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On Samsung NX mini First Impressions Review preview (563 comments in total)
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Dimit: Too big for too few physical controls.
Too expensive for what smartphones will be anytime soon.
Too immatured as a system for what 1'' is good at: telephoto capabilities(forget adapters!).
Too much trouble for nothing!
..............................Get a GM1 instead.......................

This camera is obviously for someone who just walk in BestBuy and grab a camera. GM is for educated users. Completely different market.

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Only 2 comments so far. Very few people are interested in photography here in dpreview.

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On Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary article (597 comments in total)
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welbil: Wow,
I'm impressed; 464 comments (and counting) within a few hours of posting!

Much of it idle speculation from folks who have never even seen the gear. There's a lot of spare time out there!

I guess Nikon will be pleased. "There's no such thing as bad publicity".

Yes, their strategy starts shinning when they reduce the price drastically in a few months.

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On Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary article (597 comments in total)
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burnymeister: I think people are missing the point on this camera. $1200 isn't that bad when you consider what you're getting. For under $3k you can get a system that covers the focal range of 18-800mm with pretty good features and small enough to fit in a backpack.

How is this not a great thing? 800mm in any other system will either result in a horrible unbalanced mess or $11k just for the lens and will be so heavy you won't hike it anywhere. This is the first time I'm interested in the 1 series. I think Nikon's finally coming through.

Agreed, good price for a very niche camera for who wants 800mm.

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On Getty and Flickr to cease partnership article (19 comments in total)

I feel that Flickr is dying, very unfortunately. Their search engine and the way of show pictures is so unsophisticated...

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It is the same as iTunes store rate.

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Poweruser: Hasselblad hast lost all credibility for me as a camera maker with their rebranded, overpriced SONY line. Wonder how overpriced their medium format stuff really is...

Good point. The premium should be about 75% of the retail price, considering the price difference between Sony and Hassel OEM.

Therefore, if Sony release this camera, it would be around $6000-7000 which actually sounds pretty reasonable to me.

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On Fujifilm UK X Signature service officially launched article (125 comments in total)

Is this a rumor?

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The reason why mirrorless is only a small part of the market is CANON doesn't promote them, and they do not want to.

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sean000: Ever since Google bought Nik I've thought, "They're going after Adobe." Pretty soon Google photo tools like Google + with Picasa will be more powerful and competitive with Lightroom. For photography enthusiasts Lightroom has the edge for now, but Picasa and Google + are improving and becoming increasingly attractive to photography enthusiasts. Meanwhile Adobe's subscription based licensing is driving away some long-time customers. I still can't imagine leaving Lightroom, but I'm keeping an eye on Google. For people who don't need some of Lightroom's more powerful features, and who just want Snapseed like features and a free way to organize and share photos that look great online... why wouldn't they use Google +? Oh yeah, because all their friends and family are on Facebook ;-)

Agreed. Nik was (is) probably the most used plugin among professionals, but it is destructive with LR, which is horrible.

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On Two photographers re-imagine city potholes article (147 comments in total)

Great series. Shot by iPhone?

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On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1657 comments in total)

In RAW, Magenta is extremely strange, why?

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mike earussi: The question unanswered is are they replacing using the new improved shutters from the D610 or just putting more faulty D600 shutters back in?

I heard they are replacing with the improved shutter units. It is unknown if they are the same as D610's ones.

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greypixelz: that's a bunch of bull! "pushing the envelope", wack! more like giving it a new spin, but Olympus is certainly NOT pushing any envelope in the imaging dept.
even though I am not a fan, I reckon only Sigma is really pushing the envelope here against a considerable pull-back from the mainstream and with relative success.
truth be told, Olympus is just another speck of dust in the canon-nikon-sony comet which currently lead the mainstream.

All Japanese mirrorless camera makers are pushing the envelope, a7, GM, EM1... How about Canikon? Maybe.

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BennoFG: It seems the argument here is the big camera crowd saying:"this is why FF/35mm is better" and the m43 crowd saying "but this is why I bought m43 and didn't buy FF/35mm"

rince repeat.

I'll join in. I am so stoked with m43. I do freelance travel photography. I moved from Nikon to m4/3 two years ago. So The big cameras were near on perfect until I had a comparison. I notice the EM-5 with a panny 20mm 1.7 gives a beautiful shallow portrait, but doesn't take away the natural smile on people facing a guy with a camera. The EM-1 gets pulled out in stiking jungle humidity with a 2.8 zoom that's also safely weatherproofed.

Those cameras are no longer insured. The price vs features required makes it affordable to risk having to replace a camera. I am saving money.

The size and weight benefits are appreciated no-end and the difference in image quality non-existant. really, the last 7 of 8 projects have been for digital end-use. I have not had to adjust to anything more than the button latout.

personally, m43 was godsend.
Great interview! Keep pumping those high end bodies and lenses out Olympus, I'll keep buying them.

A question I have always in my mind is,

Carrying one big DSLR with 2.8 zoom performs better than multiple M43 bodies with primes.

Direct link | Posted on Feb 27, 2014 at 15:53 UTC

Too late, but nice support.

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On Exposing another side of Sochi article (178 comments in total)
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Black Box: I don't know if it's intentional but I really like the "old" colors of this series. They somehow look very... Soviet, if you like. And they really show what Sochi really is - a dirty overcrowded cloaka with nothing to see, eat or go to. AVOID.

Actually, Mamiya 7 is the one of the last film camera ever produced. Sold until 2013. Most contemporary medium format camera. Also, Portra 400 is the newest version of the Kodak film. Nothing old.

If you think digital is new and film is old, that's different story, though.

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On Exposing another side of Sochi article (178 comments in total)
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plasnu: Another nice documentary with Mamiya 7. Mamiya 7 has already established a classic status for documentary photography.

Looks like it.

Direct link | Posted on Feb 26, 2014 at 14:50 UTC

U-point is licensed by NIK, but NIK is now owned by GOOGLE, so probably the licensing issue.

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The chart of Digital Camera sales as proportion of whole company is interesting.

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