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Lea5: Thank you. Camera does fine. I hope the "can't use this camera at base ISO" crowd shut up now.

At the same time as the ones shouting. "noone buys this camera to shoot at base ISO" shuts up...

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ManuelVilardeMacedo: People still look at these results like young boys going 'wow! An F1 car reaches 340 km/h', as if everything came down to top speed (or high ISO for all that matters).
Besides, I see no reason to use 1/1000 at a concert. 1/125 would be enough to freeze any motion with the camera handheld, especially if the photographer insists in using a wide-angle lens (in which case he could even safely use 1/60). That would make the noise much less intrusive. As it is, this is a mere exercise in the camera's capabilities. Which is great, of course, but in the real world, with the camera in the hands of a professional, things would be quite different.
Feel free to be impressed with these high noise images anyway.

You very very seldom want freeze everything at a concert. If you have a headbaning deathmetal group you want to capture the motion, not freeze it completly. I have been photographing a lot of concerts in murky conditions and i dont think i ever go above 1/250 or 1/320. Sure its always easier if you know the music or what type if music they are playing. Its realy easy to capture good photos if you love the music then you can predict when something big is comming. But for a nikon d5 i guess its for those gigant stageshows with U2 or the like where you have 5 minutes to get a good image. Then its more spray and pray

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On article Nikon D5 real-world low light, high ISO samples (281 comments in total)

High iso but far from low light.
1/1000 f4.0 at iso 32000 would be 1/250 f2.0 at iso 2000. A much more reasonable work setting for these kind of band. And for a singer songwriter gig like the girl 1/125 f2.0 iso 1000 should work.
Its just lazy to crank up the iso and shoot at high shutterspeeds. ;)

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Utterlyotter: Holy moly, 3.5 Pounds and 6000 bucks...
Well, some will love it I guess.

Damn, thats some terrible exchange rate. I guess people will go to england to buy it. 3.5 pound, thats like 5 dollar.

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$750 for the Pentax K-01 dosent seem so steep now does it..

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Best one in this contest :)

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