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jaxson: Is this earth rotation or moon orbiting, or a combo of both?

Both. But it's 28 days for Moon and 1 day for Earth. So mostly Earth in this case ^.^

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On XG1-ISO400-IMGP0034 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Awwww ^.^

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On XG1-ISO308_128.9 mm photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Yeah. The internet is full of cats ... or meerkats :]
Nice shot though.

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peterharvey: These ultrawide angle zooms 7-14 mm with wide aperture at f2.8 is no lightweight; it is actually heavier than the flagship E-M1.

Well. Still 50% lighter than the current FT 7-14mm, and much less expensive too (1300 VS 2000)

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On Real-world samples: Sony Alpha 7 II in Kauai article (227 comments in total)
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JoePhoto: I think these are terrible images ... (not the cameras fault) !!!

Were they shot by a 2-year old ???

The WIRE in the sunset shot ??? give me a break

Well, they definitely look better than my pictures ^.^

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On Drift Stealth 2 action camera is maker's smallest yet article (38 comments in total)

3.15 x 1.65 x 1.06 inches ?
I don't buy it unless it's metric!

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RichRMA: The idea for this I think came from a movie where a similar camera was rolled into a tense stand-off situation to provide surveillance. I just can't remember what movie, but it was a few years ago.

Which one? The good one or the new one?

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hanhait: The photographer owns the camera and obviously controls what is published (or deleted) or not. If the camera-owner makes it public, he still hold some rights I would say. Whether the camera is accendentally dropped, or given to or taken by an animal, I would say these are still the camera-owners pictures. In borderline cases like this I would say the one who does not want the publishment wins.

I'm not exactly sure how it works, but AFAIK: The camera, memory card and thus the data are owned by Mr.X, but as the photos were taken by the monkey, the artwork is owned by the monkey, although it is stored on Mr.X's hardware.
It's like what I have in my little teahouse: I own the wall, I own the compressor and colors, and some guy (artist) came and used that to airbrush a big picture on it. So technically I own the picture (as hardware) but the artist owns the artwork (the spiritual property/act), unless he explicitely gives it up to me.
So yes, it is complicated.

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Valiant Thor: As I observe people and society I am 100% convinced that the smartphone is the worst invention in the history of the world, bar NONE. It has turned a once observant and interactive society into pathetic, electronic addicted, anti-social zombies who walk around with their glazed empty eyes affixed to those crappy little LCD boxes glued to their hand, their thumb frantically pushing stupid little chicklets around the screen with the look of a meth addict on their face and mortal fear in their mind that they would accidently miss one non-essential, meaningless message from an emotionless fellow zombie doing the same thing. They roam the malls dressed in jackass attire of distasteful, offensive, or sports related t-shirts, baggy silk exercise pants, bright Nike clown shoes, tattoos, and all the while radiating themselves with dangerous levels of packet-data microwave energy. The corporate illuminati puppet-masters must be laughing their billionaire butts off. Other than that, nice phone!

Made my day ^.^

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On LG launches G3 Beat with Laser AF post (31 comments in total)

Wow, according to gsm arena, this one has got dual SIM. 350 is a bit high, but we'll see what will the street price be. Under 300 this could be a buy.

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No more Flash?
YAY! Take that Adobe!

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2251 comments in total)

At these prices ... suddenly even OM-D E-M1 looks like a bargain.
Seriously ...

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On Blood moon eclipse: Night of April 14-15 article (64 comments in total)
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photoway: Hello,

On my side, I've already took nice pictures of the Total Lunar eclipse in France back in 2007.

At that time I was using the Nikon D2X with A 300mm Nikon + TC14.. all (camera and lens) on double tripods..

Have a look at the results :

<a href=">http://www.photoway.com/photos/eclipse-lune-2007/eclipse-lune.html">http://www.photoway.com/photos/eclipse-lune-2007/eclipse-lune.html</a>

(sorry my comments are in french)


Richard from http://www.photoway.com/

Very nice, indeed :]

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On Canon recalls about 14,000 PowerShot SX50 cameras article (53 comments in total)

Hmm. This is quite unusual for a product made in Japan to have chemical issues with rubber (or plastic, or soft plastic) parts. These issues are usually reserved to cheapo Chinese copycat/original products. This is often visible on car dashboards made of soft plastic (or is it rubber?).
But can happen to anybody of course.

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Digitall: Ouch! Maybe Nikon will briefly report profits this year.

Made my day :D

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On Cinetics Axis360 review article (68 comments in total)
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CarVac: Is there a way to align the panning around the entrance pupil of a lens so that you can be free of parallax errors?

Like a panorama head?
From the pictures (schematics), it looks like the PLUS version should be able to do that (look at the L shaped piece) - this should fix the pan. Not sure about the tilt movement though.

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On Nikon Coolpix P600, P530, S9700 go big on zoom range article (45 comments in total)

Is this a joke?
1/2.3 and 30-60x zoom? That was maybe cool 5-10years ago.
Why not give us rather double the sensor size and 1/3 of the zoom? it could fit into similar package. Nobody ever (ok maybe some exceptions can appear) needs more than 10-15x.
This thing is big and still is a toy (okay the price is right, but stilll...).

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4: a quick summary article (471 comments in total)

ZOMG. XLRs on a mft camera. That's damn neat.
Also the 60fps fullhd video is very tempting feature :]

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On Camera roundups 2013: What to buy and why article (286 comments in total)
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qwertyasdf: DPR, go with the times!
I just need to know which camera is best for selfies period

The question is: which camera comes first with duck-face detection for selfies :D

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On Lytro adds 3D viewing capability to its photos article (46 comments in total)
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lylejk: The problem Lytro, indeed, all plenoptic cameras are they are too expensive and nearly useless other then for it's toy aspects. Until you can print images using this technology, the only folk that get any benifit maybe at all with the result are social media image sites and even there, it's limited. Give me a lytro that can print 8X10 @ 254 dpi and for under $400 that can run software in Windows or Linux, then I might byte (it's a digital world now). lolol


Well. Lytro isn't for printing anyway. It outputs nice web-sized pictured used for ... umm ... web.
And eventually somebody will come with some sort of lenticular printing to have those 3d photos printed :]

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