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  • Events are the only time I long for a quality short zoom. Otherwise, I much prefer shooting with 2 or three primes. Favorite current kit is the 20mm 1.8, the 35 Art, and the trusty 180 AF-D. But ...
  • I have the 35 Art. Bokeh can look good, and can slide into meh, depending on subject's background and settings. It's never nervous/awful, but it can be lacking any exceptional quality in the ...
  • I do remember the old Nikon bullet capsules. The base had an integral female mount, and the clear bullet top coarse-threaded into the base, keeping the lens secure on all sides. As a general rule, ...
  • The suggestion that a broken filter spares the lens is a false argument. If one were punched in the head, and with a black eye to show, would the clinical report suggest the eye spared the brain?
  • The lenses, at wider apertures, render the scene differently. At f8, you're likely not to notice the difference, especially on smaller prints.
  • The starfish shot below is with the 20mm 3.5 and K1.I doubt I was at min focus distance, but whenever you put any extension tube on, the focus ring has less control. The mushroom shot is with the ...
  • When talking about "radiation," the first distinction should address ionizing radiation versus non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is able to bring atomic changes (liberating electrons), ...
  • I post online, primarily FB and my own site, for one reason: to get better. I won't post if I don't have images that I like--that show my best work. If I haven't posted for a week or so, I pull ...
  • Thanks, Tom. No, this is just a single frame, shot fairly open (for macro) at 5.6. I was intentionally wide to draw attention to the tattered wing, worn by pollen season.
  • I've been happy with the 60mm af-s since the day I bought it, and use it instead of any of the typical 50s. It's flexible and fast enough, good bokeh, silent AF, fairly light weight, nano, and ...
  • One of the advantages of some Sigma lenses (any in the "Global Vision" series) is the USB dock that can update the lens's firmware without having to send the lens away. The USB dock is primarily ...
  • My favorite light pack: Nikon 20mm f1.8 Sigma 35 f1.4 Art Nikon 180mm f2.8 AF
  • Just got back from using this lens in Arizona. Very happy with it at all apertures. Light and sharp, and with its close focus, very flexible. A keeper.
  • They're fireflies, or "lightning bugs."
  • Thanks, Uzman. New Jersey on a warm night, a few days a year. -- Eric www.delmar.photos
  • Thanks, George. It is a "great thing to do," but not only in the "nice-to-volunteer" sense; photo-volunteering sharpens your chops in this nutty hobby. Lots of thinking about light sources. I've ...
  • OP here. Thank you everyone for providing your own volunteer stories, as well as your nice words for the portfolios I shared. I'll continue this project. No deadline, and there are always new ...
  • Thanks, soufiej, those bug pictures are the result of several summers in the yard. They're all live subjects. The trick is to move slowly, carry some big, soft light , and use extension tubes.
  • Thanks, Mark. I've read your posts here for years. BTW, I had read a David Hobby (Strobist) piece years ago about doing volunteer work, and it had always stuck with me as a bucket list item, and ...
  • Thanks, CrashPC and MJW1. Regarding the toothy shots: those are personal keepers, not part of the shelter photo distribution. Hang out with these animals often enough and you catch their candid ...
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