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The use of the term "concerns" has an appeasing politically correct ring to it, but I am afraid some people at DPR are not getting the drift here, really. Concerns, you say?

It is more like sheer disgust at naked greed, hubris and mediocrity shoved forcefully down our throats with sugar coating nonsense about "new features".

Albeit very hard, I will try to remain polite: Good bye, Adobe from a customer who has been paying for 15 years.

Concerns, you say?

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Sam Carriere: Awwwww...they didn't tell us the price!
Or did DPR consider it an obscenity and remove it?

If you have to ask...

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T stops? Hum, I wonder if each lens is adjusted for its particular light transmission response like the Arri's or Pana's....?

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On Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy article (398 comments in total)

Well, just think about the mortgages these poor Adobe people have to pay! Do you have any idea the kind of maintenance costs they face to keep up mansions in Silicon Valley and Monterrey... It's just horrendous!!! No, really. You could empathize a little bit, no? And flying private jets, oh, my, my... Wallets are howling in pain, no doubt. It is so awful. Please, shed a tear!

Somebody is going to have to keep financing these people's lifestyle, and guess what, that's us. Yep. Very soon, no more discount at all when you upgrade. Get use to it.

BTW, I guess this is the final nail in the coffin of having soft proofing in Lightroom. Gee, imagine if we didn't need Photoshop anymore!


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