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On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1645 comments in total)
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forpetessake: Fascination with retro will come to an end as soon as manufacturers find out that their new cameras are not selling any better than their predecessors.
The fake pentaprism on mirrorless camera is like a saddle on a cow. The 30 y.o. controls is a dead evolutionary branch, discarded in DSLRs many years ago. Fuji would have better return on investment if they finally made a good grip, which wouldn't require attachments, and touch screen LCD wouldn't hurt either.

The $20,000 lens on my professional video camera has an iris ring and can only focus manually. I can assure you that the manufacturers don't do that to attract hipsters, it's because that is the best way for responsiveness and control using our fingers and opposable thumbs!

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? article (1509 comments in total)

There are many fine cameras: OM-D EM5 and D800 included.. but I would have given dual vote for two other cameras which- as above- are excellent in themselves, but also make greater innovations in the market:

the D600 for bringing Full Frame closer to more general affordability.

And the X-Pro1(or X-E1) for attempting to marry today's technology with some of the best of what was lost from film: ie the direct, sensual, intuitive interface of knobs and dials. I love my X-Pro1 but its Fly-by-wire manual focus (more than AF speed) perversely contradicts the lovely knobs and dials ethos.

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I'm whining!!! Why can't Apple see supporting Fuji as opportunity to lure people away from other products. What happened to being innovative and supporting innovation?

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On Samsung NX20: First Impressions article (83 comments in total)

Barney, have you looked through the NX10s viewfinder.. Would you be able to give a sense of how much an improvement the NX20's viewfinder is? Image size/resolution. Was the rear thumbwheel clicky or smooth on rotation? Another thing many will want to know is have samsung increased the image magnification for manual focus. A popular bugbear!

many thanks

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