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Yep, you'd be surprised at what other tricks GIMP has up its sleeve... :)

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On GIMP/Imagemagick Noise Removal with Median Filter article (2 comments in total)
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jayprich: Did you save in TIFF (or RAW) to avoid compression artefacts that would pollute all the similar images in a similar way?

The technique can work with any formats you want to use (If you're looking for the best control, RAW, build a profile to apply to the image, apply to all, and output those as either TIF or PNG @ a high bit depth).

For these examples, I just used the jpg out of the camera, as it was a relative comparison as opposed to total quality (comparing a single jpg at low ISO, to a series of jpgs at high/same ISO).

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On B&W (Grayscale) Conversion in GIMP article (2 comments in total)
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john Clinch: Thanks I really enjoyed that.

I certainly hadn't seen Value. Lightness and Luminosity defined before

I do have GIMP installed but my methods seem to be work better with 16 bit images or in the RAW converter. So i seem to do almost everything in Lightroom now. Lightroom has a limited tool pallet for this work but I've enjoyed learning to work with it. But it looks like I need to give GIMP another look.....

You're welcome, I hope it was helpful!

Yes, 16-bit has advantages when editing images for sure. There is preliminary 16-bit support in recent builds of GIMP (not stable), but to be honest, the overall techniques and ideas are certainly transferable to other software.

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On GIMP Skin Smoothing with Wavelet Decompose article (3 comments in total)
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ebizjoey: Thanks for doing GIMP! So glad to see someone doing something here with it. Took a PS class, but can't afford it, trying to learn GIMP now. Not getting frustrated, just wish I started before!

You're very welcome! I'd venture a guess that for the majority of users, GIMP covers everything they are likely going to need/want.

There are other tuts on my site regarding GIMP for photography, so feel free to look around!

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