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I love how buzzwoids accumulate. One: Samsung cameras are excellent to outstanding. Two: this is not a rangefinder style. It is a compact DSLR style, which only Samsung and Panasonic are really doing and doing well. Of course, now Canon finally has a real compact digital SLR.

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techmine: where is that guy who says Samsung copies everything?? :-)

It is hardly an obsolete camera.

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monkeybrain: The unique selling point of this camera is obviously that it is connected. However, I see a large problem with this situation: people who care most about connected photography already have an iphone or other smartphone and will likely have their favourite apps on there for editing and uploading and of course have a data contract, so this Samsung is replicating that functionality, especially if they need another data contract, which can be seen as redundant. A camera with NFC is probably a better bet so people can quickly send their photos to their phone, of course Samsung have also announced such a camera, the NX2000. Conclusion? Samsung are hedging their bets on the connected camera concept by releasing both these cameras.

Yes, but this camera could appeal not just to futurists but companies that use photography for commerce: real estate surveys; home inspectors; etc.

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Boerseuntjie: Samsung leads the industry in cameras nobody wants to buy, good job

The NX cameras are outstanding cameras as cameras with that APS-C sensor: tonality; focus accuracy; exposure; white balance; photographic ergonomics that are world-class. I'm not into touch screens and wireless, but can see the usefulness, not just for families but for commerce.

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NeilBart: Well done Samsung. Most commenters are overlooking the business/commercial use of cameras in many industries and the importance of informative and productive management of images. The first Samsung Galaxy Camera running Mobile Data Studio software by CreativityCorp is excellent for integrating images with data for reports and databases.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera running Mobile Data Studio is particularly useful where subjects for images require an optical zoom and higher quality images than captured by Smartphone. For example surveys of advertising boards, audits of power infrastructure, identification of tree overhang of power lines, forensic investigations, home inspections.

While the first Samsung Galaxy Camera covers the imaging needs for many businesses, the Galaxy NX may suit some niche requirements for high quality images.

Recreationally, I am using my Samsung Galaxy Camera more than my Canon and Nikon DSLRs because of convenience for sharing excellent images.

Great insights. You are thinking inside and outside the box. Real estate agents photograph the properties they are listing. Now, the photos can be instantly integrated into listings, web sites, property databases, etc.

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On Samsung Galaxy Camera Hands-on Preview preview (195 comments in total)
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Flying Snail: Interesting concept, but how do you hold this thing without accidentally touching the back button with your thumb? The onscreen settings wheel also looks odd and complicated to use.

Next generation. Our thoughts command the device. For now, I liek being able to use a touch screen for certain things but not everything. I will be the last person using a computer mouse, I guess. Superior proprioceptive device.

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Interesting development but I'll never understand why folks want to work by waving their fingers in front of their field of vision. For me, a computer mouse or dials/buttons will always be preferred for most things and much, much, much more powerful in manipulating information or a device. NX cameras: great. Connectivity: great. Not interested in this interface.

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On Just Posted: Ricoh GR Review article (214 comments in total)

Can't be judged yet, but really interested in reliability, warranty service on these new cameras.

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I'd like to see Cosina complete the circle and issue its own digital camera (Epson RD-1 successor). Would love it to take LTM lenses like the RD-1, but that's a dream. How many cameras has Cosina built off that one chassis. (Olympus, Nikon, Bessa, Zeiss Ikon, ...)

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Here we go again. Why not work at advancing the art and science of photography.

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On Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1 Hands-on Preview preview (353 comments in total)
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rtogog: I thought this model just creating another confused to the users. It looks as a DSLR but actually just mimic the shape only. They should bring a expression of new development of technology in digital photography, not just nostalgia of glories of the past on design.

Sony and Samsung have shown you can build a fairly small camera around an APS-C sensor. This is a welcome camera and most of us don't understand why it took so long to bring to market.

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Seems like 10 years too late in the making, but could be "groundbreaking" for camera industry. Can't someone rethink the SLR for modern times?

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On Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor article (757 comments in total)

This doesn't irk me; I would enjoy owning the camera. But when I see the prices for the V-LUX 30 and V-LUX 40 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SeeRoy: Terrific to hear that they're made with the "utmost diligence". Certainly preferable to carelessly throwing them together in a haphazard fashion with negligible regard to quality control and utter contempt for potential purchasers, I'd say. Others may disagree.

A lot of hyperbole in any press release, but the photo ones we read on dpreview are right up there with the best of them, Leica included.

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svuori: I would've liked to see an articulated screen at last but maybe I'm not in their target group then.

Really good suggestion. Didn't realize it was missing.

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Just what they needed to have a lineup of models like Sony, Canon, Nikon, although not clear if K-30 continues. Not difficult to engineer, as opposed to doing a full frame camera.

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On First impressions of the Pentax K50 and K500 article (85 comments in total)

Just what they needed for now. More than a 2 DSLR lineup. Not difficult to engineer. Although it still amazes me what an entry level DSLR and kit lens cost.

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On Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid article (222 comments in total)
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dylanbarnhart: Time has changed. Photography isn't just about the absolute image quality anymore, just like cars aren't just about horse powers anymore. There's a threshold where megapixels are enough and low light performance is adequate. Today, most people usge photography as a way to communicate rather than as an art. As a communication device, the GALAXY S4 ZOOM is king.

How do most people use photography today? They snap what's happening, add some descriptions, optionally perform post processing, upload to facebook/instagram to share with their friends, then read friends comments on the picture. Can a D800 do that? Sure, but it's a lot more klunky. The amazing D800 doesn't have 3G/4G connection, nor does it have facebook built-in. Can an iPhone do that? Sure, but headshots look bloated and bird shots look like a dot in the sky.

Thus is the raison d'être for this hybrid camera. It's not about 2 devices in one, it's the one device that works best for today's typical usage of photography.

Big Nikon-Best Buy ad in USA Today. Every entryL WiFi with optional adapter.

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On Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid article (222 comments in total)

Not sure I'd use this, but I like that Samsung is pushing the envelope. I sure see a lot of folks using their phones as their camera.

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On Just posted: Our Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens review article (81 comments in total)

This is how good and how affordable non-exotic lenses should be. Nikon and Sony also have some affordable prime lenses in the 35mm - 50mm range.. Before zooms were all the rage, the standard lens that came with the camera was always of high quality and useful. That 80 percent with the 50mm equivalent are clearly past, however.

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