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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 low light high ISO sample series news story (283 comments in total)

there is detail in the rat untill at least iso 12800... isso 25600 has color noiseof the yellow/green kind... and it has banding of the largest pattern I have ever seen..

at iso 6400 its excellent since there is almost no color noise and there is plenty detail that would clean well at high iso blacks are blacks color saturation is very good... white balance doesn't shift.... blue channel noise is very well controlled until iso 6400

the best setting is noise filter low with sharpening at -1

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On M.Zuiko 45mm/1.8 challenge (4 comments in total)

Post some portraits wide open full body please

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On DPReview is looking for a Mobile Imaging Editor news story (35 comments in total)

By the way I want a dpreview APP in Android:) with a good forum and good comparometer (at least with 2 cameras). Thanks.

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If you go to olympus japan site you have there samples from iso 200 to iso 25800 :results at low resolution images: iso 25800 unsable; iso12800 really looked usable... and iso 6400 should really look like e-p3 iso 1600!!!!1 that would make iso 3200 very good which is ISO that takes you to f2.8 3200 and 1/60 (weddings) or f2.8 3200 1/500 (indoor sports)

The increased DR mode is probably the ability to see the tone curve. Sometimes we overexposure by 0.3 or underexpose by 0.3 so if you dial the tone curve to maximum higlight retention you could have a way to see if the raw files would support post processing in the hilights without the need to lift shadows so its great! It detects faces and focus on the near eye which is good for 45mm f1.8 lens.

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On Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Public Beta hands-on preview news story (101 comments in total)

Does anyone notices an improvement in noise reduction? instead of local edit can it have more noise reduction applied to shadows and less to highlights/midtones ? any improvement in color noise removal?

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In reply to:

Marty4650: OK.... we can nitpick about this lens all we want. And there are plenty of good reasons to buy it or not buy it, based on your needs.

But... the real story here is that M4/3 has just given potential buyers one more reason to buy into M4/3 rather than NEX, NX, Nikon 1, or Pentax Q.

Lets look at the available native lenses for each format:

M4/3............26 AF lenses (9 primes, 15 zooms)
NX.................9 AF lenses (5 primes, 4 zooms)
NEX...............7 AF lenses (4 primes, 3 zooms)
Pentax Q........5 AF lenses (4 prime, 1 zoom) 2 of which are "toy lenses"
Nikon1 ..........4 AF lenses (1 prime, 3 zooms)

M4/3 is so far ahead of their competitors in lens availabilty that it's not even funny. Even if don't count the duplicate R and MSE versions, you still have a choice of around 22 AF lenses for M4/3.

check to see if the panasonic 45mm f2.8 OIS is a mediocre... it is outstanding... it could have a little better corners for a macro thats the only con

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How about casio? wouldnt they have the money? its the only "big" camera manufacturer without rumors of a ILC.

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On DxO Labs announces Optics Pro 7 with faster performance news story (167 comments in total)

is there any improvement in noise reduction from version 6?

colour noise absence was already one of the best in raw converters if not the best one... but luminance noise was not good (probably it was the demosaic or the way it eated to much detail to eliminate grain compared with lightroom 3...
lets hope the new blur tool will get us this for those areas without detail where noise is most visible.

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On Just Posted: Canon Powershot S100 studio comparison samples news story (134 comments in total)

canon jpg is now the best one just look at iso 1600... by sensor size you can extrapolate that canon 1dx will have the same quality at 12800 that the canon has at iso 800!.. look in the shadows... thats the thing that matters for high iso... its just the best one and doesnt even have the bigger sensor of the compacts

Direct link | Posted on Nov 19, 2011 at 02:04 UTC as 55th comment
On Panasonic announces upcoming firmware update for DMC-GH2 news story (26 comments in total)

Full area enlargement of AF area setting ---- is this the same as the PIP in panasonic g3 for manual focus?

the improvement in noise reduction is welcomed... if it is in raw it would be better (to get rid of the green tint at high iso) since grain is already acceptable...

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On Nikon V1 comparison shots added to dpreview database news story (228 comments in total)

I was worried with m43 performance! at low iso, only gh-2 have a slightly advantage at pixel level in chroma noise... but in luminance noise the v1 is actually a little better.

At high isos its true that m43 have more detail but they have coarser noise, colour blotches and blacks are noisier (although greys are the same between gh-2,g3 and v1).

As a m43 im waiting for a better sensor (if panasonic does black noise reduction and colour retention as well as nikon smoothed high iso raws then do it... i just want a setting that works great with lightroom 3 and it looks like panasonicds don't.

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On ACD Systems launches ACDSee Pro 5 and ACDSee v14 news story (43 comments in total)

How is noise reduction at high iso compared with lightroom 3 ?

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On Olympus 45mm F1.8 first impressions article (46 comments in total)

Please post some portraits with full body at f1.8 so that people can see how the background is blurred (to see if it is enough, which i think it isn't). For head and shoulders f2.8 is enough.

wainting for the mtf charts from dpreview:) but samples say the lens is sharp wide open...

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On Samyang announces 24mm f/1.4 ED AS UMC lens news story (73 comments in total)

it is important for m43 for video and for stills too

24mm is one of the universal focal lenghts (the other is 50mm) for aps-c FF and m43 so if it costs 250 euros and has good quality like the 95mm version it will sell well.... if somehow i bought i will buy it in sony A mount and convert to m43 when needed ;) since in ful frame 24mm f1.4 lenses are very expensive)

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