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On Just Posted: Nikon D600 In-depth Review news story (500 comments in total)
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Ivanaker: Nikon D600
Category: Mid Range Full Frame camera

The only one in its category.
Does anybody know what cameras belong to ``Low (budget) Range Full Frame camera``?

Dear DPR, you really need to reevaluate your categories.
For instance:

Nikon D800
Category: Semi-professional Interchangeable Lens camera / DSLR

Whats the real difference between ``Mid Range Full Frame camera`` and ``Semi-professional Interchangeable Lens camera / DSLR``.
Mid range is semi pro as far as i know. And considering that d800e has far superior sub 7k$ base ISO sensor than anything else on the planet, please tell me how is it ``semi pro``?

I love your site, but you have so many categories now. My proposition is do divide cameras by price factor:


Thats is the fairest system i can think of.

I prefer the current DPR deployment using FX, DX, etc. Price splits would be an annoying way to carve things up.

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On Just Posted: Nikon D600 In-depth Review news story (500 comments in total)
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aardvark7: I find the start of the conclusion a little 'odd'. Hard to put into words, but it sounds like positively raving over normality: "it matches or exceeds the pixel count of every other full-frame system camera." (in italics to make sure we noticed the stress!) which makes it seem like there are thousands of rivals on the market!
Also, it praises the 'flexibility' as though being so much more than anything else, whereas it just sounds to me what might be expected in a camera of this price. I don't want to be to 'extreme', but I could almost imagine they were on the verge of saying " and it has a viewfinder too and a lovely strap!"
Come on DPReview! I wouldn't for a second think this is not a spectacularly good camera (it is, after all, the latet technology and thousands of dollars), but can we have a more rounded and balanced conclusion, please?

Ventur, you are of course right about the A850 though I think he meant cheapest FF camera you would ever consider purchasing. I am not sure who would buy that camera today given it's max usable ISO of 400.

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On Just Posted: Nikon D600 In-depth Review news story (500 comments in total)

It really is a very good, relatively affordable camera.
Well done review.

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On Nikon unveils 24.1MP D5200 DSLR with optional WiFi news story (392 comments in total)
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johnparas11zenfoliodotcom: now if this only came with that AF screw thingy.. this will be my one and only Nikon DSLR camera forever..

I agree. I wish nikon would open these cameras up to all their older lenses that require an in-body focus motor. That was the only thing that kept me away from the D3200 and this one as well, apparently. Looking at where prices will likely go with the D7X00, the D600 is starting to make some sense.

Wait. Did I just fall into a marketing trap?

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On Nikon unveils 24.1MP D5200 DSLR with optional WiFi news story (392 comments in total)
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Stephan Def: Overall I think there will have to be a convergence in Smartphones and Digital Cameras. So in the longer run of things this Camera is one of the last Dinosaurs.

Why am I saying that? Well, there is a whole Laundry list of reasons, too many to list here. The established Digital Camera Industry is just not getting it what the average consumer really needs. The average consumer wants many many really cool functions and features and a slim design, the established Industry is not going to give him that, there is not enough real creativity there. Much of it boils down to a software developement problem, and there needs to be a disrupting force, as it happened with smartphones.

I think there may be a convergence but I expect the timeline will be a lot further away than anyone would imagine. When i first saw the iphone 4/4S sample images I thought OMG...it's over for P&S for sure. Then I started using one indoors, evening, slightest bit of movement...etc. They are uniformly dreadful for anything but bright-light shooting getting blasted straight to facebook.

No, there is still a big audience for a viewfinder and real high(er) ISO shooting. I'd be happy to eat my words when a real smartphone camera shows up.

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On Nikon unveils 24.1MP D5200 DSLR with optional WiFi news story (392 comments in total)

Nice upgrade but the D600 still has me more excited.

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peevee1: Time properly judged the greatness of the leap - a really compact pocketable P&S matching or beating most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with their kit zooms (as most customers using them), not to mention beating all the direct compact pocketable competitors by 2 stops or more (which usually translates to 4 years or more of technological development). DPR did not quite get the point, giving the camera only Silver award, just like to the bottom-of-the-heap Rebel and the rest of them innovation-deprived junk.
Saying "we were very impressed" now will not save your face.

Well, if Time Magazine thought it was a big deal then all of us that didn't snap one up should be hanging our heads in shame. I can't wait to see what that other bastion on critical thought, People Magazine, has to say about camera technology.

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On Curiosity rover takes high-resolution self-portrait on Mars news story (161 comments in total)
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Shunda77: So the arm is not attached to the buggy in the picture? I can't see where it joins on!

I am looking at it as well wondering where is the arm? Bounced off a mirror?

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Preview preview (419 comments in total)
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JohnTwigt: In case anybody is interested, I've had the opportunity to play around with a pre-production model this weekend. Wrote a little report and thrown some shots together. Please be kind, this is not meant as a extensive scientific test, just a personal impression of the GH3

(and please note it's a v0.5 firmware pre-production model)



Thanks for doing that. Well done.

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On Hands-on with Nikon V2 article (452 comments in total)

I can't get over how small that front lens element is. Cosmetically, I think I preferred the look of the V1. Oh yeah, and it is almost as small as the D3200 :P

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On Photokina 2012: Interview - Dirk Jasper of Nikon article (220 comments in total)
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Lucafeb: Canon and Nikon hope that all their customers using they DSLR will stick with them forever.
These 2 manufacturers failed to see that mirroless camera are a valid alternative for some applications also for pro users.
Canon and Nikom are keeping alive this mamoth format just for their economic interests.

I hope Sony and Fuji in the future will eat all their market.....
I can't wait when the mirroless will have full frame, when it will happen also the video entusiast will migrate to mirror less cameras.

Canon and Nikon losers like Kodak..

I agree with Mike9 about not getting the mirror-less mystique. I can grab a D600 with its beautiful viewfinder and frame potential shots all day and not waste a dram of battery power doing so. It is exciting to get that wide open feeling I had with my F3HP and evf's never do that.

The other important thing for me was a camera with an internal focusing motor to support me older (excellent) Nikkors and a sensor format that gives me DOF like my old film Nikons. The D600 does it and saves me $1000 in the process. Say what you want but there is not a lot to dislike here.

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On Nikon D600 Hands-on Preview preview (718 comments in total)
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Mannypr: I know some here will have a different opinion but here goes ...One of the posters here questioned why so many pixels ? I have a Nikon F100 film camera . Everytime I use it I am amazed at the detail captured by the F100 film camera in comparison with my D7000 and D300 .
The point of more pixels is increase in resolution . The top tier digital cameras that seem to be getting there still have a way to go to be able to compare with good film cameras .
As I see it the point of more pixels is more detail and resolution . Not only that but as i see it film cameras have more shades of colors then digital cameras . It's not my intention to revive the old debate of film vs digital . It's just to answer the question posed by someone on the point of more pixels .

There is no debate. Film is a dead dinosaur. I loved Kodachrome 64 but I pulled out a couple well sealed slide wheels from the 80's and 90's and the colour has already started to wash out, big time. Good riddance to film.

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On Fashion Shoot: Tips from a Pro article (82 comments in total)
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jm67: Nice read and should be mandatory for all who want to hire a photographer, not just those who want to use the camera. The reason being, too many people out there think that all you have to do is use the right settings on a camera and you get great shots. Whether it's fashion, wedding, pj or most any field involving a camera, it's virtually everything but pointing the camera that's the bulk of the real work. And of course, that too involves real skill and that's what you're paying for.

I think your concerns ignore the real secret to good photography. My sister in law is a pro photographer and I can follow her around all day on shoots and practically trace her foot-steps and yet, her shots are consistently better than mine, even to my inexperienced eye. I do agree there is a generation that feels a relative with a dSLR and a few weeks of practice can shoot weddings, and I expect their albums reflect the choices they have made. You can teach the science but the art is a much steeper, and for some, insurmountable curve. Sadly, too many of the 'awesome, just do it' generation will never get this until their results are panned on Facebook.

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rplst8: Digital F3HP. I don't need no stinking auto focus if I have a split prism.

Seriously... no auto ISO, no auto focus, Program shutter? eh, fine. But I want an aperture control on the lens, zoom ring on the lens, focus ring on the lens, shutter speed wheel. Don't need a flash, but a hot shoe is fine. I'll even cock the shutter manually - make auto drive an option to save room in the body and make it smaller. Throw in a remote shutter release and we're there.

But it has to be styled like an F3 and no bigger.

Oh and a great selection of compact, lightweight, MF lenses to go with it. Also, F mount (AI/AI-s) compatible of course.

Thank you, yes! I've never had a camera that so right in your hands. it did it all and never let me down.

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ali sangari: Fujifilm X100, with d800 operation ! , x100 body is a dream come true !!

Fuji X100 with a true manual focus would do it for me. Throw in a lil focus peaking and it's all over.

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That train photo is incredible. Absolutely incredible.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 Hands-on Preview preview (626 comments in total)
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lkjhg: Love the idea of a FF in compact body:

It’s Ideal for some type of landscape, close portrait and street photography.
I would have preferred a 50 mm but 35mm are fine as well. One step forward, one step back… that’s fine.

It lacks a long focal though.

A modern large sensor, with a single focal Zeiss made fast lens, I expect the quality to be astonishing.

Let’s see…

I would have found the price a little less hair-raising with an integrated OVF but like you, I am very curious to see what kind of quality this thing is capable of. With all the components optimized towards a dedicated lens, there should be very few compromises.

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On Quick Review: Apple iPhone 5 news story (218 comments in total)
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pumeco: I'm starting to wonder if you guys are on some sort of commission (and I'm not the only one). You've given this "product" no less than four news plugs in less than a month - the same product.

Meanwhile, despite another member pointing out to DPreview that there is no mention of the new CASIO models on the news page, it still hasn't been put there.

I wonder how many people are aware that these Apple devices you keep plugging, are already causing manufacturers to pull their products? How many people know what is happening with CASIO?

Do you even remember who brought the first consumer digital camera to market?

I'll give you a clue, it wasn't CRAPPLE, it was CASIO, so you need to show some respect and stop leaving them out cold in the "plugs" department while you repeatedly plug a damn phone.

The world needs CRAPPLE like a jockey needs piles. So again, the CASIO releases need plugging an the front page seeing as they're actual cameras and that's what we're here to read about.

Well, it is a camera. More people own this camera than any other on the planet. A lot of people are wanting to know if this is the one that will replace their point and shoot. It deserves some attention.

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Sergiusbr: IMO most of those pics would be better without the WA adapter. I have the X100 for a month and is great not worring about lens, adapters, etc. Take it and go! It is an wonderful machine as it is.

I have to agree. Even when I shoot dslr, I tend to grab my 50mm 98% of the time. After a while you just get to know if so well that you don't really want to be switching. The X100 is still one of my favorite all time cameras. No one does color like Fuji.

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Craig Atkinson: 5 vs 5d3!

I'd like to see dcurt take some comparison photos indoors. No, the IP 5 does not stack up well against a 5d-M3...unless your target audience is a 5x4 cm facebook post.

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