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On Olympus offers Stylus SH-2 with Raw support article (46 comments in total)

Lots of money. What about the XZ series?

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On Making 'Art': We go inside Sigma's lens factory article (193 comments in total)


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jaxson: An interesting take away for me was that Pentax considers the MF camera as the professional line, and FF as just a progression from APS-C. They only seem to be getting in FF as the low end users don't have an intermediary option before the MF 645Z. Seems fair.

I'd love to see Pentax back on top of something, but of late the competition has been fierce. Sony and Olympus now do sensor shift stabilisation better than Pentax. Pentax has always done solid bodies, well weather sealed well. They still have a place for sure.

I'll say it again though: Give us back (yes you had it right already on the K-5 series) sensor based stabilisation during video mode and you'll have quite the package. Also release this back into previous models too, which are presently only offered the crippled 'Movie SR' rubbish...

Interesting to remember how in film days Pentax, like Mamiya, had excellent medium format cameras. Not just the 6x7, but the 645 cameras, also. 35mm, 120, sheet film was a nice progression.

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justmeMN: AF is for wimps. :-) My Pentax film camera didn't have no newfangled AF, and it worked just fine. :-)

Yes, Richard S. How did we manage to take a photograph without auto-exposure, auto-focus and motor-winder. Yet, with each advance (going back to the film days), working pros would say "we don't need that," yet adapt it immediately.

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Petroglyph: The 'something extra' on the K-mount FF might have to do with the OVF. Ricoh have a patent for instantly electronically switching mirrors on/off. Possible applications could be for EVF-like overlays on a penta-prism. Leaving the EVF active while in 'live view' mode and switching to OVF when not in LV. Who knows, but the patent is there. Could be quite interesting. They already do 3 or 4 things with sensor shift from recompose to astro-track/GPS. The selectable AA filter was introduced with the K3, so the new feature might be in this area as well. It will be an interesting release.

Your voice to ... This is what has been missing in the modern DSLR-viewfinder innovation.

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Zvonimir Tosic: First of all, if I were a representative of company that always gets worst of attention from DPR, starting from lack of reviews onto everything else, I would not give them any bit of information about anything. Rule goes, know your enemy first.

Also, I would love DPR spare us mirrorless tirade when conversing with a representative of the company that has practically invented an SLR!

Instead, why DPR do not bother mirrorless-solution-only companies, bugging them with questions like: when will they try out SLR designs and change their mounts to ones with larger distance, in order to simplify their lens designs, introduce native distortion-free images and not images no one can swallow without software manipulation, insist on 100% tele-centricity, considerably preserve battery life with introduction of a bright OVF?

Good thoughts. We have today's modern, super-duper lenses and yet they rely so much on hidden software corrections.

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I would have asked about Ricoh finally giving Pentax DLSR a real line-up of models and Ricoh's commitment to maintaining that.

If I were the exec, I would have cited NIKON as the company that has emphasized full-frame upgrade for less than professional users, something which I think is one of their current strong suits-relatively affordable full-frame DSLR.

DPReview good job. The reason no more forthcoming on full-frame might be because there is not that much more to talk about. This is Pentax. No gimmicks. Just excellent photographer-centric cameras with excellent image quality. I'll take image quality, weather proofing, interface, line of lenses over more focus points. If I want a movie quality; I'll buy one.

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This is obviously where things are headed-even if one streams the nephew's birthday party cross-country (remember, when camcorders supplanted film cameras before the digital era and video on digital cameras and, now, smart phones. It would seem that Sony, Panasonic and Samsung would have the heads up in this area. Even Canon, which is strong in video-where are your products. Wake up, Nikon??????

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On A closer look at the Nikon Coolpix P900 megazoom article (194 comments in total)
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Daedbird: I really wish Nikon would build a 1" sensor bridge camera, competing against the Sony RX10 and similar ilk from Panasonic. This is an alright camera, and has a market, I wish they would branch out...

They have the Nikon 1 platform, and it seems like it would be real easy for them to build something similar to what Sony did.

I'd like to see the company that licensed the Kodak name do something like that. Wonder over to Kodak Forum and folks are reporting on these new badged cameras-which are quite good.

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On Sony Alpha 7S Review preview (488 comments in total)

One of the great values in contemporary photography.

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On Nikon D7200 First Impressions Review preview (1114 comments in total)

Time to "clean sheet" the digital SLR. Sony did in a way, but seems to have retreated. Not saying that a D7200 isn't a good product or value, just find the format and interface bewildering.

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On A closer look at the Nikon Coolpix P900 megazoom article (194 comments in total)

I wonder who really designs and develops these "point and shoots."

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Seems to be more forthcoming than some of the other OEMs?

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On Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 Review preview (88 comments in total)
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donaldsc: I do not own the product so I am commenting on the basis of the review only. To me, it sounds like a totally crappy camera attached to a non-phone. However, I guess that the social media types who buy these sort of things are incapable of and are uninterested in knowing anything about photography and are only capable and/or interested in taking selfies of themselves blocking whatever object they are standing in front of. To them, it will probably be a great product.

It seems like with all those phones now given WiFi, this product has less appeal, especially as it doesn't do 4G, only WiFi?

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On Lytro sheds jobs as it shifts focus to video article (506 comments in total)

Understandable when they went from a $300 not that powerful camera to a $1,500 one. Still, great to see new ideas in the marketplace.

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Props to gallery for making the exhibition PDF available.

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mapgraphs: Now, if it was a Bessa D, to go along with a new 50/3.5 Heliar and a 35/1.4 Nokton...

Surprised (disappointed) that Cosina never pursued its own successor to the Epson RD-1.

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Marty4650: There seems to be a real disconnect between making an "affordable camera" for lenses that cost between $4,000 and $10,000.

I mean... why bother?

Can't the Leica lens owner afford a Leica camera?
If someone can't afford those lenses, they why would they buy this camera?

Did I miss the part where Konost was planning to create a few affordable lenses for their affordable camera?

I'd say Konost is solving a problem that doesn't exist. Perhaps they might have been better off creating an affordable rangefinder camera that uses Nikon F lenses?

Yes, AF is super-duper. But many of us still find great appeal in manual focus and the rangefinder aesthetic. For starters, the lens blades needn't move during exposure allowing for more circular lens diaphragm, etc.

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adr23: My kick starter company is making a new car. A true classic.
It'll be on leaf springs, with 2cyl 600cc engine, drum brakes, no powerlocks or powerwindows and no airbags. And it will look like a classic beetle, made out of stainless steel and accept standard sized tires from Bridgestone and Michelins via an adapter.
It will be priced competitively to current well established auto manufactures..., why?

Exactly. Only Contax in film days and Fuji in digital days have tried to modernize the viewfinder.

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Petrogel: A new photography company, with a 3 year old, 20mp FF sensor that'll be released next year (but with great 4k potentials), is a fast rabbit on a dog race.

Wow, the sensor race, as if extraordinary images can't be created with the sensors of 5-6 years ago. The modern digital camera is too complicated; too jury-rigged, partly because it is clear that the underlying digital boards constrict the placement of buttons and dials and functions. All the OEMs seem locked in to existing templates. There's a reason all the new cameras are variations on a theme.

I welcome any "clean sheet" approach.

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