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B1ackhat: "However, one significant change is that you can now use Auto ISO when in Manual mode - effectively creating a Pentax-esque 'Shutter and Aperture Priority' mode."

OK, this is huge. The IS on the RX100 series sucks and the camera often chooses a lower shutter speed than it is capable of stabilizing, so adding auto ISO to manual mode is truly a godsend. I still can't wrap my head around the price tag for this thing, but I am thrilled to see this change implemented.

I take it the manual auto iso works like you're setting shutter speed and aperture and the cam picks an appropriate iso setting?

Though I don't get why they don't simply implement a minimum shutter speed setting for all auto iso modes. That would solve quite a few issues with the IS / low light snapshot lazy stuff.

Posted on May 20, 2014 at 11:49 UTC
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Is the minimum shutter speed setting changable this time in the auto-iso modes? Was anyone able to verify this already?

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lester11: Would be good if your review could tell us about the too-slow 1/30 default shutter speed, and whether this can now be managed in the setup menu.

I can only second that. Setting the default minimum shutter speed in P mode without just going to S mode instead is something that would make the day to day shooting a lot more fun. No need to switch around as much whenever light gets scarce when walking through nature f.e. - I know it's related to the focal length (full tele the minium gets set to 1/100), but I don't see the point in having subjects blurry cause of their own movement instead of just automatically raising the ISO a bit. That should be the whole point of a P mode imho.

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Sergeg: ICE is nice, and there are other Freeware/Shareware apps out there that will do collages and Panoramas. I own 5 commercial apps and have settled on my personal favorite choice, AutoPano Pro from KOLOR. Had an acceptance in their annual Panoramas book in 2011. Have posted many panos in these forums stitched with that software.

The thechnique described here will appeal to some, it is based on the analog method of sticking together prints, and IMHO defeats the purpose of the precision that digital photography affords. Rather labored and hodge podge, with mixed results. But as someone has said, in the spirit of community sharing, it has a place. Thanks for sharing.

I can only agree... I am using "hugin" which I think includes another implementation of AutoPano (though I'm not up to speed with the currently used plugins), and the results are nothing short of amazing. In that light, and considering how easy it is to get these results (for free), I personally prefer that over the "hand stitched" feeling the method described in this article delivers.

It's all a matter of preference ofc - either way we're now 1 option richer from which we can choose from :)

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PaulRivers: I would like to say that I love that dpreview is mentioning, you know, updates to *the most commonly used camera*.

I'm sure there was a lot of whining back in the day about how compacts weren't "real cameras" like dslr's so they "shouldn't be reviewed". Before that about how film was the only way to shoot and these digital cameras were just "a silly novelty", and on and on and on.

I appreciate keeping up to date on the cameras that people are actually using. If there's any updates to the Nokia n8 would love to hear about those, to.

Just because dpreview -very recently- moved to the USA does not mean its sole focus has to be only photography products that are (already) available in the USA.

Why not broaden your horizon a little bit? It could be a fun experience and might even lead to less people thinking americans don't care about anything at all outside their borders in the long run.

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Marshal: I just bought the new Samsung Galaxy S II, which I'm going to keep, but I will give lots of credit where it's due and say that the iPhone 4S has great specs, both on the photo & video end and even more so, Siri, the virtual assistant who can do Voice to Text messaging and also does searches for you. That is really cool to me.

If I didn't already have a new phone, I'd consider holding out just another few weeks for the iP4S.

In this particular reply (and all follow ups) noone is 'dissing' the iphone though.

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