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  • Ha!!! is all I can say. #LoveDSLR. Very narrow and unrealistic view

  • Sorry nice try samsung. I use lower case on purpose. #LoveDSLR as it fits my hands while working. As a gadget or toy you make interesting cameras.

  • Commented on article Sony Alpha 7R II Review

    Hi had to sign in and comment here. I've come of DP Review as there is so much C**p put on here.
    I've watched this video and have to say that there is so much manipulation biased to the Sony. No...

  • SSantana75, Sorry you get so easily upset. What would you like to hear as you seem to dislike anything that you don't agree with... I have a request, please block me as I or indeed you don't need...

  • BarnET not the same spec and an older camera. As for the "fanboy" statement your off there. Used the FZ1000 for a month and returned. burst rate and AF are great on paper, in real life a different...

  • Hi The Squire, sorry about that **Hugs** back ;)

  • Jean Pierre who's "We". I for one don't!

  • Commented on article Canon EOS Rebel T6i Review

    As most people who use this type of camera do not require or even understand the current form of 4K.

  • Commented on article Canon EOS Rebel T6i Review

    Great camera for someone starting out on the true photography journey, Nice to see good MP's, strong Auto Focus (through the viewfinder) and nicely designed ergonomics. In my humble view anyway.

  • AF issue??? The AF in my G7X has been the best AF in any compact camera I've ever used. Fast and accurate. Would check on the unit you used.

  • Good reply! When did commenting become trolling, Or is trolling the new trolling?
    Oh and by the way My "old kit" pay's the bills and more so I'm happy.

  • While your statement is factually wrong, emotionally I can see where your coming from.
    Sony are doing great things on paper, if that wets your whistle off you go. As for long term Canon especially...

  • Was waiting for this type of post. Glad you didn't let us down ;)

  • With you on so many points here. I'm a EOS 5D MkIII user, as a tool to work with with my EOS C500. I've found the Sony a7 series just a little to fiddly to work with on a job. It's a nice camera...

  • Sorry I thought this was a "discussion" forum?

  • FodgeandDum: I didn't know there was Lumix camera with a 1 inch 20Mp sensor with 25X optical zoom that did the exact same for 200-300 less. Please send the details...

  • Not here to upset, have taken plenty a beating on DP review for being a Canon fan and user. Use Cinema EOS Cameras with 4K for work. But for personal use it is not required. My view as a humble...

  • FodgeandDurn: Of course people can criticise products, but what happens a lot here is people get criticised for liking a product.... Whats with that?
    I'm a fan of this camera and will not require...

  • T3 "EVF is much better for daylight outdoor shooting, too." ABSOLUTELY WRONG! I use my viewfinder less and less, My photography has taken a fantastic new direction. My perspective and angles are...

  • Oh all please shut up about 4K in this type of camera.... It will be in all cameras when needed and not before, with all the expected changes to video over the coming years having the current for...

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