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On Fujifilm X100T real-world sample gallery posted article (85 comments in total)
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justinwonnacott: Move along folks - nothing to see here except the same lens and sensor in last year's camera.

All of those are significant improvements but they won't show up in a sample gallery which is the point the op was making

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Why doesn't dpr pick a single (probably F-mount lens) and test everything with that. Something like an Otus should have the resolution for any sensor size/pixel density and than you could compare sharpness across brands.

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I'd there any connection with the similar looking, similarly named and similarly adjustable north face casimir 32 pack? Or is that all coincidence?

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How long of an exposure do you need at 0.005 lux. Isn't that an imperative piece of information?

I assume some of the better sensors out there can capture some kind of image at that level if you leave the shutter open long enough.

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auctionman: Very enlightening! And speaking of lighting, turn down the lights in the studio, and take the same shots and lets see who shines then.

They do this already... Click the lightbulb (not the sun) at the top of the test scene where it says "lighting"

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On Apple to cease development of Aperture article (425 comments in total)

"since even more Aperture will be defecting to Lightroom" Should probably read "since even more Aperture users will be defecting to Lightroom"

Direct link | Posted on Jun 27, 2014 at 18:19 UTC as 139th comment
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p5freak: "I did it all for the bokeh." And he uses MFT. LoL.

Please learn the meaning of Bokeh. It is the quality of out of focus areas, not the quantity. So saying you have lots of bokeh is really saying "I have lots of the quality of out of focus areas", which obviously doesn't make any sense.

What you really wanted was less depth of field.

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AV Janus: Cool But FAKE!
Its not like any of those people took those selfies in the middle of the ocean, also They totaly missed the question by placing them IN the ocean.
Where are you on Earth Right Now?
Nice try though... BTW, spelling error in the question DPR...

I had to troll a bit... :-P

Next up, NSA makes a live version of the same gigapan, only this time with your real data, along with sounds that are being recorded beside you.
The world just got smaller. :-)

It doesn't say anywhere that the location of the pictures in the image corresponds with the location of where they were taken...

Direct link | Posted on May 23, 2014 at 21:37 UTC
On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (692 comments in total)
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Photato: I don't know why people keep comparing this Canon to the Sony RX100. Different sensor size, different overall size and different zoom range.
When compared to ILC cameras, then this Canon G1XII is not so impressive.
For the same money people can get a much better package getting a Sony A6000, is like.... no comparison.
I don't know what was Canon thinking by intentionally crippling this camera in features that wouldn't cost anything to implement, my ancient Canon Pro1 has features this camera doesn't have and lets not get started comparing it to what a smartphone can do these days.
Unless Canon is happy to charge much less of the suggested price is my guess, but I don't see this camera selling well.
Another camera for the landfill in a few years.
Sony A6000 is much more interesting option for about the same price.

Because they're similarly sized cameras at a similar price... Who cares if the sensor is a different size if the outside is a similar size and they cost the same...

Direct link | Posted on May 7, 2014 at 19:45 UTC
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richardalanfox: Leica T is the new EOS M
The more reviews and previews I read of this camera the more convinced I am of the above statement.
For four hundred dollars I purchased a similar system with the EOS M.
A small well made touch screen based body, a sharp 22 f2 pancake lens and a 18-55 stabilized zoom.
Picture quality is excellent, the lenses are good performers and the zoom good for video.
The bad side of a touch screen-centric interface surfaces in the winter, my EOS M kit stayed home all winter, I was not able to use it outdoors with gloves.
My m43 cameras and my Nikon DSLRs worked fine with gloves but not the EOS M.
This must be a California camera.

You can get gloves that work with touch screens

Direct link | Posted on Apr 25, 2014 at 04:42 UTC
On Lytro announces Illum light field camera article (348 comments in total)
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vincentnyc: may i request please that someone knowledgeable educate me on how large the pictures from this camera will be on my computer monitor? i'm quite confused by this point.

i'd like to know so i have a better sense of the size of these images.

i understand that their standard first gen camera (the box-y one) has very small images, which makes them fun and curious and interesting, but ultimately, for me personally at least, more of a curiosity.

however, if this new camera's images are substantially larger, even comparable to a regular point and shoot, it would make this actually practical.

of course, i understand that standard cameras have now gone up to 20MP and onwards, but still, if the physical size on a monitor is not teeny tiny, it would make this new model far less a curiosity and more of a useful tool.

thanks in advance.

And 5MP is probably more resolution than your monitor has (1080p is 2.1MP)

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On Nikon D3300 Review preview (234 comments in total)

Silver awards don't mean anything if everyone gets one...

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II: a quick summary article (535 comments in total)
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Zigadiboom: Being a G1X owner I was looking forward to a faster lens, better AF performance and macro performance. Looks like Canon have delivered here.

But why take the swivel screen and all dials away! Why?? Also no phase detection it seems.

However cramming a F2-3.9 lens relative to such a large sensor into the size that they have does deserve a pat on the back. Well done Canon. Look out Sony RX100.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it now has 2 dials on the lens (so they just moved some of the dials around).

I was not impressed with the lack of dials until I read about the dual lens dials.

Not sure if one is MF only or if it can be used for other functions as well

Direct link | Posted on Feb 12, 2014 at 05:30 UTC
On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1645 comments in total)
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davidrm: It's weird that when comparing this to the OM-D nobody mentions a major, major difference, far more significant in creative terms than all the measurebator stuff: aspect ratio. In terms of how you view the world, the difference between 4:3 and 3:2 is way more significant than the rest of the spec sheet... Well, IMHO, of course.

If only there was a way to change aspect ratio by simply removing some megapixels from one edge of the image...

Direct link | Posted on Jan 28, 2014 at 18:32 UTC
On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1645 comments in total)
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goloby: I always loved the Fuji colors, in my opinion they are the best. Fuji lenses are stellar as well. But one thing will keep me from buying this camera and that is the crop sensor. I need bokeh, I love my 50mm f1.4 and I do not want it to be a mid tele, I want it to be a 50. Same with the 35 f1.4. For anybody that thinks oterwise please rent a ff camera with either a 35 or a 50 1.4 lens and you will be hooked.
One question about this camera's autofocus, how low can it go? 0 eV like Sony's A7, -1eV like most Nikon dslrs or -3 eV like Canon's 6D?

You're talking about DOF not bokeh. Bokeh is the quality of OOF areas, not the amount.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 28, 2014 at 14:28 UTC
On Using third-party lenses on Sony Cyber-shot a7 / a7R article (497 comments in total)
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wb2trf: What a dumb review. There are a few reasonable criticisms, but there is this overall tone of snarkyness that is merely a gloss on stupidity. Start here: "despite the best efforts of Sony's UX designers to bury the relevant option at the end of page three in the custom setting tab of the menu setting. 'Release w/o Lens: Enable'" Now lets think for one minute. Since every option has to go somewhere something must be at the bottom. Since there is never a need to reverse this decision, you literally set it once for the life of the camera, where should it be? At the bottom of course.
Next, we have the crazy complaints in the paragraph that begins, "I can't remember the last time I used shutter priority (I'm an aperture priority kind of guy)" This paragraph is completely idiotic in its entirety. He writes as if he is disappointed that aperture priority isn't useful. Of course not! Secondly the choice of 1/60th can't be "biased in firmware" as there is no information to use. Dumb.

Usually with manual focus lenses with the camera set to "aperture priority" you set the aperture on the lens and the camera picks the correct shutter speed. I haven't read the review but if the camera could do that simple task I would consider aperture priority useful

Direct link | Posted on Jan 21, 2014 at 21:39 UTC
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Joachim Gerstl: the lunatic left!

You could almost say it was a Stellar move to remove the Lunar-tic running the company

Direct link | Posted on Jan 21, 2014 at 21:03 UTC
On Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera article (919 comments in total)
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konanon: We know how the sensor will perform. That goes without saying. If the camera itself performs like the e-m1 (autofocus, EVF, responsiveness, etc), this will be a winner. Ergonomically, the e-m1 is a strong contender. If Fuji can match what the e-m1 can do and add their sensor to that equation, look out!

That said, if the reports of $1800 are accurate, this may deter a large number of people. Only time will tell.

If AF is SUBSTANTIALLY improved I think it will be a home run.

AF speed (and maybe lens selection and video) is the one place where m4/3 still has a huge advantage over Fuji. I'm trying to decide between the two and if Fuji catches up in the AF game they'll probably get my money.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 20, 2014 at 14:57 UTC
On Canon updates firmware for EOS-1D X article (72 comments in total)

According to FredMiranda they also added exposure comp when using manual mode and Auto ISO which is pretty sweet.

Does "AF point switching according to camera orientation" mean that if I select an AF point on the right side of the AF layout when shooting landscape and than turn the camera to portrait than the AF point will still be on the right side (not the top or bottom as they would if the points stayed "frozen")? If so that's a pretty sweet feature too.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 Review preview (358 comments in total)
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abluesky: I don't understand how the percentage translates to a gold (or silver) award...?

You should just put that snippet under the award so you don't have to paste it into discussions after every review

Direct link | Posted on Dec 19, 2013 at 21:16 UTC
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