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  • Wait for the new APSC which will have to come out at some stage. Get your camera repaired or stick with the K5 for now. I wouldn't buy the K1 till the first round of price cuts at the earliest. Let ...
  • So you drew the conclusion you want from misinterpreting "evidence". When we set out to prove what we believe our opinion can't be trusted. There are many other guesses you could make based on ...
  • You can't draw that conclusion from Ebay sales.
  • Oh? What better way is there for me to tag my RAW's in body? I can travel many hundreds of KMs a day in remote locations taking pictures regularly. With it fitted I take a shot and it's tagged. ...
  • Based on? Is this simply the new battery with the extra contact?
  • For Pentax to have a future they need to make money. OE lenses will always be more expensive. New lenses will always be more expensive. This is balanced by sales volumes. Note the sales patterns ...
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    K-1 is the low end FF. At some stage they will release a high end one. A new APSC will have to be priced at below the stable price of the K-1 which likely won't drop for at least 6 months.
  • The K1 is the entry level. The price will only migrate down. If they were going to bring out a lower end model it would price out the crop camera's and they would not do that. The intention is not ...
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    File size/Data throughput unfortunately. I'm one of those who actually have a use for faster FPS so this is a bit of a let down for me but I'm not an early adopter anyway. We will see.....
  • Have any of you contacted them to report this?
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    I know he's a good source but that seems too cheap for the initial release price. They need a margin to drop the price over a period of time once the first round of "I need this before anyone else" ...
  • Maybe if Fuji tested products more before release they wouldn't need to release firmware more often? Maybe if they didn't have so many bugs and had added features BEFORE releasing the camera's ...
  • Building market share and momentum ready for the big release. OR we can pick some other crazy reason and run with it?
  • Using such a silly example just makes you look bad. K-S1 was produced to see if they could find another market niche for the brand. Which is what they should be doing and shows long term planning ...
  • How would Asahi man know what the local importer is going to spend on advertising? From your post it sounds like the situation in Adelaide. We had a local retailer who to a degree supported Pentax, ...
  • What would have have had them do? I don't understand why you are not happy that they asked it be sent in for repair? It's rare for that type of failure but it's known to happen.
  • No. It does the job but is basic. LR is much better.
  • I thought Sony was getting out of that market?
  • He's spot on, that slide is known to be fake. Many fell for it. Most did not. He does not need to send you flowers to let you know this, being direct is the best thing. You know NOW this without ...
  • No, it would be a long long way off.
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