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Alpha Channel: The 7D Mk II appears to have been made for me. I love my 5D Mark III and will continue to use it as my primary body for portrait and landscape work. I don't expect that the 7d Mark II will be quite up to the IQ of the 5D Mk III, but if it lives up to Scott Kelby's claim, in his Canon feature, that it has the best high ISO performance he has ever seen on a crop sensor DSLR, it should be a great body for my sports and wildlife photography. I too am a bit disappointed that Canon chose not to put in Wifi, but what they did put in sounds outstanding (hopefully it will live up to the billing). Features I am most excited about:
1. Weight and form factor almost identical to the 5D Mk III. This weight and form factor makes for great control and excellent balance when used with pro lenses
2. Anti-flicker mode - I spend hours in post, correcting for the constantly varying color temp and brightness of the lights in many HS football stadiums
3. New AF system
4. Great value at that price

I want to be able to wirelessly tether my next camera and share photos online immediately. WIFI isn't an option I'm willing to live without next tiem I spend over $1000 on a camera.

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papa natas: Image 1.
This duck does the walk
This duck does the talk.
This duck does push the puck.
This duck doesn't give a ....
This is the very first duck I know who really has an attitude.

Duck. Duck. Goose!

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AngularJS: Wide angle duck FTW. Not sure how they took the picture though, need to be very close to the bird.

@ludex. Check my history. I've only ever entered a handful which you can hardly call trying... You don't have to enter to disagree with who won. I found I was doing that a lot. So what should I be doing here? Taking photos in my spare time to the tastes of others? I don't think so. Doing that takes you away from shooting so that YOU as the photographer are happy with the shot. I have seen a lot of prize winning work that didn't move me, and some stunning photos that never won a prize. No intention of playing these games.

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On DSC_1687Small photo in Sammy Yousef's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Sure is

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AngularJS: Wide angle duck FTW. Not sure how they took the picture though, need to be very close to the bird.

Ah no it doesn't. It's a flash blasted bird by the water on a grey day. And this kind of goose is not hard to get near if it's use to people. There are a couple of these Greytag geese at the local bird sanctuary that are kept in the farmyard section and wander around with sheep and goats. They won't move until you get within about 20cm of them and they can be aggressive especially towards children and smaller animals if bothered.

If this picture was posted as for C&C on the forums it would be lambasted. But post it as a winner in a photo competition and people fall over themselves to tell you how much there is to the wonderful shot. The subjective nature of photo competitions are why I never wasted much time on them. Winning pictures more often than not tell me more about the social dynamics and psychology of the judges than the true value of the image.

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On Sony Australia releases a3500 with new kit lens article (143 comments in total)

Now selling for $299 at JBHiFi. No idea what madness is driving companies these days.

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Maverick_: That's a lot of effort for $399. Lots of features for so little. What would they have to do next to top this. Where do you go from here camera makers? 16mm to 2500mm for $299? And what comes after that fish-eye, to 3000mm for $199?

This to me sounds like the beginning of the end. You can't support this growth in order to give people reasons to upgrade their bridge cameras. If someone buys this camera today and shoots with it a few times a year, he/she would have no reason to ever upgrade unless the camera breaks. This camera already belongs to a small market segment.

With compacts going away, as phone cameras taking over that responsibility, a tiny segment who aren't shooting with DSLRs and phones would still want a bridge cam true, but this segment will keep shrinking fast.

My guess is that we are looking at the last of this particular segment. A couple of more years and that's it.

The future is phone cameras and FF DSLRS.

When you can get that kind of zoom in a camera or DSLR for under $400, come and talk to me. There are plenty of amateur birders, would be photojournalists and paperazzi, part time soccer parents, occasional zoo or wildlife photographers etc. who can't afford or justify $1200+ on a decent DSLR and long lens (or $12000 on a "proper" setup with 500-600mm primes, TC and tripod/monopod) for whom this sort of gadget is the perfect toy.

Whether this particular camera fails or not depends on how it fairs against others in the group.

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It's just one half of a pair of roof hinge binoculars. At $25 I won't quibble, especially if someone's made sure it works with your device. But lets not call this something new. I've been holding cameras eye to my telescope and microscope eyepieces for years.

I don't really want a tablet so this isn't for me.

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That just tells me NYT and Getty don't have a clue. Instagram is awful.

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Won't touch another Fuji "Waterproof" camera. My wife's XP20 died after a handful of uses. The seal doesn't last and eventually you get water incursion that isn't covered by warranty. In the meantime the picture quality was....well AWFUL. I have an old Fuji S5700 that I'd still use happily in certain situations and it had possibly the best macro of any compact I've owned, so I'm no Fuji hater. But these "waterproof" cameras aren't worth having - splashproof or disposable waterproof with unknown time to failure - you choose.

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On Nikon D7100 Hands-on Preview preview (492 comments in total)

This is make or break time for me, whether I buy this camera or not.

Are we going to have more of the same AF, oil splatter, hot pixel and other QC issues? If so, I'll just run my current D90 cameras into the ground, and when they die I'll consider whether to sell up what remaining accessories still work with the gear of the day and move brand or not.

I would have liked to see higher FPS and flash sync speed. Miss the D70 1/500th flash sync. That could be magic shooting at the long end. And only 6/7 FPS when Sony sports 12 and the D300S could do 8 with grip I think is a mistake.

Price is good. Features are great. Let's hope they've been listening about QC complaints. I'm not going to be an early adopter. I'm going to sit back and wait till well into this camera's production life before I put down any $$$.

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Wonderful photos at web resolution, but I'll keep my DSLR for it's versatility. I can shoot action, low light, long zoom, extreme wide, extreme macro, and astrophotography. You can pry it out of my cold dead hands.

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On SandiskUltra30mbsClass10_2USB2Reader photo in Sammy Yousef's photo gallery (1 comment in total)


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Please post a link to the pro forum. Lots of photo ops of professional's heads exploding. Keywords: Uncle Bob, Shoot and Burn, Spray and Pray.

I had family shoot with 2 D70 bodies when we were married in 2007. The money that would have gone to hiring a pro went into 2 lenses and a flash unit. We didn't get every shot a good pro might have, but we don't have an expensive horror story out of it either. I wouldn't pay someone to spend a few minutes with an iPhone at a wedding regardless of their talent.

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This is why I'm not interested in "high art". More often than not it's boring junk that's well marketed. Good on her for having a play with the camera and shooting some pics that are interesting to other people...I'm not buying.

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Publicity stunt.

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On Time magazine showcases Top 10 photos of 2012 article (147 comments in total)

Time isn't what it use to be...

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On I Spy: Lovers challenge (14 comments in total)

Is DPreview really an appropriate place for this spy series? Otherwise known as creepshots. The last thing I want to do is be associated with a site that encourages people with cameras to behave in ways that make others angry. Eventually this kind of behaviour will see cameras banned or regulated/licensed.

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On I Spy: women with red clothes (Read Rules) challenge (12 comments in total)

Really? Creep shots on DPreview???

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On Interview - Phil Molyneux, President Sony Electronics article (133 comments in total)

Please go disrupt someone else. I want to shoot pictures, not be disrupted. When you have an EVF that can compete with my OVF I *may* look into your gear.

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