the whole argument around...why did sony put so much money and time to develop mirrorless cameras like the a6000??
I can understand Olympus being purely an optics company. But sony? Getting into the whole camera business, buying minolta and all was not for the growth prospects that's for sure.
Sometimes I wonder if it was just for the satisfaction to drive Canon out of business...

Sony is willing to experiment, try out alternate lines of development simultaneously.

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Rexgig0: If anyone involved in Canon marketing decisions is reading this: I want an EOS M3, please, obtainable from an authorized Canon USA dealer. I nearly bought an M, but it was not quite the "user experience" I wanted. This M3 looks much better. There is no need to ship tons of new product, and risk them sitting, un-bought, as with the M. Canon USA could take pre-orders, and then only import the desired quantity. Or, choose one good authorized dealer, such as B&H, and allow them to take pre-orders; then, fill those orders.

For reference, my primary cameras are a 7D and a 7D Mark II, and I also own 5D and 1D Mark II N cameras, and an assortment of Canon lenses, including five L lenses.

Thanks for your consideration.

Exactly. Modern times require modern distribution and modern warranties. Canon could even have US distributors bid for the right to be exclusive distributor.

Interestingly, in the US, the camera industry was once driven in many ways by the major distributors (EPOI, Ponder and Best, Kling Photo-which became Mamiya America Corporation, etc.) and even major NY retailers who would commission cameras.

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Battersea: Leaving a viewfinder off shows Canon is not serious. A point and shoot without viewfinder is fine, to save cost and size. No ILC will ever be truly small especially when carrying an alternate lens or external flash. Why not make it a tiny bit larger and include an EVF?

Panasonic understands how to incorporate EVF in a practical way.

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Good article, although I would have included that one of the premises of Micro Four-Thirds was to design a digital format sensor platform from the ground up. We really have to go back to the first Olympus Micro Four-Thirds DSLRs that introduced a new sensor with OVF; with the concept only being more fully realized with the Micro Four-Thirds cameras, none of which have OVFs.

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dylanbarnhart: Everybody secretly wanted Canon to dominate the mirrorless market. When it didn't, we declared Canon failed us.

On the contrary, it's a good thing that Canon is not serious about mirrorless. Canon should focus on what it does well, which is DSLR, and leave mirrorless to the other players.

The real mistake is to introduce the M system at all. Canon should have taken a strong stand and not divert R&D money to mirrorless. Had they invested more in DSLR, maybe their recent DSLR releases wouldn't be so negatively received by the enthusiast community.

You are on the right track. Only Sony, and to a certain extent Olympus, tried to reinvent the DSLR and it looks like the Sony concept is withering away. The problem is not DSLR versus compact system camera, with EVF or not.

It's the unimaginative development of DLRs-to overwrought ends. There are so many dials, buttons, gizmos on the high-end DSLRs that they are self-parodies. And where is a hybrid viewfinder that gives us the best of both OVF and EVF.

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kadardr: The M lens lineup is adequate for beginners, maybe 1 or 2 pancakes are missing (18mm and ca. 50mm). Nikon 1 Nikkor lens lineup is more than enough for the beginners. Sony mirrorless was and is successful without a fully fledged lens system in spite of their critics whining. M43 has a systemic lens lineup and Fujifilm is getting very close. Samsung: if you own the two new pro zooms what else do you really need?. So the situation is evolving in the mirrorless domain and Canikon will catch up eventually and when they have to anyway. So rest assured everybody will be taken care of. By the time mirrorless AF systems will be equivalent with those of the best DSLRs well by then they will all have full fledged lens lineups also.

Unfortunately, the OEMs never took the DSLR with OVF into new areas that would combine the best of OVF and EVF. Only Fuji of all manufacturers has even tried to rethink/advance the viewfinder, as only did Contax in the good old film days.

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It is what it is-a somewhat extended placeholder. BTW: where is the SL1 upgrade.

No EVF. Hobbled interface. Very poor implementation of manual focus. A better consumer-grade camera with mode dial, moving LCD, but not yet enthusiast level.

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Thanks you, Nikon. Worried P&S would be neglected.

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Gesture: While the future of DLSR remains to be seen, now, Pentax has a lineup of DSLRs, instead of one model in production at a time. Significant progress.

Yes, this just all occurred recently, since Ricoh acquired Pentax. Previously, there was really only one DSLR in production at a time.

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While the future of DLSR remains to be seen, now, Pentax has a lineup of DSLRs, instead of one model in production at a time. Significant progress.

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Call me old-fashioned, but for $1,000, I'd like micro-focus adjustment and 2 card slots.

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Boky: Buying canon dSLR without focus micro-adjust is ludicrous. Been there, done that - never again!


Good mini-thread. At this price point, regardless of the name, the camera should have micro-adjust. Give us value, OEMs.

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They look sharp, but will existing Canon APS-C glass work OK on the new sensor?

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Will existing Canon APS-C lenses perform OK on the new sensor?????

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How many more iterations of this platform are needed in the marketplace ... or by photographers.

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On Hands-on with Samsung's new NX500 article (347 comments in total)
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Stephan Def: The price seems to be too high for that Camera. I don't see the average consumer needing 4K Video at 28MP today. Its unrealistic, in post processing you need huge processing power which most users are not going to have.

What Samsung should do is release a Model with 28MP for still images and reasonably good HD Video along with a good EVF and some other value added functions. I also think its very important to concentrate on rendering best possible jpegs right out of the box. The price range such a camera should be around 599€ I think that would sell really good.

Post processing Software is a huge issue for most if not all users. This is where the Japan manufacturers have their by far, biggest open flank. Digital Cameras today have to go hand-in-hand with good integrated post processing software in the box.

I like the Samsung product line. But the NX100 had provision for a reasonably priced accessory EVF. Could have stayed throughout the NXQ00 and NXQ000 series. Would have increased sales quite a bit in my opinion.

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On Hands-on with Canon's 'not-coming-to-USA' EOS M3 article (551 comments in total)

For a really strong mirrorless, I believe Canon needs to redo this camera from the ground up.

And, again, the pricing is quite optimistic. Sony has better value in this form factor.

Any new EOS-M lenses announced?

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How about more value, not less. This is why I like Samsung. Maybe, the processing engines aren't the same, but they don't seem to hamstring models. Even the entry models are full-featured interface, just less capable in FPS, processing speed, etc.

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On Samsung introduces NX500 with NX1's 28MP BSI sensor article (143 comments in total)

Kudos, Samsung.

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On Samsung NX1 First Impressions Review preview (1444 comments in total)

How does $1,500 stack up against Nikon or Canon high-end APS-C camera.

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