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The 24-105mm should be compared to the Nikon 24-120. The Canon lens is pretty well respected. The Nikon lens seems to bring a little more controversy so that's probably where the Sigma will steal sales from

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jwkphoto: This reminds me of Polaroid suing Kodak for infringement over instant film and camera twenty years ago and winning. Then in wasn't long before Polaroid went under. About the same time Honeywell sued Minolta for infringement for their autofocus system. They both went out of business. Honeywell could not make it work well and Minolta did. Minolta paid 121 million for that and ended up selling out to Sony ten years later.

It seems like the end results is they all go out of business. Is Nikon next?

Apple sued Samsung... Bye Bye Apple?

Lots of camera companies sued eachother, lots of camera companies went out of business. I'm sure Canon sued someone/ was sued back in the day. They still seem to be profitable

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On Award-winning wildlife photos capture candid moments article (46 comments in total)
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Omexis: I never knew monkeys could fly on a mat in a snow storm

It's not a snowstorm. It was shot with a D600 so that's just sensor oil.

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On In pictures - Nikon's large and pricey AF-S 58mm F1.4G article (111 comments in total)
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ThePhilips: Why so much empty space inside?

It appears as if it could have been made into a pancake, yet...

Why are you assuming the filter is low quality and not a nano-coated B+W filter?

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buda1065: Panny needs high end primes to go with the GH4 (4K camera).

4k is only 10MP, not exactly taxing sensors...

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tkbslc: You guys know this is really f4.9 on Medium format, right?

But it's a f0.55 on 1/2.5"

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On Just posted: Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS Review preview (106 comments in total)

Has DPR reviewed a camera that hasn't gotten at least a silver award in the last 2 years?

Awards lose their meaning a bit when everyone gets them...

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peevee1: How do they cut 8mpix out of 14 mpix 3:2 sensor? Looks like they would be cutting the sides for it too, effectively increasing FL, right? Or some weird demosaicing would be used, where a pixel is not a pixel...

Well they cut 2mp out of the 5D ii's 21mp sensor without cropping so I'm sure they can do it with this one. I assume they just bin some pixels and skip some pixels but I don't really care about video so I've never looked into it

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On Just Posted: Ricoh GR preview article (159 comments in total)
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Spectro: somebody at nikon also works at Ricoh/pentax

Maybe somebody a Ricoh also works at Nikon?

Both manufacturers have a history with fixed lens 28/2.8 cameras. Nikon with the 28ti and Ricoh with the GR1 (and all their GR series film cameras)

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The Davinator: You would have had me with a 35mm FOV

Ricoh's been doing the 28mm since like 1990 so I think you're unlikely to get that... sorry

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plasnu: Sample images.


Leica killer. I'll expect this will sell extremely well. All pro will buy this sooner or later.

Great work NIKON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plus if you take anything from the x100's video performance than the x100s's 60p will be a joke...

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jackpro: What a suck lens choice boohoo Sony RX1 35mm f2 is slightly better but would prefer f1.4 or faster come on!


Leica's Summicrons (f2's) are sharper at f2 than their summilux's (f1.4's) at f2. You're making an unjustified generalization here.

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On Ethics of prize-winning photo debated article (151 comments in total)

To everyone who didn't read the linked articles this photo did not win a prize.

It was part of a series (documentary, story whatever you want to call it) on "The Crescent" in Rochester. It wasn't even that series that won the prize (I believe the series was done by a group of Magnum Photographers, not just Pellegrin).

Pellegrin won the prize for his overall work this year (if you look at the link it shows photos from a number of documentaries.

Anyways this photo made up 2% of a photo documentary which made up some small portion of Pellegrin's 2012 work. So critiquing the photo doesn't add much to the discussion...

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On World Press Photo announces 2013 contest winners article (298 comments in total)
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Gully Foyle: Yet again, award winning images of pain, suffering, dead children, death, blood... and penguins, among others. War makes money.

Little known fact was that the emperor penguins were at war with the empress penguins during the time those images were taken...

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On CP+ 2013: Interview with Olympus' Toshi Terada article (242 comments in total)
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88SAL: I wonder if the 4/3 sensor could be introduced into compacts. its cetaintly not APS-C sized but with that being said look at the large sensor SonyRX100 - it is reatively compact while offering great performance. Im sure readers could agree that a 4/3 sensor with some compact optics, a 12-50 f2 (remember 2x crop) lens or something similar might offer a compelling compact product, especially if its under $400USD. We dont need a compact zoom camera that is a brick like the RX1 or X100 by Fuji for an occasional use performance compact. (dont get me wrong, lovely cameras, awesome cameras - but think smaller).

Look at the 14-35 f2 Olympus made for 4/3 ... No way a 12-50 f2 is going to be anywhere near compact

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On Nikon issues firmware update for D4 professional DSLR article (28 comments in total)
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jnk: just curious - why would DPR provide firmware notice for the D4/users and yet - the camera has not been review?

I've seen some very dumb posts on DPR so I can't claim this is dumbest but it's definitely up there... Is DPR just supposed to pretend a camera doesn't exist if it hasn't been reviewed?

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JWest: Those new lens caps are so clever! Why has no other manufacturer come up with this idea before? We're lucky that an innovator like Canon is around to lead the way.

Sarcasm isn't your strongsuit is it Michael?

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Jim: As an XZ-1 owner, I just don't see a significant difference in image quality between the XZ-2 and the XZ-1...both are very good. Am I missing something?


I think most of the changes are not IQ changes. Touch screen, swivel screen, better video, and a little bit of high ISO.

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On Just Posted: Sony Alpha SLT-A99 samples gallery article (159 comments in total)
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BMWX5: I see a Gold Award for this camera and RX1 and 2012 Cameras of the Year! Anything less will be a conspiracy ;-)

Hasn't pretty much every DSLR reviewed in the last two years at least received a silver award anyway?

Awards have less meaning if everyone gets one...

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rhlpetrus: Barney, a question (sorry if it's there, I didn't see it): for the graphs, do you normalize resolution? Thanks.

I think it would be a fantastic option if you did! Having everything normalized would create a better comparison and not disadvantage images with higher pixel density.

I suggest everyone "like" Barney's Comment to show support for this idea!

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