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On Galveston, Texas challenge (13 comments in total)

Galveston - could be challenging as its 2/3 of a planet away from me now. I have some stunning images from 2006 - guess that's too far back :)

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RLPhotoAndImaging: I think many here might be over-analyzing what I see as a wonderful, ongoing album of a chronicle of a little girl's life through the eyes of her loving father, in a creative, comical, and sometimes intimate way.
Viewing this album makes me jealous that I lack many captured moments with my daughters, and therefore in my book, this succeeds immensely.

Ditto. This made me want a time machine to get some this creative with my kids too. :)

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F0.7 - amazing. I am surprised that with the massive jumps in optics and materials in the last 50 years nobody has bothered to create something like this on a commercial scale. There was a 50mm f1.0 at some point - now rare and you need adapters to use it. How about Canon or Nikon (or .. Bonus!! both) make a 50mm f1.0 or better. I think would pony up some cash for that.

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On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1311 comments in total)

Really watching this one. I still have my 30D, closing on 20,000 pics. I hope the shutter on the 70D is the same silent type as on the 60D. A friend of mine has one and its so nice not click-clunk click-clunk all the time.
PS - pricing in New Zealand is expected $1700 and up body only, kits from $2200 or so. We drool seeing $1100 and €1100 prices online. Grey imports will be less and a way to go as importing on your own is expen$$$ive with Customs.

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This looks to be so cool! Modernizing the ancient classics. Hahaha try this for your smartphone 'camera' :)

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On Haleakala Sunset in the Sunset in the mountains IV challenge (9 comments in total)

Awesome capture!

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On 5 Reasons why I haven't used my DSLR for months article (591 comments in total)

For most people a dSLR is overkill. Because prices have fallen people think they can buy one and immediately will be a photographer. They don't realize its a whole new level.

I carry a compact for everyday snaps, but my dSLR and its accompanying baggage of kit when I have a specific purpose or project.

Sadly, many compacts are really bad. One has to be ever so selective in buying one! I had this illustrated vividly this term, giving a basic photography class to some kids (average age 11). The cameras!!! Oh dear, oh my, oh help.

12mpx yes, quality .. none. Little control, horrid unreliable buttons, AA or AAA powered. Worst was a 'Thomson' .. the company should be banned from making anything ever again, even paperclips.

CIPA are wondering why sales are down. Duh, look at the quality. Rather raise the entry price but do not throw your brand's name away. This even applies to the lower end Canon, Nikon, etc.

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On 2013 Waterproof Camera Roundup preview (123 comments in total)

I own two OLD Pentax cameras that I passed on to my children - a 6mpx W10 (still Pentax) and a 10mpx W60 (Hoya). Rain, pool or normal conditions - fairly Ok images. Given that both are compacts with massive shutter delay, but I have taken some wonderful images with both due to their unobtrusive and portable size. As I'm not in the pool all the time I currently carry around a Canon G11.
I have looked at the newer rugged options - evaluated, read reports, even went hands-on in stores. With this last step is where the wheels come off for the new cameras. Operation is a pain, reliability is terrible, buttons are low quality and don't respond (before we even leave the store). My $$ stay firmly in my wallet. In another headline a few days back, CIPA were noting a massive drop in sales. Well, if you make bad quality nobody will buy. Word gets around.
Eg: the "Leica" Lumix T5 .. junk. Horrid unresponsive 'controls'. Review score was way high if you ask me. And so it goes on...

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